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BUYING GUIDESBest Aerial Yoga Hammocks and Swings in 2022

Best Aerial Yoga Hammocks and Swings in 2022

Best Aerial Yoga Hammocks and Swings

With the modernization of the world around us, our health and fitness techniques are also evolving. So we can say yoga being a part of modern fitness is also growing out of its limits. As more and more people are moving into the world of fitness, new gadgets, poses, and postures are being added to yoga. On that note, let us not forget the use of hammocks and swings for the serene pleasure of airborne yoga. Yes, you heard me right, yoga being AIRBORNE!! For such an amazing product you might need some good choices regarding it. So here we are with the Best Aerial Yoga Hammocks and Swings that the present market offers.

A yoga hammock and swing is basically a set of silk fabricated cloth with a set of supportive hardware to be attached with. These two help a yogi by increasing the flexibility, core strength, and decompressing the spine. Most of the airborne poses are good for the spine.

An aerial yoga hammock and swing can be whether attached to the stands or by any support. These can be equally used indoors and outdoors anywhere you like. These two have a lot more things that need to be seen while buying them. For that, let us take you to our brief review of the yoga hammocks and swings.

TOP 5 Yoga Hammocks and swings

  • Aerial Yoga Hammock 5.5 Yards
  • YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze Pro
  • Orbsoul Aerial Silks + Yoga Hammock (Professional Grade)
  • Aum Active Aerial Silks Beginner Kit
  • F.Life Aerial Silks 13 Yards

Aerial Yoga Hammock 5.5 Yards

Premium Aerial Silk Fabric Yoga Swing


  • 40-Denier Nylon Tricot is a two-way stretch.
  • It Can be Fully Cocooned Or Laying Fully In .It is a stretchy fabric. not like the parachute type of material used often on other yoga style swings.
  • This premium fabric is used for Yoga Slings and Aerial Silks. It is long lasting and comfortable.

One of the best aerial yoga hammocks, which claims the best strength and support without a doubt. This strength of the hammock comes with nylon reinforced fiber that speaks for its strength and durability. The standards just not stopped in choosing the fiber for the hammock but its hardware too.

All of the hardware parts of this hammock are of premium quality material. These parts include the steel screw locks and the reinforced daisy chains. Therefore this hammock can hold up to the weight limit of 2000 pounds without any risks.

However being 5.5 yards in measurement, this hammock set is enough to play around with and to cocoon yourself to the fullest. The fine quality of the material is stretchable enough to give you the utter ease of going in and out of the hammock.

Above all, the fabric is gentle to your body and skin and proves great for back pain and stress relaxation.

In addition to the hardware attachments provided, the height of the hammock can be adjusted easily without any hassle. Therefore it becomes equally useful for the adults as well as the children to make their health more fun and excited.

Our Verdict: This hammock set is good for oversized yogis as it gives an immense amount of protection. The best budget hammock on our list is the Aerial yoga hammock 5.5 yards. This yoga hammock made its way to the top because its width and the use of anti tear reinforced nylon fiber makes it good to hold upto the weight of 2000lbs and this is huge. For the fact, I recommend this yoga hammocks to oversized and healthy persons.


  • Made with reinforced nylon fabric
  • More stretchable
  • Holds up to 2000lbs of weight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable
  • Extra-wide to fit in for an oversized person


  • Not found

YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze Pro

Yoga Inversion Swing with Free Video Series and Pose Chart


  • Relieve Back Pain. Get instant traction and create more space between your vertebrae when you hang upside down.
  • Increase Strength, Balance, Flexibility. Posterior chain, grip, backbends, hamstrings, and hip openers.

Yoga Trapeze by YOGABODY is a piece by health professionals for beginners as well as professional yogis. It is a top-quality aerial yoga brand and can be seen at every studio and gym.

This yoga hammock can be entirely by every skill level of a yogi with ease and comfort. In addition, to raise the levels of comfort, there are three pairs of holding handles there.

The handles are made with fine padding that does not make you grip on to the mare cloth material itself. For making it more useful to every level and age of yogis, the handles are at 3 different heights. One can find the right height for his handling while performing the tricks.

As far as installation is concerned, it can be fixed to any hook or ceiling installations and can hold up to 600lbs.

Above all, the manufacturers provide the yogis with video tutorials and pose chart.

Our Verdict: This set of the hammock is not good for the yogis who want extra stretch and flexibility as the fiber is not stretchable. This will hinder the high-end stretchable poses of the yogis.


  • Holds up to 600lb
  • Adjustable 3 pairs of handles
  • Adjustable straps
  • Portable
  • Comes with video tutorials and a pose chart


  • The fiber is not stretchable enough

Orbsoul Aerial Silks

Full Rigging Hardware and Easy Set-up Guide


  • Great for all aerialists beginners to advanced.
  • Made with our exclusive Orbsoul Plush Silk Nylon for the ideal aerial silks.

For all the aerialists who want to fly with ease in the plush luxury silks, these Orbsoul silk aerials are your match. Plush nylon silk is carefully woven at its best to give its perfect and long-lasting durability and strength.

A medium-range of stretchability also favors a lot more poses than many other materials do not offer. Speaking of the measurements, 9 yards of length and 108 inches wide, it can wrap you with ease inside it. For the use in the studio, these silk aerials can height up to 13 feet when hung from the ceiling.

Similarly like many other aerial swigs and hammocks, these also come with complimentary hardware attachments. All of the hardware parts are tested heavily to guarantee the security of the airborne yogi. With this strength, this aerial silk swing can hold weight up to 64700 lbs.

Likewise, it is easy to assemble and can be used indoors as well as outdoors across a tree branch.

Our Verdict: For the yogis who want to have a bit of an extra stretch and luxury smooth touched to their aerial experience can go towards this option. The vibrant colors also add up the quality label to it.


  • Holds up to 64700lbs of weight
  • Stretchable
  • Nylon silk material
  • Comes with quality hardware
  • Good dimensions of the silk


  • The silk material can be stretchy but is less stable

Aerial Silks Beginner Kit

Dance Aerial Yoga Hammock Swing


  • Complete aerial silks set
  • Soft silky material
  • Easy to setup

A full and skilled aerial yoga kit for beginners and professionals that can shine perfectly in the house, studio, or even outdoors. Made from 40 tricots, this 9 yards of pure and shiny silk is soft to touch and easy to grip. The subtle shiny silk gives the medium stretch to the fiber that would help a beginner to start with it and a professional to move extraordinarily.

For the variation in work and postures, this aerial silk can be fixed in a one-point fixed swing or a two points fixed hammock. It works both days equally the best.

Like much other aerial equipment, Aum Active comes with heavy hardware and strings. The hardware includes heavy carabiners, slings, and extension straps.

To add on the little versatility to the movements and postures, this aerial set has the O sling setup. Above all, as the o sling setup gives a more range of movements it Is also easier to inspect it visually. In short, we can say that Aum active aerial skills have all the features of the best aerial yoga hammocks and swings.

To make your efforts in putting up the setup less, the manufacturers provide you with the picture instruction manual. These aerial silk sets come in vibrant colors to bring up your mood for a healthy and happy experience.

Our Verdict: Aum Active yoga aerial kit is best for beginners who want to have more extending material to deal with at the start of practicing. My personal favorite from the list is Aum active yoga swing and that is because how it transits from a swing to hammocks and with the O slings you can be more creative. In addition to this, I like the silk fabric used in this swing will play supremely comfortably against your body and bones.


  • Comes in vibrant colors
  • Have a complete kit with silk and hardware
  • Comes with o sling setup
  • Have setup manuals
  • 9 yards of cloth


  • Fabric may prove to be less stretchy for some of you

F.Life Aerial Silks 13 Yards

13 Yards Hardware Kit Medium Stretch for Acrobatics Silk


  • Manlada Tie Dye Aerial Silk is a beautiful dyed product, but keep in mind that colours on displayed images are a reference and guide only, your product may not be exactly as pictured as each silk is unique.
  • 40 Denier Tricot weave fabric. 100% Nylon.

For the yogis who want to fly and spread colors like a butterfly, grab on to the F.Life Aerial Silks. These silks are the beautiful art of paints and dyes made with love and care in tie and dye work. The important thing here is the uniqueness of the silk color and patterns. As tie and dye can never be the same each time, so there will be sure variation in every silk swing.

Being beautiful does not mean that it lacks strength and grip. The 13 yards tricot weave fiber is 100% nylon and works best in an aerial swing or hammock. Its 13-yard cloth with 108 inches of thickness and 18 feet of length can easily help you cocoon yourself in it.

Moreover, the hardware essentials to place a swing are all provided with the kit. These essentials include 2 street screw lock carabiners. Hanging swivel and a descender to add to its comfort and easy pulling id the set has its own daisy straps.

To sum up,  the swivel hanging set up the flow of the movements and poses will be a 360-degree rotation. As there are no gripping handles, the entire stress would be directly on the silk. A small sized travel bag is also there to make your trips and outdoor practice easier.

Our Verdict: This aerial yoga hammock is exceptionally beautiful and recommended to all the yogis who want a blend of color for their flying. The fabric is also beautiful with good stretching.


  • 13 yards of fabric
  • 18 feet of long fabric
  • Extra stretchy fabric
  • High-quality hardware
  • Tie and dye beautiful silks


  • The silk fabric may prove some extra stretch but may lack the strength

Buying Guide for Yoga Hammocks and Swings

While buying a hammock or a yoga swing, you should clearly know you requirements first. Once you know what you want you can easily put up some good choices for yourself. Like any other yoga equipment, there is a list of feature that is to be seen. Therefore, in reaching out to that perfect yoga hammock or swing we present you the buying guide of it.

The buying guide includes:


Yoga in practice and routine can do wonders to your body and mind. The yogis who travel and want to take their fitness along may see how portable a product is. Portability of a product means to be carried away easily to any place along.

As yoga hammock and swing can be used anywhere indoors and outdoors, it can be easily be taken along. So while buying these, make sure you choose a company that offers a travel-friendly product.

As traveling can be sometimes tough, durability should also be considered to test the hardship of traveling. The product should be tough in every way.


Another main feature that has to be seen while buying a yoga hammock and a swig is its fabric. The fabric here is the main strength and savior of the products here. It is upon the yogi which fabric des he chooses for himself for the best experience.

The fabric of a yoga hammock and swing can be of two types. It is basically a tough nylon parachute fiber or stretchy silk. Wither of them can put up a good show with some strength. The nylon one is the one with the best strength and traction. This can be chosen by the people who want their product to last long.

Moreover, for a stretchy and flexible posture performance, silk is the best option. It is not as tough as nylon, but it all matters to what you want for yourself.

Weight limit:

No matter what you choose, never compromise your security. While choosing a yoga hammock and a swing you must consider the weight limit provided by it. If it cannot hold your weight easily do not buy it.

Weight limit also helps you know how relaxingly you can perform different poses. If you want to try some really extended and stretchy poses, go for a product with a greater weight capacity. Secure yourself to the fullest.


Size plays an important role while choosing a yoga hammock and swing. As there are different sizes available in the market for hammocks and swings, you need to be careful with them. One should always consider the vertical and horizontal dimensions of these products for buying. In an odd scenario, if the size is either too big or too small, one may not find himself comfortable while performing.

Being airborne, the control and command over the swing or a hammock are necessary. The right side of the hammock and swing can make you conquer it and helps you in achieving the pose performance.


A warranty is a sign of the durability and quality of your hanging equipment. The warranty for any products shows confidence on the part of manufacturers. This leads to customer trust in the product.

Therefore, you should always see the warranty and its conditions before buying a product. If your yoga hammocks and swings come with a good warranty, nothing more will give you enough confidence of being airborne.

Why use Yoga Hammocks or swings?

I recent times, due to our stressed daily work and office routines, we all end up having back pains eventually. All of this compression and pain can vanish with our above-reviewed products by hanging reversing from a hammock or a swing can expand your vertebrae reducing the stress on it in a magical way.

Using these yoga products also help us in:

  • Using them may reduce the muscle tension and strain with the free airborne movements in a fun way.
  • It also helps your transform your upper body muscles, strength and increases your core strength.
  • It proves to be a great way of pulling up your weight training days with extra coordination and balance.
  • For the yogis and the beginners who want to improve their posture get a lot by using these.
  • Hanging from a swing or a hammock can also be the best ultimate stress and anxiety reliever.

Our Final Words

So here we are with the list of best aerial yoga hammocks and swings in the market. The entire listing is done on the reviews we got after hours and hours of research.  Aerial yoga hammocks and swings are more good training partners with the best spinal and muscle relaxation. It proves great for the spinal expansion releasing all of the stress while working. In addition to the medical aid to the yogis, it is also good for the kids’ recreation. Hanging up reversibly makes the muscle stretch of the growing kids and also helps them to build their inner core strength.

It also aims at balancing the body with the mind ad making them at peace. With all such health and recreational benefits, I hope we have helped you all who wanted to start with this ultimate experience of releasing stress and tensions. The products lined up above are entirely on review based and no biases are done.

I hope we have managed to give you all the answers about using aerial yoga hammocks and swings. If still some of you have got any ambiguity, you can get in touch with us.

Till then, Happy Yoga

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