About Us


Welcome to MandalaYogaSpa, your one-stop spiritual guide through your journey of the meditation and wellness world.

Even though wanting spiritual benefits and fitness through meditation is a simple idea, the amount of content, jargon, and information can be overwhelming for newcomers and frustrating for experts as there is always something new on the horizon. Which is where XYZ comes in. We wanted to create a space that can provide you with the most relevant and important information so you can concentrate on yourself while we take care of the research.  

We will be bringing you the know-how of all things wellness, all the “dos, don’ts” you need to know for practice, while also addressing the “Ifs”, and “What’s” that will ever cross your minds. It’s not always about just following instructions which is why we intend to also provide you with the background information of the key elements that will be advised to you, because you deserve to know better and if you are better informed you can make choices that best suit your needs.

Your needs covered

Not everyone has the same journey or the same circumstances nor the same needs so we will be guiding you with not just general information but also along the lines of specific circumstances that might apply to you. This way not only will you be aware of the general trends but also learn things that might be helpful to share with your friends – this way, we intend for not only you to be part of our community but also keep the doors open to all those that wish to join our little family.


It’s not just about instructional information. There are also products and equipment you will need for your journey to wellness, as the material world is as much a part of us as the spiritual. Once again, we are here for you with suggestions catered to your needs. We will share with you reviews and recommendations of products that we have vetted and confirmed to be important. Of course, we will also give you the pros and cons of using these so you can make more informed choices about your needs. You will learn how to improve your decision making when purchasing these items and what to look for.

Share your feedback

So become part of our community and spread the word. Share your knowledge with us with your feedback and reviews. We are here for you and hope that you will share with us too. We are open to hearing what you think about the articles you read at XYZ and how our work has impacted your life. Share your reviews of the products we mention and together we can create a wider sense of community awareness where all corners are covered. What you share with us can only help us improve our services and we will also remain aware of what direction you would like us to take. We are together in this, as one.