Top 11 Best Non Slip Yoga Mats for 2021

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Best non slip yoga mats 2021

Best Non Slip Yoga Mats for 2021

You are here because of one of the two reasons mainly, one that you have not been provided with the best yoga mat for your yoga experience earlier or you want to switch your old yoga mat with the new non-slip mats for the better grip for your sweaty hands and body. So here we are with our Best Non Slip Yoga Mats for 2021 edition.

For both of the reasons mentioned above, we are here to provide you with the best options for non-slip yoga mats as a new year’s gift. A new year brings new hopes and motivation for making a better version of yourself physically and mentally.

To make your selection and efforts easy and workable I suggest you have look at the factors that are necessary to buy a yoga mat of your choice in no time and extra struggle.

Without further ado let us get along to our list of Non Slip Yoga Mats for that I have lined up for you to make you decide in a better and economically categorical way.

Note: The list provided here is based on the economical difference starting from the lower towards the mats of higher economical range.

Let’s start…!!

Table of Contents

Our Top Picks

Gaiam Yoga Classic 4mm Mat

BalanceFrom GoYoga Mat

Smartor Yoga Mat


  • Gaiam Yoga Classic 4mm Mat
  • BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat
  • Smartor 6mm Extra Thick Yoga Mat
  • Mersuii Yoga Mat
  • TOPLUS Yoga Mat
  • ATIVAFIT Yoga Mat
  • Gaiam Yoga Reversible 6mm Mat
  • AURORAE Synergy 2 in 1 Yoga Mat
  • Retrospec Solana Yoga Mat
  • Retrospec Laguna Yoga Mat 
  • PU Yoga Mat

1. Gaiam Yoga Classic 4mm Mat

As I have considered the prices of the mats along with the best ranking and review. Therefore our first hit of the list for Non Slip Yoga Mats is the Giam Yoga mat.

These remarkably designed mats are all purpose mats best suited for yoga poses, Pilates and other floor workouts and meditations.

The 4mm thickness and the textured patterns give the absolute grip on the floor for the perfect balanced workout. Hence, the mat has it all, excellent traction, durability, bright textures with amazingly designed colours for extra focus.

Size: 68 x 24  Inches
Item Weight: 2.05 Pounds



2. BalanceFrom GoYoga Mat

My next choice for the list has all its praises from its users already. The BalanceFrom yoga mats have been trust of their clients due to their anti-tear technology with the least thickness of ¼ thickness density. Isn’t it just a wow factor for a yoga mat to have?

The remarkably comfortable thickness of the mat makes it super comfy for your body support and makes it a mat of one of its kind.

Its resilience and the double-sided slip-resistant layers add this mat to the cause of being popular in its cause.

It is an all-purpose non-slip mat and is made up of an eco-friendly material that can be washed easily with the detergent or soap at the home.

For the ease of carrying it, the mat has an additional component, a carrying strap.

The anti-tear technology of the material used makes it long-lasting and tear-proof no matter how roughly it is being used.

Size: 68 x 24  Inches
Item Weight: 1.5 Pounds



3. Smartor 6mm Extra Thick Yoga Mat

The next up on the list for the Non-Slip Yoga Mats is the newcomer in the race. Smartor extra thick yoga mat is the one. This mat has shown some great reviews and ratings regarding their durability, resilience and their power of resisting moisture.

These are the 6mm thick mats marked best for their non-slip moisture-resistant material that makes it popular among the rubber or PVC mats. The TPE material being used is the best type used till date and has great qualities of resisting that extra pouring sweat and protects the mat from seeping through it. The material is easily washable.

The ultimate dual side non slip textured design coupled with the optimum thickness makes it the best choice for people who want a slip-free yoga practice with the right amount of cushiness that helps them protect their joints and bones.

Size: 72 x 24  Inches
Item Weight: 2 Pounds



4. Mersuii Yoga Mat

Those who are in the urge to try something new yet best at its work can surely use my next line-up. These Mersuii Yoga mats are your good grab when you are looking for new and a competent one!!

The mat has all you need, excellent grip, traction, durability and longevity. Its dual surface non-grip design can make you trip-free on any surface with full traction and support.

The TPE eco-friendly material makes sit toxic-free, harmless and odourless even when it’s right out of the packaging. These are easy to wash and can be dried with the direct sun drying. The material is odourless and chemical-free, making it a healthy choice for a yogi to perform the poses more healthily.

The optimum thickness with interestingly lightweight makes it a perfect performer portable enough to be carried anywhere around.

With all the other aspects making it a big hit, it should have also provided a greater range of design and vibrant vision focusing colours.

Size: 72 x 24  Inches
Item Weight: 2 Pounds



5. TOPLUS Yoga Mat

With the increasing demands of the present-day yogis, TOPLUS mats have been able to give what is asked for. The upgraded version of a basic mat is considered to be the best to be used as a perfect yoga companion.

These mats claim to be the updated version of the previous mats giving more strength, tangibility, traction, durability and all of most some EXTRA grips to the working floor.

The most evident factor is the furnishing of a non-slip layered textured over a double layer TPE material making it eligible for its great slip-free performance

These mats give you a good level of cushiness and comfort a professional style injury-free yoga experience. These also travel friendly with minimum weight and a handy strap that can be used for rolling it in a better way.

These mats come in beautiful 10 solid bright colours with no specific design pattern. The mats are highly hygienic with easy wash and dry methods and no odour production even after the sweat production on it.

Size: 72 x 24  Inches
Item Weight: 0.23 Pounds



6. ATIVAFIT Yoga Mat

Here we have our next star, ATIVAFIT yoga mats. Like any other sweat-resistant yoga mats these are also made up of toxic-free TPE material but with a twist of being recyclable. Hence proves that these are not only harmless but eco-friendly.

This rockstar gives us another surprise by having alignment lines for the right body positioning and postures beneficial equally for the beginners and those who do not have a trainer to themselves.

This mat’s dimensions are a bit more extended than the normal mat, which is useful for the oversized and a heightened person. Moreover, mats are dust and sweat-free due to close cell technology, which makes them also water and moisture resistant.

Due to the material being eco-friendly, the mat will not produce any chemical smell that assaults your mind in any way. In addition to all the other traits, the mat comes with the additional carrying strap that makes it travel friendly with all other amazing facts.

Size: 72 x 23  Inches
Item Weight: 2 Pounds



7. Gaiam Yoga Reversible 6mm Mat

Gaiam yoga mats are true to their word and promises when it comes to providing the perfect yoga experience. Hence it is part of the list of  Non Slip Yoga Mats . This trust in the mats can be seen by the motivating reviews of its buyers and users.

Just to be a bit different, the mat offers a reversible design option that can be your mood swinger once you are done with the older design. The grip proof, textured design makes it the best for focus, grip and traction.

Similarly, the extra thickness of total 6mm provides the yogi with the perfect support and balance all at the same time. Other dimensions are as the same as the other mats offer.

If you are thinking of a mat without any types of rubber, plastics and PVC, then I suggest you put your hands onto this mat as it is highly eco-friendly and plastic-free.

The material is TPE, easy to wash and dry with wet cloths along with the mild cleanser.

To fulfil the demands of the wide range of customers, the mat comes in many colours and patterns from the bright blue to the pale pink shades.

Size: 68 x 24  Inches
Item Weight: 3.95 Pounds



8. AURORAE Synergy 2 in 1 Yoga Mat

If you are a heavy sweater or you or you love to perform the yoga types including heavy sweat break, you must try our new suggestion. This sweat-resistant mat is none other than the Aurorae synergy 2 in 1 mat.

Its 2 in 1 technology makes it a perfect mat for both hot and active yoga all combined in a single mat. This combination emerges as a result of combining a microfibre towel layer bound to the 5mm grip providing patent PER layer. The more you sweat the more it gains its grip to provide you with a sweat slip-free yoga experience.

For the extra focus and motivation, there is a rising sun indication at the top middle part of the mat.

Above all, the mat comes in a range of beautiful bold colours and designs.

Size: 72 x 24 Inches
Item Weight: 3.5 Pounds



9. Retrospec Solana Yoga Mat

These mats are also very famous for their extra inch of thickness. Retrospec Solana mats are one of kind double layered mats that are supported by the addition of a nylon strap to it.

This strap does not only makes the mat easy to use but it also to do some extra stretching and aids the stress elevation from the parts of joint, back and knees during rough poses. Above all, these mats are truly useful to avoid the sweat slip hence giving the absolute grip to the yogis.

The mats are earth-friendly and are free of all types of plastics rubbers and latex. The material used is highly durable and does not cause any harm to the mat despite rigorous use in-home or your studio.

Although the mat is free from the harmless materials yet it may produce some kind of irritating smell when once opened newly.

The mat provides the dimensions of 72 x 24 inches plus an extra inch for comfort. It is also available to the customers in ½ inch thick mat.

Size: 72 x 24 Inches
Item Weight: 4.25 Pounds



10. Retrospec Laguna Yoga Mat

Retrospec mats are on the line again!! To fight or their place in the Non-Slip Yoga Mats. These mats came up with the product essentially useful for the customer with more sweat breakdown issue. This variation of the basic retrospect mat is a beautifully designed piece with a special layer of polyurethane PU on the top.

These PU layers make your every drop of sweat stick to the upper layer and not get it into the mat. With such remarkable manufacturing technique, the company takes complete responsibility of it being toxic-free, vegan and plastic-free making it an ideal purchase for the nature lovers.

The ultra PU layer makes it durable enough to survive the hard yoga practising and makes it a good pick for the ultimate yogis.

Hence I can suggest you this mat with all the possible traits of a good yoga mat grasping price and excellent traction and grip.

The mat comes in many subtle, plain textures and colours.

Size: 72 x 24 Inches
Item Weight: 2.20 Pounds



11.PU Yoga Mat

When you are looking for a promising ultimate grip for your yoga practice, you may need to look at the brand that comes next on the list. The PU nonslip yoga mats like their names promise the ultra-supportive grip and safety for the clients using them with the best skid, SGS proven, eco-friendly and rubber-free material used.

The SGS proven material makes it a better choice for an odorless yoga experience. The mat claims to have no rubber or irritating smell when opened fresh, all credits going to the eco-friendly material used.

The ultra-designed textures of the mats make it bumpy and slip-free despite the heavy yoga steps performed. The skid-free design along with the full-length long dimensions makes it suitable for some extra stretch and comfortable meditations. Therefore this mat is best suitable for Bikram yoga, Asthanga along other types of hot yogas.

Being only nearly half the size of the traditional mat, this mat makes its name in travel-friendly and lightweight mats with ease. To make your mat more travel-friendly, it comes with a binding strap to keep its in place.

The perfect layer of cushiness provides strength to the mats along with the support to the performing yogi. In conclusion, the cushiness provides the right balance for the joint support and grounded feet necessary for the perfect yoga posture performance.

The mat’s material claims no flaking or tearing apart of the mat in rough practice days and makes it prominent in its durability and traction all at once.



If you need a yoga mat for your sweaty hands check out Our Complete guide on Yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands

Things you take care of while buying a yoga mat


The first thing to be considered while choosing the Best Non Slip Yoga Mats for 2021 is the material. Many of you consider using a mat made up of eco-friendly material with no harmful chemicals and nerve disturbing odours. The best possible material to be considered as useful as well as safe is the upgraded TPE material with no toxic chemicals added.

Length of the mat

Another thing to be seen is the length of the mats. Every mat company offers a different length, thickness and cushiness. Before choosing a mat, a person should be aware of the dimensions he is looking for to perform the best way he wants to. An average mat has the length of 68mm and some companies do provide a mat in longer variations.

Types of activity to be performed

Another big factor making the yoga mat selection difficult is the selection of the type of activity to be performed on the yoga mat. If one is confirmed about the activity or poses he wants to perform on the yoga mat, he would probably choose the right mat for it as every mat is activity-specific mostly. Different mats are available for hot yoga, meditation, Bikram yoga, slip-free yoga and may others.

Place of use

Mats work best when they are chosen for a specific place or a practice area. Every mat has a defined structure and texture suitable for its surface of which it is laid for the use. A person should always consider this feature while buying a yoga mat for his specific place of action or else the only thing that he would counter is the failure in performing the activity.

Economic analysis

For all the new buyers and beginners it is very much essential to choose a budget-friendly mat which fulfils their wish of performing premium yoga. Before buying the mat of your need, a comparative economic analysis must be done by the buyer in order to get the best mat in relatively lower prices rather than spending on the out of the way expensive articles.


One of the most ideal things to be considered by a beginner is the cushiness of the yoga mat. Cushiness of the thickness of the mat helps the beginner to secure his joints and any other bone injury while practicing the yoga. The mats with a good cushiness will make the yoga easier, convenient and risk-free from any kind of injury. A good amount of cushiness also helps the body to be supported and balanced perfectly on the ground while performing the poses.

Once you all have undergone the list of the essential factors that need to be considered while buying a yoga mat, now it will help you choose the category you are looking for yourself.

Our Closing Comments For All Our Lovely Readers

So, here we are at doing our best to help and guide all of you out there in choosing your Best Non Slip Yoga Mats for 2021. I made sure of listing the best reviewed mats with all the economical and eco-friendly ranges all at one platform. With all my efforts in listing the products, I wish to see all of you grasping your favourite ones in no time.  I hope to see all of you choosing the best non slip yoga mat suited mat for yourself with our research and efforts. The list entirely encases the yoga mats based on the research results and the reviews recorded. The mat that does acquire any place in the list does not lie according to our point of selection criteria.

I wish to see you all again with another set of your query solutions in a while, till then keep focusing and be a healthier and positive version of yourself.

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