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BUYING GUIDESBest Gym Bag That Holds Yoga Mat

Best Gym Bag That Holds Yoga Mat

Gym Bag That Holds Yoga Mat

Taking your yoga mat to the gym or exercise class can never be easy as we all know that they usually tend to be tacky and heavier to carry along. Especially if you are going with all the yoga accessories you will need, that can be tricky to tackle. Moreover, most gym bags do not have enough separate compartments that can hold onto different items. So to sort you guys in a more ordered way, we present you with the suggestion for the best gym bag that holds yoga mat.
A gym bag that holds your yoga mat comes with all the accessories in self-designed compartments to ease your yoga drill. Some bags do have some extra space for fitting into the toiletries and other items like shoes or clothes. Such gym bags can be a blessing to all the yogis’ travelers and hikers who love to practice in open nature rather than any gym hall or house. From sling to duffle and tote to complete bag we have everything for you in the list of gym bag that holds yoga mat.
So let’s get started.

Our Picks for You

• ELENTURE Yoga Mat Bag
• Gaiam Full-Zip Cargo Pocket Yoga Mat Bags
• AURORAE Yoga Mat Carrier Cross-Body Sling Back Pack.
• Gaiam On-The-Go Yoga Mat Carrier
• Yogiii Large Yoga Mat Tote Sling Carrier with Side Pocket
• YogaAddict Yoga Mat Tote Bag “Supreme”
• LUCKAYA Yoga Mat Tote Bag/Backpack
• Mookis Yoga Mat Bag



Yoga Carry Bag with Pockets and Adjustable Strap


  • 100% High Quality Canvas and Fabric.
  • Pockets are Perfect for Yoga Belt, Keys, Cell Phone and Other Essentials.
  • Bag fits a standard yoga or exercise mat up to 26″ wide and 6″ in diameter when rolled up

A full zipper storage gym bag for a yoga mat, ELENTURE yoga mats are perfect for a convenient-sized rolled-up yoga mat. A full zipper of 26 inches in length holds up to a good-sized rolled yoga mat without exposing it.

The material here is the basic canvas paired up with the fabric. Canvas material for the gym bag is the best breathable material you can wish for

Some extra storage for keeping your yoga essential is given by some extra compartments. These can be equally good for keeping your toiletries, towel, keys, or cell phone.

It’s a single strap gym bag that holds a yoga mat in a grasping way. The strap is adjustable can be fixed according to the comfort you want.

To make your gym bag stand out, these yoga gym bags come in 32 vibrantly eye-catching colors to choose from. You can set your mood with them. From basic plain colors from dark printed ethnic design is a perfect combo together giving comfort.

Our Verdict: For the yogis who want their yoga mats entirely safe and covered with an easy carrier holding, this can be their perfect match. Plus the ethnic designs and colors are a whole mood differently.

Size: 26″L x 6.5″ Diameter
Item Weight: 1 Pounds


  • Optimum sized for the average yoga mat
  • Canvas material
  • Durable
  • Easy single adjustable strap


  • It will not be appropriate for the yoga mats bigger than the average size

Gaiam Yoga Mat Bag

Adjustable Strap with Front & Back Pockets


  • Fashionable and functional, 100% cotton yoga mat bag.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap for customized bag length.
  • Expandable, roomy front pocket secures essentials.

Gaiam yet comes with another full zipper cargo yoga mat bag that fully conceals your yoga mat from the outside touch. Yoga mats with a length of 30 inches are no problem for this Gaiam product.
Build with 100% cotton material and the defined stitching makes it go a long way despite using it for a much heavier yoga mat. The fact that we love the most regarding this type of sing mat carrier is its additional outside zipper compartment. You may find it easier this way to store your essentials like keys and phones.

The yoga mat compartment fits in the mat with the best security and grip. Like all other sling bags, it also has the same single adjustable strap that can change to your requirements any time you want.

This Gaiam product comes in 3 different colors with different designs on it.

Our Verdict: Our favorite from the list is the Gaiam full zipper cargo bag. It’s a basic sling bag that does not makes your carrying easier but the full zipper is the best protective cover for your yoga mats. I prefer the sling bag over the carrier straps ones due to the not so protective coverage and plus you have an additional pocket for the storage of your essentials. To secure your yoga mat completely, the Gaiam zipper cargo bag is essentially great. Easy to handle, you just toss your mat in it and you are ready to go. Keeps your yoga mat sturdy and straight without damaging it.

Size: 30″L x 6″ Diameter
Item Weight: 0.50 Kilograms


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • One strap sling bag
  • One outside zipper compartment for storage


  • Do not have the space o fit in any other yoga essentials other than a yoga mat

AURORAE Yoga Mat Carrier Bag

Multi Purpose Cross-Body Sling Back Pack


  • Wide, Easy Adjustable, Double Reinforced, shoulder strap with Lock Buckle and Built-in cell phone pocket comfortably fits over your Right shoulder.
  • Small front zippered pocket.
  • Aurorae 2 Year guarantee.

A perfect gym bag that holds yoga mat with a specialized external mat lock system. Aurorae Full zip yoga mat bags are too good for any yogi who travels a lot. The bag itself is a complete package for perfect storage with multiple zipper compartments.

For those who travel a lot and want their yoga professionals along, these bags not only lock your yoga mat to the side but hold almost every essential to its place. It’s a sling bag, one of its kind with a single adjustable strap on the bag. This can be worn in cross-back style or can be simple hand-carried.

The lock system of this gym bag is however limiting for the yoga mat above 6.5 inches of thickness when rolled. The indefinite storage space makes it travel-friendly and spacious in every regard.

The gym bag comes in 6 different colors to choose your style from and is highly durable. To conquer the client’s satisfaction over the product, the gym bag comes with a 2-year warranty in line.

Our Verdict: Aurorae cross body sling bag is a perfect purchase for travelers and tourists on the go. It is a good grasp for the ones who need more complimenting storage alongside their yoga mat.

Size: 14.3 x 9.4 x 1.9 inches
Item Weight: 1.15 Pounds


  • Durable
  • Spacious
  • Large storage compartments
  • Sling bag style
  • 2 years of warranty


  • It cannot secure your yoga mat like the ones with internal storage gym bags

Gaiam On-The-Go Yoga Mat Carrier

Carry nearly any size yoga mat


  • Streamlined, thoughtful design fit to carry nearly any size yoga mat.
  • Quick-release magnetic snaps make access and storage quick and easy.
  • nternal strap that secures your mat.

As the name indicates, this product by Gaiam is the mere yoga mat carrier and does not hold much to any other thing. It is a carrier with support accompanied by a tightening strap.

The support with the tightening strap aids the holding of any yoga mat no matter what the size is. As it holds from the center, the sides of the carrier are open not limiting the storage of a yoga mat due to its size.

The magnetic straps ensure the safety and grip of your yoga mat in just a quick snap. For some extra little storage space for your keys and smartphones, there is a little zipper compartment outside the supporting platform.

Similarly like all other gym bags, the handling strap with this carrier is also nylon adjustable shoulder straps. This carrier comes in 2 basic colors only and does not have any printed designs on it.

Our verdict: Any yogi who is in a hurry to get out and go position can simply invest in a yoga mat carrier like this. It is simple and hassle-free when comes to adding your heavy yoga mats.

Size: 9 x 1 x 16 inches
Item Weight: 0.23 Kilograms


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable outer and inner supportive straps
  • A small zipper compartment on the outside
  • Does not limits the storage of the mat due to its size


  • This carrier is not evident foray storage another than yoga mat hence cannot work multifunctional like other bags do present in the list.

Yogiii Large Yoga Mat Bag

Large Yoga Mat Tote Sling Carrier with Side Pocket


  • This Bag will Allow Nearly ALL of your Yoga Gear to Fit Comfortably Inside.
  • It Fits ALL Yoga Mat Sizes, Two Yoga Blocks, Two Yoga Mats, Yoga Towel, Water Bottle, Change of Clothes And More.
  • Perfectly Seamed and Stitched Inside and Out with a Single Layer of Durable 8oz Cotton Canvas, Which Makes it Extremely Light Weight and Easy to Handle.

Yet another Grab and Go tote in the line of gym bags is the Yogiii Tote sling carrier. Made with lightweight and durable 8oz of canvas fabric. The stitch here is clear from the inside the outer providing a full piece of strength and protection.

This gym bag or a yoga mat carrier serves to be huge on the go storage for any yoga mat less than 28 inches in length when rolled. In addition to your yoga mat, it is highly spacious to fit in all the yoga accessories including towels, blocks, workout gadgets, and even water bottles.

Being the basic and original form of a tote sling bag, it lacks any zipper but has a small compartment on the outside of the bag. It can be useful for keeping your trivial but important things like keys, phone, and money, etc. A single strap over the shoulder bag is a good support to your essentials but does not have an edge to be adjusted.

This large carrier can work multifunctional to different events and needs. It comes in many beautiful colors and designs from plain to ethnic and patterns.

Our Verdict: To someone who is looking for an extraordinarily large space of storage, this can be a savior. In addition to just being used as a gym bag, this can be also good for the yogis with the little ones and the ones who carry much load with them for studio practices.

Size: 29 x 9 x 12 inches
Item Weight: 0.64 Pounds


  • Canvas material
  • Single strap tote bag
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Have 1 large and 1 small compartment


  • The size of this carrier gym bag can be disturbing and difficult to handle for some of us

YogaAddict Yoga Mat Tote Bag

Fit Most Mat Size


  • Easy to use and easy to carry around
  • Different compartments for different purpose to get organize.
  • Durable material which is build to last. High quality full zippered closer to easily insert and pull out your mat.

A full zipper bag that gives an easy fit to your yoga mat all rolled up in a lengthy compartment. YogaAddict tote bag is full of surprises when it comes to storage space ad compartments. It seems narrow and slim but has almost every inch of its cover to maximize the storage capacity.

Made with the durable material to last long, this gym bag holds everything.it has 2 outer side compartments suitable for your yoga locks or any other essential of that size. The central longer compartment is essentially made to hold your water bottles. For the things like keys and cell phones, there is a zippered compartment on the inside of the bag.

Unlike all other tote bags, it comes with a modification and does not have any shoulder strap for carrying it. This leaves us with the only option to hold it in and by the straps provided.

Our Verdict: A more organized form of a gym bag whose every inch serves the cause of storage is a big yes from our side. Being organized is always better and easier to work with.

Size: 47.2 x 70.91 x 106.3 inches
Item Weight: 0.9 Pounds


  • Lightweight
  • May compartments
  • Fits up to 30 inches of yoga mat
  • Made with finest and lightweight durable material


  • Not found

LUCKAYA Yoga Mat Tote Bag

Carry Your Mat of Any Size


  • Lots of storage and pockets
  • Two ways of carrying – it is not only functional as an office tote, but also converts into a backpack.
  • The Carryall Tote bag is made of lightweight but strong material. Non-fraying stitching, and strong zippers.

LUCKAYA convertible yoga mat carrier can be a tote as well as a complete backpack whenever you need so. Made with 100% durable and sturdy material, these gym bags can be a tough one to get rid of.

This yoga mat carrier comes with two adjustable straps, one that works for carrying the yoga mat and the other for the backpack itself. Both are adjustable in a significant way.

As far as the storage is concerned, there is a single large zipper compartment in the center of the bag. To support the other workout and yoga utilities, there are 2 open compartments o the sides of the gym bag.

Being highly spacious and convertible this gym bag can be a go-to office tote or a gym bag all at the same time. It comes in a simple design with a plain solid color.

Our Verdict: For the yogis who want to resume their yoga and workout along their way back from the office can take this gym bag as their best purchase. This can fit into your office essentials, your school utilities, and don’t forget your yoga mat.

Size: 16”x14”x7” inches
Item Weight:  1.39 Pounds


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Extra adjustable straps
  • Exterior yoga strap holders
  • Convertible from tote to a bag pack


  • Does not have many colors and patterns to choose from

Mookis Yoga Mat Bag

With Large Size Pocket and Zipper Pocket


  • Beautiful and High-quality
  • Larger than other bags:
  • Adjustable shoulder strap & fixed strap.

Beautiful and versatile, the Mookis yoga mat bag has all that a gym mat carrier needs to have. Not forgetting the immense storage space it has got all covered. This gym bag being the one strap sling bag has the zipless opening for adjusting yoga mats on any length.

Inside the bag, there is an adjustable strap that holds your yoga mat upright without it moving here and there. With this internal strap, the gym bag also comes with an adjustable shoulder bag. Both of these can be adjusted right according to your needs.

For the little essential things, there is an internal zipped compartment. For stuff like bottles and towels, there is an outer completely secure storage pocket that fits in your stuff very easily.

The gym bag is a floral printed design with multicolors and does not provide its users with any other patterns and colors.

Our Verdict: It is a large-sized floral printed upright sling bag that can make you fit it, ay kid of yoga mat and accessories, without considering their length. Therefore we consider this gym bag as a good yoga mat carrier for oversized mats prominently.

Size: 19.5″ x 13.5″ inches
Item Weight:  1.39 Pounds


  • Large-sized
  • Spacious
  • 2 adjustable straps
  • Sling style gym bag
  • Lightweight canvas material


  • Should have more zipper compartments for storage of small accessories

Buying Guide for buying a Perfect Gym bag

Material :

To us and many other buyers, the material of the product has been always important. The material of a product can tell you actually the price value, its strength, durability, and support. As far as a gym bag is concerned, it’s all about strength support and durability. As a gym bag comes in different styles and shapes, the material can be a bit different to suit the style. A gym bag is of canvas material mostly due to its sturdiness. Other most used materials for the gym nags are polyester or nylon fabricated gym bags.


The amount of quality of a product tells you how far a product would go. You can never be sure with this one actually as most of the products have different overseas manufacturing hubs and the quality down there may vary greatly. Some of the cheapest purchases last year while some high-end products end up ripping up soon after you bought them.


This attribute of a gym bag is all upon your needs. The more the better!! A gym bag can have a variety of compartments in numerous sizes. There can be small compartments for keys, mobile, money and the bigger ones for towels, cloth, yoga accessories and much more.


Many manufacturers in the market provide their clients with a warranty from 6 months to a year or 2. Our personal thoughts about this attribute are that the products with the longer warranty periods are most of the time high end than the ones with lesser warranty.

Style :

The gym bag comes in mainly 3 basic styles. Every style has its own comfort, carrying compartments, and a different kind of carrying strap. The best part is, what the style maybe it always comes with the mat carrying strap.

Duffle: this type of gym bag is the most typical of all and carries your yoga mat inside it instead of any outwards holding strap. It comes with shoulder straps and is easy to carry around.
Backpack: imitating the typical backpack but with one strap only, this gym bag can carry the whole universe of yoga in it. This also works as a sling bag but has more defined compartments in it. You can either put the strap across your shoulder or carry it with the handle on top.
• Tote: Another popular gym bag these days is the Tote-style one. You can throw in your yoga mat and you are ready to go in fashion. Some tote bags also do have an outer holding strap for yoga mats.

Our Finals Words

With all our detailed ad reviewed opinions, we thought to help you to our fullest to find the perfect gym bag that holds yoga mat for you. In addition to the yoga mat handling, a gym bag can help you manage much more of your workout and basic daily life necessities while on the go. For those who want to keep it trendy, we have listed the perfectly patterned and vibrant tote gym bags to suit their style. Similarly, there are backpacks lined up for those who want it to be a bit more manageable. Moreover, the duffel-styled ones are the best for the sporty and casual carriers. We have worked out the best for everyone in need. We wish to see our research help all of you to find the perfect gym bag with no more struggles. All of the products reviewed are merely on the basis of customers’ reviews and ratings.
We wish to guide you all our yogis around there the globe in every choice you want to make.
Until the next time, Happy Yoga 🙂

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