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BUYING GUIDESTop 10 Best Yoga Mats For Sweaty Hands

Top 10 Best Yoga Mats For Sweaty Hands

Best Yoga mats For Sweaty Hands

Tired of being unable to pull off the yoga sessions at home while the outside is locked during the pandemic? Tired of being stopped while performing the yoga postures just because of hands being sweaty enough? Tired of changing the yoga mats to resume all the yoga postures with ease but all in vain?

If YES, then now it’s time to sit back and relax cuz we have got you covered with the Best yoga mats for sweaty hands presently at work.

With the changing time and demands for yoga mats from the YOGIS worldwide, we have surfed the internet for a couple of hours in search of the newly launched and previously existing yoga mats for Sweaty hands, and we came across the zillion options I tell you.

By seeing all the reviews and posts from the customers demanding some real suggestions for their sweat problem with their yoga mats urged us to take a step forward and make your hassle a bit sorted.

We made your demands our priorities and listed out some good, mid-ranged, and highly recommended yoga mats for sweaty hands for 2020.

To give you the complete information about the product you asked for, we listed down our top picks from the entire set of products in the market.

If you’re eager enough to know the listed items, let me give you a sneak peek of the sorted list of the items we picked up for you with the support of their ratings and customers reviews saying it all.

Let’s start….!!


  • Yoga Zeal yoga mats
  • TOPLUS yoga mats
  • Manduka PROlite yoga mats
  • Plyopic Ultra-Grip Pro Yoga Mat
  • Cork yoga mats
  • Aurorae classic
  • UMIA Yoga Mat
  • Aurorae Synergy 2 in 1 Yoga Mat with Towel
  • Gruper yoga mat
  • Natural rubber yoga mat
  • Heathyoga Progrip

Yoga Zeal

Designed for better grip


  • Natural tree rubber is bonded to an ultra-absorbent faux suede towel layer.
  • Created with the daily yogi in mind.
  • Toss it into the washing machine on delicate, cold, no spin cycle.

First up on our list are the Zeal yoga mats on the basis of the star rating of 4.7 from the happily satisfied clients of 1000+. Yoga zeal mats steal the show when it comes to practicing the ultimate yoga postures with sweaty hands. These are the remarkable mats when it comes to grip, thickness, material, durability, and weight! You name it and they have it on the list.

The company claimed it to be known for its best grip on the sweaty hands and feet with an additional faux suede towel layer added to the tree rubber.

The layers attached help the mat to retain its position while making the hands and feet free from all the hard work sweat you gain.

The towel layer also makes it appropriate for the machine as well as the handwashing methods, making it dry faster.

Thinking like a professional Yogi, I would not recommend these mats for the person working 5 days in the office because of the unhygienic terms it might produce for the users after locking in all the earned sweat.

The towel layer, being the absorbent part of the mat might need cleaning every 2 3 days as the absorbed sweat would make it smell bad.

A person working in an office might find it as an additional task in his/ her busy routine to follow.

Another thing to be described here is the amazingly designed patterns and BOLD colors of the mat that makes the mats apart from the basic usual ones. The patterns, prints, and color ranges are flattering for the actual users and make the work FUN AND BRIGHT!!

Our verdict: The suede towel layer is the plus point for your sticky hands and feet. Plus the tree rubber layer provides the companion traction on the floor. The only bad thing about this yoga mat is that it may be a bit lesser broad than a regular mat.

Size: 24 x 5  Inches
Item Weight: 3 Pounds


  • Optimum thickness and ecofriendly material
  • It is reliable for the professional yogis
  • It proves the best grip
  • Easily available on different sites
  • Have remarkable ratings
  • Variety of design and patterns


  • It is relatively expensive
  • The faux-suede layer could cause the unhygienic conditions



TOPLUS yoga mat

Exercise Mat with Carrying Strap


  • TOPLUS Yoga mat is made with premium TPE friendly material.
  • Yoga mat double-sided sticky non-slip texture provides excellent traction
  • TOPLUS yoga mat is light enough to carry to the gym.

The next up on the list is TOPLUS mats – our star with 4000+ reviews and the best economical price. The facts to be impressed upon including it being reversible and have excellent traction too!!

The likeliness of this mat by its customers does not stop here! The mat is designed using the TPE material, which is highly suited for professional yoga postures.

The mat claims the classical thickness of 6mm and is highly durable and possesses great traction. These all are the factors to be considered in a good mat while choosing the best.

The reversible material aids the yogi switch the side if one gets flakey or rough without replacing it with the new one. This eventually increases the lifetime of the average yoga mat and serves out to every penny paid.

The TPE material proves the firm grip to the ground when once laid. This holding to the ground helps the person perform all kinds of Hot and Power Yoga and the basic warm-ups- all at the same time! Making it ideal for shining among the best yoga mats for sweaty hands.

The mat is water and sweat resistant and solves the problems of the extra sweaty hands with just its material. There are a lot of radiant colors available to choose from. Choose yours NOW!

Our verdict: I recommend this double-sided Reversible yoga mat for all those who want a change in their everyday yoga mat. This Reversible technology also makes it a long runner in the run of rough usage and all types of yoga.

Size: 72 x 24 Inches
Item Weight: 2.35 Pounds


  • Lightweight
  • Reversible – works from both sides
  • Optimum thickness
  • Moisture-repellent


  • Requires regular cleaning
  • Produces bad odor with the material used



Manduka PROlite yoga mat

Manduka Prolite Yoga Mat Dresden Blue 71


  • Premium thick mat.
  • Lightweight and high performance grip.
  • Provide support and stability in yoga.

Up next on the list is the one that has been favorite for its name and the durability and trust coming with it. All who are attached to yoga in one way or the other knows that Manduka PROlite has been living up to the expectation of its many clients and the reviewers like me since AGESS!!

The product has everything on the list to be in line for the yoga mats for sweaty hands for years. The brand and product have been famous worldly because of its Best sweat repellent compressed material which makes it sturdy and slips and trip-free for AGESS!!

Another wondrous feature of the mat is being less thick and surprisingly cushiony at the same time. The densely packed technique of the material makes it even impossible to slip a single drop of sweat and water to slide into the mat.

This mat is the personal favorite of a lot of the customers because of its extra soft texture, minimal thickness, and extra soft cushiness which helps the Yogis with back and knee support reducing the risk of any injury if any happens. This makes it my personal favorite too.

Speaking of the color, designs, and patterns, there is a good list to choose from, solid or patterns. The material is eco-friendly being BIODEGRADABLE with no harsh chemicals used and is non-toxic.

Our verdict: TThe perfectly balanced thickness with the bumpy material is what makes it a good yoga companion. Yet the mat weighs a bit heavier due to the sweat-resistant layer on top, but it can be ignored with all other helpful features in line.

Size: 71 x 24 Inches
Item Weight: 4 Pounds


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Reliable
  • Strong colors for more focus
  • Traction with no-slip
  • Sweat-resistant


  • The cushiony layer of the mat makes it a bit heavier

Plyopic Ultra-Grip Pro Yoga Mat

Comfortable and Sweat Resistant


  • Delivers optimum grip in all conditions.
  • Designed for All Types of Yoga and Pilates.
  • Improve your balance and stability in any pose.

When you are in need of good traction and a quality yoga mat at an economical price I suggest you have a look at this Plyopic ultra grip pro yoga mats.  Just as the name indicates, these pro yoga mats are built to give a revolutionary grip to the performing yogi. This grip and traction are maintained by the use of quality rubber material that has ground wicking qualities.

Considering it to be of the natural rubber material, it is highly vegan in all acts. The yoga mats are equally hygienic and a healthier choice for you and your earth with no use of PVC and other harmful chemicals. Moreover, this rubber base for a yoga mat proves to provide the warrior-like grip on the floor it is placed upon.

Speaking of the comfort of this yoga mat, the 0.16 inches of thickness gives you a good comfort level with the required softness. To relate to this thickness, the width of the yoga mat is also increased from the regular traditional yoga mat. This provides a more open space for a yogi to work on win all dimensions and angles.

In addition to all of these specs, another helping feature that these yoga mats provide is the central alignment line. This line helps you balance yourself while practicing the limb extension poses and helps you skip your yoga trainer.

Our Verdict: I would surely recommend it to all those yogis who want their products to be strictly vegan and cruelty-free. With a plus point of a broader surface, the thickness may fall low for some of you. But speaking of traction, it is a good grasp at an economical price.

Size: 72.05 x 25.98 Inches
Item Weight: 0.6 Pounds


  • Lightweight
  • Rubber Material
  • Excellent Traction
  • Wider than traditional yoga mats


  • The thickness may not fall correct for the yogis with sensitive joints and any other issues

Aurorae Classic Yoga Mat

Premium Yoga Mat for Men and Woman


  • Our mats are durable, lightweight, odorless and easy to care for/wash.
  • Mats have been tested and safe no phthalates.
  • Great for pilates or aerobics and for outdoor activities.

Another star up on the list is the aurorae classic mats accompanying their success by the many good reviews by their customers who have been using it for a long time now.

These classic mats are actually classic like their name suggests with optimum length and thickness suitable for kids men and women of every age and height.  The mat has got a classic thickness of 5mm with a height of 72 inches and 24 inches wide.

As a cherry on top, the mat is giving a rising moon focal point on the top of it for giving an extra focal point for the yogis to perform their more aligned and poised poses.

For the chemical-free and nontoxic healthy yoga, these mats have been chemically tested for being free of any chemicals like phenols PAHS, latex rubber, or silicon.

These mats come with a sticky base to give a perfectly stable and trip-free grip to the surface on which the mat is laid on. This gripping quality comes with extra durability and a sweat-resistant top surface of the mat that makes it a good grab for the yogis having sweaty hands,

A good amount of cushiness is also given to the mat making it good for the children as well. For the color-loving people, these mat comes up in a bunch of bright colors to choose from.

Our verdict: What can be more good than a classic one? Well, the aurora is the one here. The classic mat has all classic good yoga mat features with an extra layer of sweat-absorbing functions best with sweaty hands and feet. I recommend this without a doubt who prefers classics over innovations.

Size: 72 x 24 Inches
Item Weight: 3.7 Pounds


  • Optimum thickness
  • Variety of design and colors
  • Sticky bottom surface


  • The top base is not much resistant to moisture just bring a bit too perforated

UMIA Yoga Mat

Yoga Mats with Yoga Mat Strap for Yogies


  • UMIA yoga mat is made of TPE material which is non-slip.
  • protect joints without compromising support or stability
  • Easy to strap with lightweight features added to this mat for easy transport and storage.

Eco-friendly, healthy, softer, more grippy, and recyclable, the UMIA yoga mat has it all that a good sweat-resistant yoga mat asks for. UMIA yoga mat is made of modernized TPE material and fulfills all the advanced criteria of a modern yoga mat. These trademarks of a yoga mat, being odorless and durable for a longer time than any other traditional yoga mat.

To provide you warrior-like traction to the ground, these yoga mats have a well-designed and well-patterned line on the base of the mat that helps the wicking of the yoga mat.  This anti-skid design is valuably good for your hands and feet under high sweat discharge and makes you feel fully wicked to the ground.

Now coming towards the dimensions, those are kept optimum just like the regular average yoga mat with fairly enough space to practice. Despite the same dimensions, the thickness of the mat is somewhat altered. UMIA yoga mats are raised to 1/4 inches of thickness to meet the levels of immense comfort and cushiness. These make this yoga mat a risk-free platform for yoga practice without any injury to bones or joints.

Moreover, in addition to all the built-in specs of this yoga mat, there are also some extra goodies that come with our sweat-resistant mat. These are the carrying bag with the holding strap for the mat. These two can make your traveling easier than ever.

Our Verdict: To all the yogis who want the perfect skidded experience with the amazing levels of the conference for your bones and joints, this is your grab of the day. I also recommend this yoga mat to the travelers yogi because it comes with the travel goodies all in the package.

Size: 62 x 17 Inches
Item Weight: 3.3 Pounds


  • Lightweight
  • Recyclable
  • Durable
  • Super Grippy
  • 1/4 inches of thickness for extra comfort


  • Not found any

Aurorae Synergy 2 in 1 Yoga Mat with Towelt

Yoga Mat with Integrated Non Slip Microfiber Towel


  • Patent Protected due to its unique design and manufacturing.
  • Experience no more slipping or bunching of your towel as you move on top of your mat.
  • The wetter this mat gets the better the grip as Towel and mat are bonded together.

As the name indicates, the next start in line is added upon by a layer of the towel to it just to give its durability and resistance against sweat and extra punch to it.

The mat gives us the optimum 6mm thickness with a 5mm regular PER patent yoga mat with a layer of 1mm thickness of a non-slip microfiber towel layer.

Yes, we are talking about the aurorae mats, sleek, lightweight, and tough on the body sweats. To amaze their clients a bit more, the company has come up with a technology in which the grip of the mat increases as the mat gets wet with sweat and moisture. This is achieved by adding a non-slip microfibre double towel layer to it.

To keep it safe and eco-friendly, the mat is made up of eco-friendly material. The material is washable dries too quickly due to the microfiber towel layer. The mat is odorless and does not produce the smell even if used for a while.

Due to the double layering of the mat, the mats need to be handled with care and prove to be shear in this way. With only this one flaw on the line, the mat with such specifications is difficult to put your hands upon with such a reasonable price tag.

The mats are safe as they have been tested for toxic chemicals like rubber, latex or phenols, etc. It is appropriate for all types of yoga.

Our verdict: I would only recommend this yoga mat to the ones who do not like rubbery material on their yoga mats. These yoga mats come with a soft towel surface that absorbs every dripping rope of your sweat and gives you a luxurious feel. But still can not be good enough for those who love the TPE material or any other natural rubbers.

Size: 72 x 24 Inches
Item Weight: 3.5 Pounds


  • Double towel layering
  • Most moisture resistant
  • Pricing complements quality


  • It may give off some bad odor after being used consecutively

Gruper Yoga Mat Non Slip

Yoga Mats for Beginners Women Men


  • Gruper yoga mat is made of non-toxic, odorless and harmless TPE material
  • Non-slip Design and Double-layer Tear Resistance.
  • keep body in proper alignment

An all-rounder for the yoga exercises with its weight, dimensions, durability, and traction, it provides to its consumers is next up in for the race of being the best yoga mats for sweaty hands.

These are the all-new, updated material base, Gruper Yoga mats manufactured specifically to beat all the sweat breaking from a yogi’s body.

The updated TPE material makes it anti-tear with the double layer non-stick technology. The mat is provided with a double layer with a strongly grasping texture on both sides on the mat to be used as a skid-free surface from either side.

This double layer not only provides skid-free movement but also serves as a source of the right amount of cushiness to the person. To set your comfort levels on your own, the manufacturers provide the duel thickness,  one with the optimum thickness of 6mm and the other with 8mm thickness for aiming at providing more than the optimal thickness.

For keeping your mat as possible, the mat comes with the easy wash off technique and does not require heavy cleaning

To make your lives much easier, the mat is accompanied by a carrying bag and a strap that makes it travel-friendly for those who do not compromise their yoga anywhere they go.

This anti-tear and scratch-free mat make the durability of your mat their number one priority and offer their clients a good range of colors in them to be the perfect match to one’s personality and choice.

Our verdict: The double-sided skid-free layer on this yoga mat will never let you down with the grip and durability. Gruper is the one who can assure you the best durability along with the traction and therefore gives your yoga mat some extra years of life with their advanced material and design.

Size: 72 x 24 Inches
Item Weight: 1.65 Pounds


  • Provides thickness range
  • Extra cushiony
  • Strongly gripped textured surface


  • The extra thickness can make it difficult to roll and handle

Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

Gurus Natural Rubber Yoga Mat


  • Traditional yoga mats made of synthetic materials.l
  • Providing you the cushion and support of a thick yoga mat.
  • 72×25-inch premium mat is perfect for on-the-go practitioners and travelers.

The next up on the line is the high premium mats known best for the best non-slip yoga experience. These mats are essentially great for the studio practicing for the heavy sweat and yoga workouts.

What makes it best is the raised textured surface of the mat designed premium for the slip-free poses with minimum effort. That mat also has a dimpled reversible surface in case if you want a change in mood.

With all of the raised textures, the mat helps you be in balance and poised in the best possible way. This making of the mat makes it ideal for the amazing traction, grip, and durability with the best comfort level provided to the performers.

The raised patterns on the mat make it a bouncy surface for the grip and cushiness from any type of injury. The optimum thickness and the wide dimensions of the mat make enough room for widespread poses and some extra stretches.

The mat is super handy and easy to roll when a yogi expects to take the yoga mat along outside the yoga-practicing studio. Its rubber gripping surface makes it easy to roll and easy to carry.

The guru’s mats are made up of sustainable rubber straight out of the local farms of the owner’s family and lands and are easy to wash and maintain without much struggle.

Our verdict: I am not a big fan of natural rubber yoga mats as they definitely produce some smell but still this one can do justice to your traction recurrent and sweat resistance. The bouncy surface gives you the slip-free station to practice  but some of us may not like it.

Size: 72×25 Inches
Item Weight: 5 Pounds


  • High traction
  • Anti-tear
  • High grip to any kind of surface


  • The mats can produce a bad rubbery smell
  • Non-eco-friendly

Heathyoga Progrip

Heathyoga ProGrip Non-Slip Yoga Mat with Alignment Lines


  • Yoga mat nonslip properties bring along an even stronger grip when you sweat.l
  • Alignment lines on the yoga mat help to keep your body in proper alignment.
  • Our Hot Yoga Mat uses SGS certified high-performing materials in the market.

Heathyoga with the upper PE layer makes your yoga journey skid-free even in the highest sweat. PE material known best for its grip technology works best with sweaty hands.

With unique material, this yoga mat is exceptionally lightweight with wider dimensions than a regular yoga mat. The much broader width of the yoga mat precedes you with ample space to work out the deep poses without a problem

To move all of you I’m your yoga experience swiftly,  there is a self-alignment system present on the yoga mat that helps you see your progress all by yourself. It is also travel-friendly as it comes with the holding strap to be your perfect yoga partner at any place and any time.

Our verdict: I recommend this yoga mat if you do not want any rubber ones. The only thing that promotes me towards this is its wide space to perform on

Size: 72×25 Inches
Item Weight: 5 Pounds


  • Lightweight
  • Self-alignment system
  • PE skid-free technology
  • Ecofriendly and odorless


  • Not found any


Sweat Resistance

The mat should be made of the latex-free material that would serve the best resistance against all types of sweats and humidity.

Dry Grip Technology

The mat should be built with the special compact particles technology which aids the proper sticking of the mat with the surface it is laid on. This technology provides the best surface to do the gripping, trip fee professional yoga postures for all the Yogis out there.

Optimum Thickening

The other factor that should be considered while buying the mat is its thickness. Only optimum thickness with the right amount of cushioning could serve justice to the action of the mat and your purchasing.


Seeing the durability of the mats before buying is considered an important factor in the product’s worth. Judging the durability of a product is never an easy task and seeking for it in a product could pull off a few extra bucks from your pockets!! So the best ideal way to see the durability is by considering the reviews for the products and their ratings.


The size of a mat matters a lot when it comes to the space, area, and surface of the place you are to be performing yoga too. The mat sizes should be considered accordingly with the person’s height and length as every person differs in it greatly.

Our closing comments for all our lovely readers

If I were at your place, the only thing I would consider in a mat would be its thickness and its layering resistance for sweat. Only this factor would help you in processing the whole yoga without using the towel after every step you perform because of all the dripping and accumulating sweat on the mat, in addition to the prior factors, the most evident in choosing the best yoga mats for sweaty hands is the material. I hope I managed to answer most of the queries asked. If some of you have some trouble in choosing the perfect mat for yourself, just let us know by posting the queries and questions below and let us make your selection easier till then HAPPY SHOPPING and HAPPY YOGA.

Meanwhile, I will also be posting the updates on this article if I come across some other good options for all of you.

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