Top 10 Best Yoga Mats for Bad Knees

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Woman sitting on a yoga mat

Best Yoga Mats For Bad Knees

Yoga has been an essential part of life these days. Despite having every facility and element of yoga to your doorsteps, some of us still cat perform it to the fullest due to our every hurting knees and joints.  These hurting joints and injured knees and be a great hurdle to your yoga routines and can prove to be never solving. To counter this problem more conveniently, we are here with the options of Best Yoga Mats For Bad Knees.

The professional yogis know how it is important for the support of the knee and joints to perform any kind of workout, whether it’s a normal workout or a classic yoga or a meditation. It all needs a balanced proportion of support and balance.

For all the yogis out there, who has their yogas restrained just because of not having a quality mat for their knee and joint support and are in fear any injury while performing can STOP FEARING anymore. Therefore, I, along with my team, have researched some of the best-sellers when it comes to joint and knee support. Our research is entirely based upon the best-selling market and only includes the acknowledged product by its consumers.

The list down below has the order based upon the most reviews and descending downwards, and it is completely unbiased from our side.

So without delaying much more of our yoga, let’s get started in an ALL-NEW Supported way like never before.

Table of Contents

Our Top Picks

BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose

Gaiam Yoga Mat

Sivan Health and Fitness


  • BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose
  • Gaiam Yoga Mat
  • Sivan Health and Fitness 
  • TOPLUS Yoga Mat 
  • Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat
  • AURORAE Synergy 2 in 1 Yoga Mat
  • Everyday Essentials
  • Liforme Original Yoga Mat 
  • Thrive On Wellness 
  • StillCool TPE Yoga 

1. BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose

The popularity of this mat can be seen by the satisfying reviews of the clients using these mats and all praising its effectiveness in performing a fully protected yoga. The mat has 40k plus reviews from the buyers and nothing can tell they are not worth all the hype and favoritism.

This best-seller of all times comes with the dimension of 71 inches long and 24 inches wide with a half-inch thick highly dense mat that performs the work of securing your spine, elbows. Hips bones and knee joints with extreme care and perfection. Hence these dimensions work ideally for every kind of person.

Excellent resilience and balance are also offered by this mat by double side slip-free surfaces that stick to the ground aiding the postures for yoga to go as smooth and balanced as on the ground. The ultimate grip also adds to its name for being the best yoga mats for bad knees.

In addition, the mat along with the excellent resilience also provides moisture-resistant technology for those who require some extra grip throughout the sweat break in performing the yoga. This water and moisture repellent technology makes it easy to wash and dry and makes it good to go as new again.

The material being foamy is generally lightweight and easy to carry. To make it a bit more travel-friendly an additional carrying nylon strap is also added to the mat. However, for gaining the client’s trust, the company offers a 2-year warranty deal.

Size: 71 x 24  Inches
Item Weight: 1.8 Pounds



2. Gaiam Yoga Mat

The next in line for the likeliness and favoritism among the yogis with 9k plus eye-catching reviews is the Gaiam yoga mats. When we are talking about precision and comfort, these mats deliver them both. With a thickness of 6mm on the record, these mats are reliable for the comfort suppliers to all the joints and bones to the yogis around the world. The thickness gives support specifically to the knees and the hip joints in performing the accurate yoga posture.

In addition, it provides the optimum dimensions of 68 inches in length and 24 inches wide. This mat comes in PVC material for better traction and grip. The extra grip of these mats is due to the sticky textured pattern on the surface of the mats for giving the ground grasping effect.

Above all this mat is a good combo of being cushiony and lightweight claiming its position in the list of best yoga mats for bad knees. Those who are fond of vibrant patterns and colors for keeping them focused and motivated throughout the yoga practice should mark these mats as a good companion.

These painted textured mats are also viable to the not so irritating but strong smell that may ruin your mood and sensory senses for a while.

For a better and odorless experience, let the mat open out in the air for 2 to 3 days to help it escape all the paint smells.

Size: 68 x 24  Inches
Item Weight: 3 Pounds



3. Sivan Health and Fitness

Sivan Health and fitness yoga mats are just right to be a grasp when it comes to a little extra care for your joints and knees. These mats give you the extra 1/2 inch of thickness for the support and cushiness you require to protect your bad knees and spines.

These foamy mats are best known for their extra thickness given to them by the addition of the foamy sheet on top. This balances the cushiness and the balance side by side in a correct proportion.

For the traction and skid-free experience, the mat comes with a bit ground grasping rubbed surface on the one side and a smoother surface on the other side for a satisfying yoga experience.

The material being used makes it durable and lightweight with weighing almost 2lbs. This low weight allows it to carry friendly and provides the customer with a holding strap as well.

The mat is easy to wash and dry and is highly durable for a good range of money.

Size: 71 x 24  Inches
Item Weight: 2 Pounds



4. TOPLUS Yoga Mat

A professional yoga mat with extra thickness, slip-free material, and with positive reviews from more than 4k consumers, TOPLUS yoga mats make their place in the list of the best yoga mats for bad knees.

These mats are the up-gradation of the traditional PVC and rubber mats with more fine quality of the material giving more benefits to the yogis without asking for. Hence this mat is made of the upgraded version of TPE material that sets it apart from the traditional yoga mats of all time. The material is lightweight and moisture resistant no matter how much you sweat; therefore, it will keep you in place.

The mat speaks of its durability and grip by giving a double anti layer coating and a sticky on slip texture on both sides. This marks the mat for excellent resilience and traction for any kind of yoga and meditational forms.

For keeping the activists motivated and slip-free, the 6mm thickness given by the mat makes it apart from all the basic mats and provides the best support ad cushiness to your joints and knees.

TOPLUS provides a good range of dark and vibrant color tones with either printed patterns or designs seeing the demand of different age groups of consumers. To build a strong relation of trust with their clients and consumers, these mats come with a year warranty and a generous refund if there is anything complaining about the quality of the mat.

Size: 72 x 24  Inches
Item Weight: 2.35 Pounds



5. Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat

When it comes to high performance with ultra-grip and support, Manduka PRO yoga ad Pilates mat is always in talk. Another appealing characteristic of these mats is the dense cushiness for the joints support and knee protection.

This high end imported quality product comes with a unique closed cell technique used in the production of the mat. This technique provides all the sturdiness, strength, cushiness, and moisture resistance to the mat. Similarly, the extra cushiness accompanies the extra length off the mat to prove a good combo of support and stretch all at the same time.

The closed-cell manufacturing does not let any moisture or sweat to seep into the mat and making it slippery and grip less. When someone asks for its traction and durability, the mat promises lifelong durability to the professional yogis by providing a lifetime warranty.

Manduka mats come with the upper fabricated finishing layer and the textures sticky layer on the other side. The mat can prove to be sturdy towards harsh usage and the only thing used to break through this mat is PRACTICE.

The mat comes in standard size with standard dimensions and also comes with a longer variation to overcome any body shape and size problems.

Manduka PRO is clear from all kinds of harmful chemical, toxins and the assaulting smell that other mats traditionally produce.

The closed-cell manufacturing of this mat is easily washable and possesses a healthier yoga experience.

Size: 71 x 26  Inches
Item Weight: 7.5 Pounds



6. AURORAE Synergy 2 in 1 Yoga Mat

As the name indicates, the Aurorae Synergy 2 in 1 yoga mats are all set to be on the list of best yoga mats for bad knees. Similarly, Aurorae synergy is evident for hot and cold yoga? The 2 in 1 name of this mat is also evident for the fact that the mat is made up of a dual material, the lower being the PER and the upper layer being the microfibre one.

The upper 1mm towel microfiber layer gives all the sturdiness to the mat and the support and cushiness to the joints and knees. The lower 5mm thick patent PER layer is all promised to give the traction, grip, and stickiness for the mat adhesion to the ground for a balanced yoga.

With all of this combination of layers, there is no slipping and bunching with a promise of protection of knees and joints. These mats are odorless and chemically free to use.

The double layering of the mat promises its durability and strength. It is lightweight and easy to be carried away at all places without trouble. The manufacturing material is easy to wash and dry and is completely hygienic.

Aurorae mats come in many colors to choose from and a rising sun symbol in the top center of the mat for extra focus and alignment of the user. The mat comes with a 2-year warranty, yoga instruction, and a tip manual for the yogi for better performance on the mat.

Size: 72 x 24 Inches
Item Weight: 3.5 Pounds



7. Everyday Essentials Mats

Our knees being an extra essential part of our body needs some extra care for their protection from any injury. This essential care and protection are promised to us by the Everyday Essential Mats in the best possible way. For being true to their promise this company gives additional knee pad mats for the customers with bad knees. Yes, you heard me right, an additional KNEE PAD.

This knee pad is essentially dimensioned precisely being 24 inches wide, 10 inches long and 3/5 inches thick happens to be a true support structure to the knees while performing the knee straining poses. The pad is completely replaceable and adjustable according to your posture. The additional pad is also of the same foam material as that of the yoga mat.

The double-sided slid resistant layers on the mat, as well as the knee pad, provides an unmatchable grip to the ground. The joined thickness of both of the items makes it safe from any injury.

Both the mats are with excellent resilience and absolute traction. The material used gives durability to the mats and a lifelong experience to the yogis.

Mats with these materials are lightweight and anti-tear with highly travel friendly. Talking of their resilience, the mats a super moisture resistant and can be washed by soaps and water easily, to enhance the effect of yoga, these mats are accompanied by a stretching strap.

The only saddening part of these mats is that they are plain in design with no printed patterns what so ever.

Size: 71 x 24 Inches
Item Weight: 0.5 Pounds



8. Liforme Original Yoga Mat

Liforme original mats are the only revolutionized mats at present in the markets giving all the comprising all the factors of the best yoga mat either it is durability, traction, resilience or the cushiness, you name it and they have it already on their list marked.

These modernized mats are made up of the upgraded raw material named TPE in a unique way without compromising the ease and comfort of the yogi practicing ultra-yoga on it. The material of the mat makes it a wow factor for the mat as it provides the maximum grip to the performer on any ground basis.

The not so normal mat also has a specially designed AlignForMe alignment system marked on the mat by the professionals for reducing the chances of injuries and makes the yoga a fun task for the yogi.

The mats with more elaborated dimensions of 72.83 x 26.77 x 0.17 inches, setting the competition scale high apart from the basic yoga mats. Such thickness is evident for the knees and joint support.

The mats are highly eco-friendly and biodegradable with a consuming time of 5 years in normal soil. The TPE material also makes it water-resistant with the sticky base at the lower side of the mat for ultimate grip.

To just add a more of a classic look, the mat comes in a yoga mat bag. The mat comes in 4 basic colors and is toxic-free and odorless.

Size: 72 x 26 Inches
Item Weight: 5.5 Pounds



9. Thrive On Wellness

This thick exercising mat works the best when it comes to comforting your spine, knees. Elbows and the hip joints. Being true to its name, the mat offers such thickness that you cannot even feel the floor.  In other words, this mat is a unique combo of comfort, luxury, and the density of the material all in just the right amount of proportion.

Like not many traditional yoga mats, these mats provide enough of the stretch room to a possibly person of a larger body shape and type. Working with these mats is hassle-free as these mats wrap easily and do not comes o you after laying them on the ground. This also makes it a travel-friendly mat.

It is an all-purpose mat made best to be consumed in all types of yoga and meditation to be performed all in the home with the maximum comfort level. The mat with its material feels as light as a cloud and is great for water resistance and grip.

The mat is easily washable and is free from all chemicals and toxic substances. The newly opened mat produces a specific rubbery smell that can be reduced after being kept in the air.

It also comes with a carrying strap and refund return policy that makes it even more appealing for all the yogis out there.

Size: 72 x 24 Inches
Item Weight: 2.65 Pounds



10. StillCool TPE Yoga

This 1/4 inch thick mat is known best for being anti-tear, sweat, and moisture-proof and providing the right amount of softness to the joints and knees. The StillCool TPE mats, as the name indicates are made up of the upgraded form of the TPE material. This up-gradation makes it a cot raiser but the up-gradation is worth the hype claiming to be more effective than the regular PVC or NBR rubber mats.

These mats are best known to avoid the ore knees as it comes with the special padding to enhance the softness and comfort of the mat without being too fluffed.

The double-sided enhanced sticky textured pattern of these mats makes it an all-rounder on all types of flooring when it comes to the grip and support proving its excellent traction.

Stillcool mats provide the optimum thickness to the yogi for the joints and knees support hence scoring the position in the best yoga mats for bad knees. This made having anti-tear technology proves the great durability and age of the mat.

With the dimensions 72inch x 24inch x 1/4inch, the mat is relatively less weighing and is easy to carry. These mats are all good for hot yoga and meditations while staying in your comfort level at home.

These mats also come with unconditional refund offers to be secure.

Size: 72 x 24 Inches
Item Weight: 1 Pounds



Buying guide for Yoga Mat


While talking of bad knees, the sudden thought that comes to your mind in thickness and comfort, sore knees need the best kind of comfort and support while performing the yoga of your choice. The thickness of the yoga mat can be altered based on one’s comfort and demand for support.
For this reason, many yoga mat manufacturers provide different variants of thickness, especially for the support of joints and knees. The thickness of a yoga mat can therefore range from the optimum 6mm thickness to 1/2 inches and more.
A person with sore knees can consider different variants of yoga mats for the ultimate support without compromising the grip.


With support and comfort, another essential feature that is to be seen is the GRIP.
The grip is essential to all the strength exercises and workouts.
Any yogi demands the grip to perform the professional yoga that can be provided by the surface of a yoga mat. For extra grip and non-slip workout, the surface of the yoga mat must be textured to a specific kind that provides a warrior like grip on the surface it is laid on.
Not only the base of the mat should be textured, but for perfect yoga, the upper layer of the yoga mat should also be grippy.
Different brands give a featured upper layer to a yoga mat to make their mats stand out in this feature. The upper layer of the yoga mats can be of microfiber layer, textured PVC, or a fabricated towel layer.


As yoga is a wholesome exercise, a lot of sweat breaks can be seen while performing it. A yoga mat can serve its cause the best while being grippy and sweat proof.
For making a yoga mat sweat proof, different brands have used different technologies to assemble their surfaces.
The best sweat-proof formula utilized these days is the open cell technology of the surface material. The surfaces being manufactured by open-cell technology makes the surface dense and hence bounce off any kind of sweat, moisture, and dust from a mat’s surface.
This dense surface also protects the knees and joints on a hard floor.
Above all, mat being sweat proof provide a sweat-free area to the hands and feet of the performing yogi, reducing the risk of any injury.

If you need a non-slip yoga mat for yoga practice. Check out Our Complete Guide On Best Non Slip Yoga Mats for 2021

Our Closing Comments For All Our Lovely Readers

After all of these recommendations, I would still love to give my personal opinion to all our users in regard to make things easier. For the best yoga mats for bad knees, the most essential thing here is the material being used in the mat. With all the above-mentioned list it is obvious that the mats with the foam as their raw material provides the best support and bounce to our knees and other joints. the mat can be chosen with ease after going through all the description mentioned above. The prices can be seen according to the demand of the consumer and their own personal perspective. To make our research worthy for all kind of users, I had mentioned the mats with different economic approaches ranging from lower to higher. If still some of you have any query related to our listing and research dot hesitate to ask, we are always here for you.

Till then, take care and HAPPY YOGA 😉

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