Can you drink protein shakes while breastfeeding?

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Can you drink protein shakes while breastfeeding

Is It Safe to Drink Protein Shake While Breastfeeding?

Can you drink protein shakes while breastfeeding? This is probably one of the most commonly asked questions by postpartum moms.

To be able to answer this question we need to consider all the underlying nutritional aspects and the best health of the mother and the child.

Breastfeeding is undoubtedly one of the most significant stages for the growth and development of a strong immune system of an infant.

It is important that the mother maintain a healthy diet with all the required nutrition for her own wellness and the optimum growth of the baby.

Foods digested while breastfeeding can make their way into breast milk, hence it is crucial to strictly keep in check that the mother is not eating foods with harmful ingredients.

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Why is protein important?

Unquestionably protein is a macronutrient of great importance for any human body.

Proteins are the fundamental elements for the growth and development of any cell in the body, being involved in various metabolic interactions, the body requires a diet having sufficient protein content.

Protein is responsible for tissue and muscle repairing, proving to be a massive aid for the postpartum women who wish to lose the extra fat gained during pregnancy and build muscle.

Protein intake and breastfeeding

It is recommended by most doctors to mothers who are breastfeeding to increase their protein consumption to take into account lactation and to be able to provide sufficient protein to the child.

To be exact the World Health Organization(WHO) recommends up to 17 grams of extra protein intake daily for nursing mothers.

Higher protein consumption during nursing has been linked to increased milk volume produced by the mother during nursing.

In the case of breastfeeding the quality and source of the protein matters a lot in terms of the overall nutrition and quality of breast milk.

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What is a protein shake?

Protein shakes or protein powders contain isolated proteins from plants and animal sources, most natural protein sources contain fats and excess calories which can make postpartum females gain even more weight and become obese. Whereas, protein powders provide a clean concentrated alternative for incorporating extra protein into your diet without consuming too many calories. The convenience of protein shakes makes them an excellent dietary choice for any postpartum mother. Already dealing with so much burnout most mothers often get frustrated and fail to consistently follow a dietary routine. With the use of protein shakes this is not a problem as you get pure concentrated protein without any work at all. Protein shakes can be prepared in under 2 minutes and with all the flavour variations it would prove to be very much of a treat for you. Protein powders are now commonly used by people more than ever before and can truly benefit anyone if taken in moderation.

Is it safe to take protein powder while breastfeeding?

It is absolutely safe to consume protein shakes while breastfeeding and it won’t have any harmful effects on the health of your child keeping in view certain factors which we’ll be discussing later in this article.

The excess consumption of protein recommended for the breastfeeding moms can be provided very efficiently by protein shakes. When it comes to nursing, including a protein powder in your diet can truly be beneficial for you and your child’s health.

Protein is a crucial nutrient which supports lactation in nursing mothers and the adequate use of a high-quality protein shake ensures increased milk production and healthier lactation.

Most women tend to gain weight and visceral fat after pregnancy, and it can be really hard to lose that excess weight when they are made to increase their protein consumption through natural foods. As discussed above protein shake for pregnant women can aid in losing weight while also helping to increase muscle mass. With protein shakes you get much lesser calories than what you get from average recommended plant and animal protein sources.

With a healthy diet and moderate exercise women going through postpartum depression can bounce back to normal life and once again be able to live it fully without getting mental stress get in their way.

Note that it is of the utmost importance that you consult a medical professional before making a dietary change.

Having said that, not all protein shakes are the same and with so many brands available it can be hard to decide which one is the best for you. Some protein powders contain harmful ingredients which you must avoid for the sake of you and your child’s health.

Things to consider before buying a protein shake:

These are some of the common factors we need to take into account when looking for the best protein powders for pregnancy trying to answer the question, can you drink protein shakes while breastfeeding?

Protein source:

There are many kinds of breastfeeding protein shakes available in the market being originated from different sources. Firstly, make sure that the protein powder you wish to buy does not contain allergens as many protein shakes contain whey protein which is a dairy protein and can cause inflammation in someone with a dairy allergy.

Not just that your child can also be unknowingly allergic to dairy, soy, and nuts etc so it is best to avoid products which contain common allergens.


Artificial sweeteners and flavours:

This is another red flag to look out for as many protein shakes contain artificial flavouring and sweeteners that are synthetically manufactured and can be harmful to the human body.

Also, look out for genetically modified organisms (GMO) in the ingredients as they are unnatural genetically altered materials which can have catastrophic effects on the health of your child.
Keeping in view the delicacy of the situation it is recommended you go for the protein powder with all-natural and lesser ingredients.

Look for approved and tested products:

Currently, there are many cheaper protein shakes available in the market which are not well tested and not approved by the highest authorities.

Such products cannot be trusted and make sure you choose a protein powder for pregnant women which has been tested and has no harmful side effects. You can also check user reviews on websites to confirm the credibility of any protein powder.

Flavours and nutritional composition:

As we do not recommend choosing artificial flavours, but there are many protein shakes for breastfeeding which have organic flavours that are totally fine to consume and can indeed provide a good taste to your breastfeeding shakes.

Also, make sure to check the nutritional composition of the protein powder before buying as there are many products in the market that do not provide sufficient protein in a single scoop.

The best protein powders for pregnancy have more than 18 grams of protein in a single serving for the best results and cost-effectiveness.

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Becoming a mother is a beautiful yet exhausting experience which will push you past your limits, and with all the additional worries you are required to look out for your own health and nutrition which can be quite hard to manage and navigate through.

Making small changes and adapting to the new routine can help you a lot to get through the postpartum period.

Thanks to options like a protein shake you don’t have to worry about reaching your dietary goals.

So the next time you are wondering, can you drink protein shakes while breastfeeding? Just know that breastfeeding shakes are safe to consume while breastfeeding and can be quite beneficial for the growth and development of your child, and enhance the immune system of the baby thus making him/her less likely of getting sick in the formative years.

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