Top 8 Best Yoga Mat for Carpet

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Best Yoga Mat for Carpet

Best Yoga Mat for Carpet

No wooden floor to practice yoga on? Having a fully carpeted home instead? No problem, we are here to still help you manage your yoga routine at home. To endure the purpose, we present you our collection of the best yoga mat for carpet that can make your yoga practicing more convenient than on a bare floor.
With an exception, yoga mat for carpets can be a little changed as compared to any other floor yoga mat. They can possibly differ in their length, width, or the amount of thickness they provide. But still, it is up to your choice and needs that can eventually help you in choosing your yoga mat for carpets.
Practicing yoga on carpets can prevent many of the joints pains and risk of injury. The carpet also lets the yoga mat stick to it with more traction hence providing a good under surface for practicing yoga. During a pandemic and a non-specified lockdown happening worldwide, practicing yoga at home can connect your mind and soul to a peaceful level.
So to initiate the home practice on carets, let us take you the list of yoga mats for carpet chosen on the basis of the reviews and likeliness.

Table of Contents


Gaiam Mat Yoga Thick

Retrospec Solana Yoga Mat 1/2" & 1" Thick

Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Equipment Mat

Our Top Picks for You

  • Gaiam Mat Yoga Thick
  • Retrospec Solana Yoga Mat
  • Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Equipment Mat
  • Gruper Yoga Mat
  • TOPLUS Yoga Mat
  • Liforme Original Yoga Mat
  • Plyopic All-In-One Yoga Mat
  • ATIVAFIT Non Slip TPE Yoga Mat

Gaiam Mat Yoga Thick

Gaiam has been an all-rounder when it comes to all the quality features of a good yoga mat. This thick yoga mat made up of PVC is ideally good for support and cushiness o the carpet as well as on any other surface.

Speaking of dimensions, this yoga mat is all about its thickness. Its 2/5 inches of thickness makes your joints and bones secure to a good level. Other than thickness, the rest of the dimensions fall in the criteria of an average yoga mat. The yoga mat is 72 inches in length whereas accounts for 24 inches of width, a good choice for an average person.

The material is all free from any kind of harmful materials like DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP, and DNOP hence a healthier choice for you and our planet. The material with a self-textured surface makes it a good traction companion on the carpet as well.

This classic yoga mat is great for all types of exercises and workouts and comes with a carrying strap for easy carrying and traveling.

Our Verdict: If you are searching for a good yoga mat that gives traction with enough of the comfort level then we recommend your top pick for this. It is essentially durable and is economically good.



Retrospec Solana Yoga Mat 1/2" & 1" Thick

This 1-inch thick yoga mat is amazingly good when it comes to reducing the stress on your pressure points like hips, joints, knees, and hands. The yoga performance can be much safer and injury-free with the Retrospec Solana thick yoga mat.

The small celled foam rubber material makes it good in traction, support, and durability. The non-slip surface of the yoga mat makes it possible for a yogi to practice a pose in full extension while keeping a sound balance on the ground. The slip-resistant material also comes with great durability and resilience despite heavy workout routine and makes your mat go a long way.

Retrospec Solana is free from all types of latex and heavy metals. In addition to such fancy traits, it also comes with a carrying strap that makes it a good travel partner as well.

For choosy yogi, the manufacturers provide a good range of solid colors to choose from and are easy to wash and dry.

Our Verdict: It’s a yes for Retrospec from us when it comes to ultimate support and cushiness on the carpet. It is thick, durable, lightweight, and all in all economical.



Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Equipment Mat

Sunny health and fitness mat can be a great help on the carpet as well as on the floor with its high-quality material and less thickness. This exercise mat with its highly durable material can make your mat go a long way without tearing or running off.

It’s a good-sized and comparatively thinner mat than our provide yoga mats and provides the warrior-like grip to even on carpet. The textured surface made up of EVM foam is also sweat-resistant and does not let any dust from the carpet get into your yoga mat.

As the dimensions are concerned, they are of optimum variations. This mat can easily provide a good workout space to an average person in all directions and extended forms. With such dimensions, it is easy to store in any place you want, just roll it and store it.

Our Verdict: From our side, it is a good yoga mat of its kind that can be a good exercise partner specifically on hard wooden floors or on a carpet. It is comparatively thinner than many of the yoga mats listed in our list and can be easily stored and is travel friendly,



Gruper Yoga Mat

Gruper mats are the upgraded version of the traditional PVC and EVA yoga mats. These are the modified double-sided textured surface yoga mats that provide all the characteristics of a good functional yoga mat on the floor or a carpet.

To provide the warrior-like grip on the carpet, this yoga mat is coupled with the double layer of the material to the textured surface. Both sides being textured give long-lasting durability to the mat hence increasing the actual life span of a yoga mat.

Talking of the dimensions, the good thing here is that this Gruper mat comes in many variants with regards to length or weight. The thickness is kept optimum at near 6mm to provide support and cushiness to your joints and pressure areas.

Another good factor to celebrate is the sleek, protective, and compact mat carrying bag that accompanies the yoga mat making it highly travel friendly. The company is highly eco-friendly and considers a good hand washing of the mat in order to make your mat last long.

Our Verdict: Gruper yoga mat is our choice when it comes to something sleek, modified, updated, and handy. This yoga mat is all about modifications and comes with an option of different length variants that can be a good factor for some oversized yogis.




The TOPLUS yoga mat is made up of lightweight, eco-friendly, and more modified TPE material than the traditional PVC yoga mats. The ultimate modified TPE is all about the double-layer structure with both sides embossed with textured patterns. Thus the ultimate purpose of this double-sided textured layer is to provide the grounding grip to the performing yogi.

The material itself makes your yoga mat functional for some additional years. It is also one of a kind when it comes to being patent. The patent-pending yoga mat is more eco-friendly than our normal yoga mats.

Dimensions of the yoga mat are of optimum stretch. The thickness is neither too thick nor too thin and falls right on point to give you that cushiony yet balanced feel. With its dimensions and structure of the material used. This TOPLUS yoga mat is useful in so many different yoga types, exercise,s, and Pilates.

Just to add a bit to its easy handling, a self-holding trap is also added to the yoga mat. It is easy to handle and wash and comes with the addition of a one-year complete hassle-free warranty of easy return.

Our verdict: TOPLUS yoga mats have also earned a name for the traction they provide to our yogi’s ad this is what matters the most. It is definitely trying worthy.



Liforme Original Yoga Mat

Transform your yoga practice at home with a more advanced, innovative, and comfortable yoga mat. Liforme yoga mats are the self-biodegrading yoga mats proving securely good enough for you and your planet. This mat incorporates every part of your body with the advanced polyurethane rubber.

Liforme yoga mats like many other essential traits have the special Grip for me feature that accounts for the unmatched warrior-like ground-gripping grip to the practicing yogi. This grip is evenly useful on the plain wooden floor or on the carpets.

The intelligent feature of this yoga mat here is the self-alignment system. This system speaks of the exact and stretched body postures and movements of the yogi as a beginner or a professional. Every professional level yogi may need this self-alignment system to guide the poses through on the mat with the exact extension of the limbs.

Considering the dimensions, the width of the yoga mat is somewhat broader than the average yoga mat and weight up to nearly 5.5 pounds.

Our Verdict: For those yogis who are a beginner or even at a professional level who want to practice at home without a helper can use this mats self-alignment system as a professional guide. This is a professional yoga mat making your yoga practice innovative and complete.



Plyopic All-In-One Yoga Mat

The ultimate yoga mat that is manufactured for all the yogis who sweat. From the moist hands to the heavy sweat break out in a hot yoga it manages it all without sacrificing the grip. The Plyopic all in one yoga mat is the best choice for every type of yoga mat with or without sweat conditions.

The smooth upper dense and closed-cell surface of the yoga mat gives a yogi a smooth movement over it and hence is suitable to every skin type. It is an all-purpose mat for gym workouts and this multipurpose use is aided by the 3.5 inches rubber base of the mat. All you need to do is to slip the yoga mat and use it with footwear for the gym.

Plyopic yoga mats are fully eco-friendly as they are safe from any kind of environmentally harsh chemicals and are SGS certified. The rubber material won’t let it run off after rigorous use and hence making them durable for extreme usage and practice.

Our Verdict: For those yogis who sweat a lot and fail to find a slip-free grip on the mat while practicing, this is our pick for them. Highly natural and eco-friendly, Plyopic yoga mats are all-purpose and durable in a professional way.



ATIVAFIT Non Slip TPE Yoga Mat

Closing off the list of best yoga mat for carpet with ATIVAFIT yoga mats. These yoga mats are a modern and innovative version of the traditional PVC yoga mats. Speaking of the innovation, this advancement comes through from the modified TPE material that makes your yoga mat accomplished on another level.

In addition to the advancement, the innovation comes through the alignment lines it has on it. These alignment lines are innovative enough to keep a yogi poised in a proper alignment to perform all the poses professionally. This eventually builds up the strong foundation of ay exercise and workout.

Like all other basic yoga mats, the dimensions here are also kept normal. The thickness is also at an ideal 6mm enough to provide the secure and protected yoga for the joints and bones.

As this is an eco-friendly yoga mat, it is free from latex and all other smell assaulting chemicals. The closed-cell structure technology blocks any sweat or dust going into the surface of the yoga mat thus maintaining the hygienic conditions more strictly.

Ativafit yoga mats are durable, lightweight as travel friendly as they come with the holding strap to hold your yoga mat.

Our Verdict: We choose this yoga mat for a complete yoga guide with alignment lines for the yogis of every skill level.



Buying Guide for Buying a Yoga Mat for Carpet

A buying guide can help you, people, to pick and choose the right one for yourself without any doubts. As it has been mentioned earlier, the yoga mat for carpet can be somewhat different from the regular floor yoga mat. A normal yoga mat on the floor can be good to work even on a thickness of 3 to 4 inches while the yoga mat for carpet can be thinner or even thicker than the average one.
But then it is always up to you guys to build your own list of requirements before finding yourself a good yoga companion. So here are some categorized features of a yoga mat one can consider while buying any type of yoga mat. These features are generalized and are highly important to be considered.

Material :

First up to top our buying guide is the guide to look for the perfect material you want for your yoga mat. Nowadays, yoga mats are made with different materials depending upon the customer’s demand. Is it high up to you o look for the best suited for you taking care of any kind of allergies and other medical conditions.
A material of a yoga mat can be also concerning for the weight and clean-up purposes of a yoga mat. The lighter the material is the lighter will it be to carry and roll. With the change in time, the material of the yoga mat is also being modified that can fight the sweat and germs produced during yoga practice.


Thickness of a yoga mat can vary from 2 3 inches to more than 6 inches in basic. The thickness can be chosen by the customer as there are different variants of thickness available in the market seeing the yogis comfort level. The inches of a yoga mat can be chosen on the basis of the medical conditions of a person performing. As far as the yoga mat for carpet Is concerned, the thickness can be kept low as the cushiness from the floor is already provided by the carpet itself. A thinner yoga mat would do well on the carpet as well.


Size of a yoga mat also matters. The size variants of a yoga mat come in various options to choose from. As every one of us is of different heights, body posture, and sizes, therefore a yoga mat of significant size is required by each one of us to fulfill our needs. By saying size we mean the dimensions, the length, and width. Many manufacturers provide us with different dimensions suiting a specific body shape and size. So a perfect self-analysis can help you choose the right size.


For finding the best yoga mat for carpet, another feature you should look forward to is the traction or grip of a yoga mat. Traction helps the yoga mat to serve its ultimate purpose by holding strongly to the surface on which it is laid on. To provide the grip, many yoga mats in markets have textured surfaces with a specific material. Even with or without a carpet, the grip is a compulsory element of the yoga mat that a yogi must consider while buying it. It is also dependent on the type of material a yoga mat is made up of. So choose wisely as it makes up the sole foundation of your yoga practice.

Price :

As there is a simple significant job of every available yoga mat, one must always consider the price he is paying to get the results. In other words, we can say that a cheaper yoga mat with the same features can be more appealing as compared to the same yoga mat with an expensive price tag. Not all expensive products can give you more profound results as not all cheap products lack effectiveness. Therefore a god yoga mat with a relatively lesser price tag will prove to be good for your practice as well as your pockets.

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Our Concluding Words for You

So here we finally conclude our detailed review and list of the best yoga mat for carpet for you guys. Yoga on the carpet can be difficult without a yoga mat as it may slip or cause any undetermined allergy to the skin or hands. So to secure the poses and practice and to avoid any slip injuries, a yoga mat is a must. While listing down the best products for you, all we considered was the actual reviews from the users and the universal rating. With all our listings and a convenient buying guide, we wish to see all of you choosing the ultimate partner for yourself. Let us know if you still face any kind of difficulty while buying it and we will make sure of easing your way out. Till then, Happy Yoga and Happy Shopping 🙂

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