How To Clean Lululemon Yoga Mat?

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How To Clean Lululemon Yoga Mat?

For all the yogis out there who are looking for how to clean Lululemon yoga mat. This article has answers to all their questions. The benefits of yoga are undeniable and so are the advantages of a yoga mat. Yoga mats are one of the most used tools in an exercise or workout session. A survey from April 2020 shows that yoga mats are ranked number four as one of the fastest-growing home-based items globally.

Lululemon yoga mats are made with Polyurethane as the top layer, which absorbs moisture to give you a perfect grip and balance. The rubber base of these lulu mats gives it a comfortable and soft texture. Moreover, an antimicrobial additive is incurred to prevent the development of mold and mildew on the mat.

Lululemon yoga mats are best for people with health issues like sore muscles and excessive sweating. These yoga mats are carefully designed to prevent accidents during exercises. Their not too soft and not too hard surface provides a comfortable space to practice your yoga sessions at ease.

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Why Cleaning a Yoga Mat is Necessary?

Cleaning your yoga mat is extremely important as your skin comes in direct contact with it. Lululemon yoga mats are specially meant to be used for hot yoga. Hot yoga sessions make the yoga mat covered with sweat and oil from the body. This is why Lululemon yoga mats are likely to become stinky and full of bacteria very soon.

If not clean properly, these mats are the perfect place for bacteria, mold, and germs to grow. These bacteria can affect your health by spreading diseases like skin infection, and respiratory problems, etc. Cleaning Lulu mats on a regular basis eliminates the risk of these infections and other harmful germs.

Cleaning your yoga mat not only keeps it away from bacteria and bad odor but also keeps it fresh and sanitized. It also prevents unwanted microorganisms that you wouldn’t want to inhale while doing breathing exercises. Cleaning your lululemon yoga mat over regular intervals also helps in discarding the rubber smell from it.

How Often You Should Clean Your Yoga Mat?

Cleaning your yoga mat should be a regular habit to keep your hygiene in-tact. An unclean yoga mat sucks in your positive energy and leaves you with frustration and germs all over. Just like you don’t use a towel without washing it frequently, yoga mats need cleaning too.

The frequency of washing a yoga mat depends on its usage. But for general use, you may clean your yoga mat once a week. When for regular usage, It is ideal to clean your yoga mat before and after every yoga and workout session. However, cleaning it only after the yoga session is also acceptable.

Not cleaning your yoga mat after doing yoga means that you have allowed the germs to develop on it until the next day or the next session. This is among one of the main reasons why you should clean your yoga mat right after every yoga practice.

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Ways To Clean Your Yoga Mat:

Each brand is unique and so are their yoga mats. Companies have different variants to manufacture their yoga mats which defines their cleaning process as well. Understanding these requirements of your yoga mat is crucial in order to sustain their quality for a longer time. Here we have different methods with a step-by-step process for you to clean your lululemon yoga mat at home with ease.

1. DIY Yoga Mat Spray:

Ingredients You’ll need:

  • Baking Soda 1 tsp
  • Lemon juice 3 tbsp
  • Water 1 cup or 240ml


To make this DIY yoga mat spray, take out the baking soda and lemon juice in a bowl. Mix them both and you’ll see bubbles in the mixture as baking soda and lemon juice have acidic nature that reacts together. Now add water to it and mix it well with baking soda and lemon juice. Make sure that you follow the steps as prescribed to make the cleaning solution work right.

Now that your DIY cleaning spray is ready to use, dip a cloth in the mixture and wipe your yoga mat with it and rub the mat slightly. Let it stay for a minute or two and then wipe it off with a dampened cloth.

Baking soda has a strong antibacterial nature and it prevents your yoga mat from developing mold, germs, and fungus over time. Lemon also fights against bacteria and germs and makes your yoga mat smell fresh and lemony. You can add a few drops of lemon oil as well to make your yoga mat smell even more fresh and clean.

This DIY recipe is a simple one-step recipe that’ll take you no time and gives promising results.

2. Cleaning with Natural Essential Oils:

Ingredients You’ll need:

  • Vinegar/Witch Hazel 1/4 Cup
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil 30 drops
  • Lavender/Mint Oil 40 drops
  • Distilled/Purified Water as required


In order to make this cleaner, you need to add all the ingredients in the spray bottle. Add the lavender or mint oil according to your preference to give your mat a refreshing smell. Lastly, give it all a good shake and now you are good to go with your very own made yoga mat cleaner. Spray this cleaner on your yoga mat while being careful that it does not get on the floor to make it greasy. Softly rub the mat and wipe it off using a dampened cloth.

Tea tree oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties that fight germs and harmful bacteria. Vinegar and witch hazel, both fights as antibacterial agents and leaves your mat clean and tidy by eliminating the bad odor and absorbed sweat. Lavender oil is known for its refreshing smell which keeps your yoga mat smell floral.

3. Ready-made Cleaners:

Read-made cleaners are an easy and instant option to go for. These cleaners are specially made for people who don’t have time to make a cleaning solution at home. There are many cleaners available in the market with unique specialties. This gives you a variety to choose from according to the requirement of your yoga mat. Ready-made cleaners are easily available in local and online stores.

These ready-made cleaners are made with chemical formulae without causing harm to the human body as per the government guidelines. They deeply cleanse and discard all the unwanted micro-products from your yoga mat. These cleaners tend to extend the yoga mat’s life by sanitizing them. Make sure that you are checking the ingredients of the cleaner before purchasing one for your lulu yoga mat.

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Precautions While Cleaning a Yoga Mat:

  • Avoid using conditioners and use Castile soaps to clean your Lulu mat.
  • People with latex allergies should avoid using a Lululemon Yoga mat as they are made out of latex as an ingredient.
  • The UV rays of the sun can affect the lifespan of a yoga mat. So, don’t dry your yoga mat directly in the sun.
  • Too much force on the yoga mat can ruin its soft texture. Rub and scrub gently while washing your lulu mat.
  • Don’t use cleaners that have strong bleaching properties as they will result in fading the color and quality of your yoga mat.
  • Avoid using scrubbers and harsh brushes and tools to clean your yoga mat.


Cleaning your yoga mat not only keeps it away from bacteria and bad odor but also keeps it fresh and sanitized. It also prevents unwanted microorganisms that you wouldn’t want to inhale while doing breathing exercises. Cleaning your lululemon yoga mat over regular intervals also helps in discarding the rubber smell from it. That is why you must learn how to clean Lululemon yoga mat. We hope this article has answered all your questions.

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