Top 9 Best Yoga Gloves for Sweaty Hands

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Yoga Gloves for Sweaty Hands

Yoga Gloves for Sweaty Hands

Yoga is becoming more and more important these days and rightly so. It is a complete guide of attaining the best mind and body health and balance. I achieving all of the health and mind benefits, there is a need of some yoga accessories. For instance, the most one to have is a yoga mat but the security of the performance does not stop here. To perform those complex and humanly possible postures, the security of the joints should not be risked. Too support and protect such fragile joints, we have specialized list of best yoga gloves for sweaty hands. In addition to protection, these yoga gloves give you the immense grip with all the sweat you give off during practicing. So let us guide you to all the way to the yoga gloves.
Yoga gloves are just not mere a pair of regular mittens. These are the specialized gloves made with the comfortable, light weight and breathable material. The material and design of yoga gloves varies with the demand of the customer. Some of the gloves and full covering while some only secure the wrist and palm area. Similarly some are only supportive to the wrist and the fingers altogether. Likewise the texture also varies to aid different cause of protection and support.
So without further waiting, let us dive into the individual reviews of the yoga gloves for sweaty hands that a present day market has to offer.

Table of Contents


PULLUP & DIP Neoprene Grip Pads

Gaiam Yoga Gloves

Hopedas Workout Gloves

Top 9 Yoga Gloves

  • PULLUP & DIP Neoprene Grip Pads
  • Gaiam Yoga Gloves
  • Hopedas Workout Palm Support Protection for Men Women
  • YogaPaws Elite Padded Non Slip Yoga Gloves and Yoga Socks
  • Prosource Fit Grippy Yoga Gloves
  • HaveDream Non Slip Yoga gloves for Women
  • Wrist Assured Gloves Pro Style-Gel Padded Gloves
  • Anser 7150282 Woman Short Fingerless Gloves
  • Love pro Cotton+Acrylic Half-Finger Yoga Gloves

1. PULLUP & DIP Neoprene Grip Pads

A perfect alternative to the unhygienic and smelly yoga gloves, these Neoprene Pull-ups grip pads are savage. These pull-ups pad free a yogi from the full design gloves and gives you a modified version of fingerless design yoga gloves.

These ergonomically shaped grip pads relieve your hands from stress and protect against the calluses, skin crack, and cornea formation. In other words, protecting your hands and skin like never before.

The improved and high-tech neoprene material makes a huge difference in increasing the number of poses and time of practice. The material counteracts the sweaty hands and proves to be helpful in all kinds of workouts, yoga, and weight lifting.

These yoga gloves come in one standard size that fits every man and woman with ease. It also has 4 rings for the fingers and keeping the thumb freely moving for better grip and movement.

Our Verdict: Our verdict for this pair of yoga gloves is all positive. It serves to be a multi-purpose slip-free pad that makes it a good exercise and all kinds of workout. But with a good palm grip, it risks the support to the wrist that is the only point to worry about.



2. Gaiam Yoga Gloves

Gaiam yoga products have been always a go-to without a doubt. Likewise, Gaiam yoga gloves are ideally best for sweaty hands. This pair of gloves comes in one basic size that fits almost everyone. These are the pull-ups types of yoga gloves.

Like its yoga mats, Gaiam gloves also promise a sweat-proof experience for the gloves also. These yoga gloves are made up of cotton and hence promises the best grip for sweaty hands. The cotton grip is paired up with the natural rubber for the easy pit on.

Gaiam yoga gloves come in 3 basic colors and can have different designs on them. The perfect grip with a fingerless design gives the centered grip to the palm than to the rest of the hand. They also cover your wrist but do not give strong support to it.

Our Verdict: We would personally not recommend these yoga gloves to the yogis with wrist pains and any other issues. As it is made up of cotton and merely gives holding support to the wrist. Still, it can be a good option for beginners as they do not perform such extensive poses as professionals.



3. Hopedas Workout Gloves

Excellently breathing, comfortable, sweat-resistant, and supporting, Hopedas palm yoga gloves are more than what you admire. Made with the silicon central stamping with the microfibre mesh outside, these yoga gloves promise the best grip and support to the performers.

Along with the best quality breathable material, there is also a vent at the back of the glove making it super airy. The material also makes it a pair of lightweight and bouncy yoga gloves can that be pulled up easily even for the whole day.

The silicon hot stamping not only supplies the ultimate warrior like grip but also works as a friction stabilizer so that your hands do not wear out. Central silicon stamping also makes it durable and long-lasting even in case of rigorous usage.

These gloves have the hook and loop closure type, by this, we mean that it gives you good wrist support. The mushy part of the gloves makes up the wrist support and also works as a sweat absorbent.

These yoga gloves come in 4 different sizes to choose from and are highly suitable for all types of workouts, exercises, and yoga in addition to all the amazing factors, the manufacturers provide you with the pull tabs on the finger to ease the pull of the gloves.

Our Verdict: We totally recommend this pair of gloves without a second thought. These are efficient, lightweight, grippy, and sweatproof for all types of exercises and workouts.



4. YogaPaws Elite Padded Non Slip Yoga Gloves and Yoga Socks

The best set of yoga gloves that fulfill the need of using any yoga mat. YogaPaws elite padded set is all set to provide your hands and feet the true warrior grip while being sweat proof. The cotton terry cloth being true to its nature makes this set sweat-wicking and cooling for the yogis.

To ensure comfort with the grip providence, there is some extra padding done in the palm area of the hand. To fit into these, there are 4 general sizes it available from men to women of every size. The company also offers different colors of this yoga gloves set.

A strongly gripping Velcro strap is there to make your hands and feet at the breeze.

These are portable, compact. Lightweight and premium constructed with cotton and natural rubbery mesh for a better fit.

Our Verdict: YogaPaws glove set is a good purchase for the one who wants to practice on the bare floor leaving behind the bulky yoga mats.



5. Prosource Fit Yoga Gloves

Balance and support is the tag line for the Prosource Fit yoga gloves. The powerful blend of cotton for the grip with elastin and nylon for the stretch makes these gloves worthy of their tag line.

The balance is made stronger by the use of special rubber dot technology in the several balance point areas of the hands. These are the easy pull-on type of gloves with a fingerless design. The rubber dot technology along with the fingerless designs makes it a free movement for yogi will in strong traction with the ground. This technology thus makes this pair of yoga gloves makes them good for yoga gloves for sweaty hands.

These gloves are all the way to your wrist but do not provide a good amount of support to it. As the yoga glove pair comes in one standard size, the thing that could make a difference for men and women can be its color.

Our Verdict: Prosource yoga gloves are super grippy for the sweaty hands as far as the palm region is discussed. Due to its loose wrist covering, it may not support well to the weaker or painful wrist, and neither can they save it from any injuries.



6. HaveDream Non Slip Yoga gloves for Women

The HaveDream Nonslip Yoga gloves feature the best traction of the fingers to the ground by giving the exposing fingerless design. This design gives the promised traction and balance to the user by a workable mixture of 85% cotton and 15% spandex material.

Giving such a grippy combo, there is still the addition of the silicon grips to get the hand full of traction and balance. Another trait that makes these gloves good yoga gloves is their sweat absorbent feature. The material used takes care of all the sweat absorption without making it fall.

However, with all the above features, these yoga gloves are accordingly breathable and are equally good for different workouts and yoga.

Our Verdict: HaveDream non slip yoga gloves are a good grasp for sweaty hands. With excellent traction and padding for support, they come in many vibrant colours to choose from but may also a misfit for every hand.



7. Wrist Assured Gloves Pro Style-Gel Padded Gloves

If you are suffering any hindrance from practicing yoga due to any pain in the wrist, the wrist assured gloves can be your favorites. These yoga gloves come in 4 sizes to choose from and are remarkably great with the grip and traction.

The gel liner laid inside the gloves makes it more protective and supportive against any wrist pains and arthritis. Gel liner also boasts up comfort and sweat absorption under high sweat breakouts.

As the name indicates, these are the most supportive gloves to the wrist area especially. The wrist strap makes the gloves fit more properly and can be adjusted as well.

WAG padded gloves are easy pull-ups with separate life and right-hand orientations.

Our Verdict: These gel padded gloves are amazingly supportive to the wrist and work well as yoga gloves.



8. Anser Woman Lycra Fingerless Gloves

With the charismatic and unique design in the wrist area, Anser fingerless gloves are confidently on the list of the best yoga gloves for sweaty hands. This fingerless design portrays the immense comfort to the finger movement while in contact with the ground.

There is also a ventilating cut out at the back of the gloves. The absorbent materials that make these gloves sweatproof are lycra, microfiber, and mesh. A mixture of such assembling material wicks out all the sweat also giving it a smooth touch.

The zipper design is ideally good and gripping for the hand as well as the wrist. Moreover, the zipper design makes it adjustable in every possible way.

Our Verdict: Zipper design of the yoga gloves is ideally good for the best adjustable wrist support and grip. It also fits on your hand like a second skin.



9. Love pro Cotton+Acrylic Half-Finger Yoga Gloves

Perfect for yoga, Pilates, and other workouts, Love pro yoga gloves can be your good sports companion.  Made with cotton and acrylic to give the best in regards to grip and support. Love pro gloves are of fingerless design giving complete freedom to your finger movement.

Special nonslip design will increase the balance and stability for the ultimate yoga experience. The unique rubber point’s technology is seen in these pairs of gloves. These dots points are the stability givers to the hand.

The cotton and acrylic material fused together helps the sweat absorption and also avoids slippage. Love pro yoga gloves come in 4 different colors and are unisex.

There is only one standard size for both men and women.

Our Verdict: Love pro half finger gloves are easy pull-up gloves that support your hands but do not provides strong support to the wrist. So we do no recommend those who want the yoga gloves with the grasping wrist support.



Our Buying Guide for Buying Yoga Gloves

A buying guide always works helpful in making the buying decisions more easy and effective. Every person has their own choices and likeliness to the product he buys. For an effective purchase, one should clearly know all that he requires from a product. Talking of yoga gloves, these also have the defining features to themselves that help a yogi to buy them. Some of the prominent buying features for yoga gloves are discussed as follows:

Nature of Material:

Above all material has always been the topmost feature of any buying guide of a product. With the yoga gloves being the product, the material is the one that matters a lot. For any yoga glove, the material should be lightweight and breathable so it does not hinder your activity. A good quality material also accounts for your protection, security, and coverage.
As far as yoga gloves are concerned, the material is basically the cotton or the polyester mixture. Due to a lot of sweat break during yoga or any other workouts, a yogi also wants its yoga gloves to be absorbent at the same time. Another function that has to be done by your yoga gloves is grip management for a slip-free, balanced experience. With the wide variety of options in the market, you can surely choose the best one for yourself.


The grip of yoga glove can save you from any slip or trip incidents during a workout despite having a non-slip yoga mat. Almost every yoga glove proves you the ultimate grip so you can have a command on your poses and workouts. Some yoga gloves might have the grip providing material yet others may have a special addition to their manufacturing design.

Thinking of such grip, these yoga gloves can also be your go-to work out partners when you don’t want to use a yoga mat itself. These gloves provide you a gluing grip to the ground without using a specific surface or a yoga mat. So to get rid off of all these possibilities of getting into any risk of injury or a slip, choose a good pair of yoga gloves for yourself as the market has some splendid options for you guys.


As most of the yoga gloves work the same way, the factor that makes a real difference is its pricing. Pricing of any product varies greatly with regard to design, quality, style, and most importantly the brand. Above all, if a brand or a company has some upgraded or innovative technology, they will ask for some extra bills on that. For beginners, yoga gloves with much cheaper prices with basic functionalities are available. Likewise for the experts who want it a bit extra from their yoga gloves can go for a higher price range accordingly. So it is all up to you to look for a good pair of yoga gloves at a suitable price or you can also wait for the occasional online sales.


With the immense variety of the style and designs of yoga gloves in the market, it is easier to choose the best one for a specific cause. As every person has their own preferences and choices, the market also provides the options likewise. Yoga gloves can be a full cover, fingerless design, palm and wrist support only, and a variety of other combinations. A yogi who wants to have a full had grip can go for a full cover design while those who want to have a strong grip around the fingers can use a fingerless design. Similarly, there are special gloves that simply focus on the wrist area support.

So we can say there is a lot to choose from according to what you desire. Designs are always upgrading with the increased demand of the consumer.

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Our Concluding Words for You

While buying any yoga gear, there is always a war between the efficiency and the comfort level of that product. When talking of the yoga gloves, the tie between these two features never breaks. As a yogi, another thing on which you rely for support is your hands other than the non-slip yoga mat. So it is important to find a purchase for your hands that makes you a confident poser. This yoga accessory is full of designs and functionalities depending upon your needs and will never fall short in resuming them. So to make you choose effectively and vigilantly for this amazing supportive hand gear, we presented you with some of the best yoga gloves for sweaty hands.
If you are a professional yogi and want to explore your yoga sessions sweat-free and professionally then these gears are a must buy. This will give you a whole lot of different and a controlled yoga experience. I wish to solve all the mysteries of choosing the right yoga glove for yourself, but if still, something bothers you can comment us down.
Until then, Happy yoga, Stay blessed.

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