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BUYING GUIDESTop 10 Best Yoga Mats for Big Guys

Top 10 Best Yoga Mats for Big Guys

Seeing the worldwide ratio of yogis, it is evident that most of the yogis in the world are females. Therefore, the percentage of the female yogis makes a count of almost 80%, and the rest of the 20% is the male count of the worldwide yogis. Due to this discrete discrimination of the number, most of the yoga accessories, including the yoga mats, their designs, shapes, and patterns are all designed considering the female clients of the market. Most of the guys use the same accessories made for women because they lack the choice of best yoga mats for big guys.

Big guys also face the same problem as they cannot use the same average-sized yoga mats made for the average-sized men and women, and they eventually quit are restrain from doing yoga. To solve their problem, we have come up with some of the best choices that should be considered by the big guys while buying a yoga mat. With all our hours of search, we have enlisted the list of the best yoga mats for big guys helping them yoga, making a part of their life.

Before getting started on the actual list of the yoga mats that we have selected, I would like to introduce the merits and the criteria upon which we have selected the yoga mats for big guys.


  • Liforme Love Yoga Mat
  • Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat
  • B YOGA Strong 6mm B Mat
  • Gaiam Athletic Yoga
  • Pogamat XL Large Exercise Mat
  • SPRI Hanging Exercise Mat, Fitness & Yoga Mat
  • Aurorae “ULTRA”
  • YUREN Thick Yoga Mat
  • Heathyoga Eco-Friendly Non-Slip Yoga Mat
  • Jade Yoga – Fusion Yoga Mat

Now without wasting any further time, let us get to the main reviews of these products…


Liforme Love Yoga Mat

Best Seller


  • Special travel edition color and design.
  • Ground-breaking material that gives you unparalleled warrior-like grip whilst practicing.
  • Unique alignment system helps guide and prevent injuries to Yogis of all experience levels, maximizing Yoga enjoyment.

A yogi if truly wants to transform the way he practices yoga in a more comfortable way with regards to the comfort level and the dimensions of the mat provided, then Liforme yoga mats are the characteristic yoga mats for this.

The Liforme Love yoga mat is the special and limited red theme mat gesturing the love. The love yoga mat also comprises the central love lotus on the mat for better-directed yoga postures.

This mat is eco-friendly made from eco polyurethane and rubber and is free from all types of PVC and other toxic chemical materials. Moreover, being nature friendly, it does not include eco-friendly material but also has the power of biodegrading in a span of 2 to 4 years in the natural soil without using chemicals on it.

In addition, the grip and traction of the Liforme mats, these mats provide the warrior-like grip to the performers with its textured material being used. Liforme mats are the best for the large-sized big guys as it provides the width of approximately 27 inches, ideal for the stretching and the floor workouts. Similarly, other dimensions such as the length and the thickness are accordingly enhanced with the width of the mat to give a complete yoga experience.

The mat has a designed self-alignment system as well as scientifically made to provide guidance and protection against any injuries while performing yoga, making it more fun and expertise level.

These Liforme mats are assembled by the world’s best yogis for the worldwide yogis featuring every possible trait of a good yoga mat for big guys. These mats are easy to wash and are refundable.

Our verdict: The love yoga mat from  Lifrome is all about the best yoga experience for the big guys in all forms.  Plus the biodegradable feature makes it even more worth buying. In addition to the enhanced dimension, the alignment system has its all importance.

Size: 71 x 26  Inches
Item Weight: 3.5 Pounds


  • Increased dimensions
  • Extra thick
  • Self-alignment system
  • Biodegradable
  • Eco friendly


  • The rubbery material being used can produce the sale when opened newly

Manduka PRO

Premium 6mm Thick Mat


  • High-performance grip.
  • Ultra-dense cushioning for support and stability in yoga.
  • For gym and general fitness use.


Manduka PRO is the certified mat when it comes to the specification for the big guys. These PRO yoga mats provide oversized users with variations of the mat according to their demand when it comes to size and dimensions. In addition, these mats have two variations in length, one 71 inches long and the other 85 inches long. Both of the variations have a width of 26 inches with an optimum thickness of 6mm.

Similarly, the thickness of the mat comes from the PVC material that gives the extra bounce to the mat. Hence the mat is made up of dense cell packaging which makes the surface of the mat sweat-proof and water-resistant. The thickness of the mat is essentially good for the support and protection of the performer against any injury.

The PVC material also provides unmatched traction and grip to the performers as well as to the ground on which it is laid. Water-resistant surfaces of the mat it easy to wash with a mild cleaner.

The lifelong warranty of the mat makes it durable and the only way to break through the surface of the yoga mat is by practicing rigorously on it.

Our verdict: The love yoga mat from  Lifrome is all about the best yoga experience for the big guys in all forms.  Plus the biodegradable feature makes it even more worth buying. In addition to the enhanced dimension, the alignment system has its all importance.

Our best seller for the yoga mat for big guys is none other than the Manduka PRO. The best-selling feature of this mat is none other than the variants in dimensions. This will help you choose your best yoga partner in a more calculative way.

Size: 71 x 26  Inches
Item Weight: 7.5 Pounds


  • Variations available in dimensions
  • Durable
  • Self-alignment system
  • Washable
  • Eco friendly


  • Plastic material is not recommended as a best yoga mat material
  • It may produce a plastic smell

B YOGA Strong

Premium 6mm Thick Mat


  • Eco-friendly and designed with an emphasis on performance, comfort, and contemporary design.
  • Crafted with 100% non-slip rubber.
  • Made for superior performance, this sticky non-slip yoga mat is perfect for anyone.

Another high-performance mat best for the big guys in regards to its performance is the B Yoga Strong Mats .these are rubber, certified mats free from any kind of chemicals and toxic material. The materials used in its assemblage are free from any type of chemicals.

This is the all-purpose mat best for yoga, floor workouts, and other toning exercises. Similarly, these mats are super grippy yet comfortable and provide the best support of all time to the performing yogi.

The ultimate grip and traction of the mats come from the rubbery textured surfaces and are manufactured by special open-cell technology. After that, the special manufacturing technology makes these mats sweat and waterproof and does not form a pool of sweat onto the surface of the mat.

The specialty of this mat falls in the range in dimensions that can be useful for the big guys and other oversized men. Therefore, the company manufactures the mats in two variations of this mat with variable length but the same width of 26 inches and optimum thickness. The two variations come in 71 inches or 85 inches long.

The premium quality rubber material makes it durable ad makes it last long without getting ribbed. The only way of breaking in the surface of the yoga mat here is through practice.

Above all these mats come in many bright colors and are highly sustainable.

Our verdict: like every other mat on the list this yoga mat is all enhanced in its width for big guys. The special thing about it is the open cell technology on its surface that does not let your swear pool upon the surface. And it actually smells like rubber !!

Speaking of big guys, we cannot just stay on a regular yoga routine,  many of them require a mat that can account for their other physical workouts and toning. To be used in many ways, I recommend B yoga as my personal choice from the list for the big guys. Its wide space and optimum thickness cab give you the best workout space without being exposed to the ground and if do comes with the mesh bag and carrying strap.

Size: 71 x 26  Inches
Item Weight: 5 Pounds


  • Sustainable
  • Comes in two variations of lengths
  • Optimum thickness
  • Washable
  • Good grip


  • The basic rubbery smell is evident

Gaiam Athletic Yoga

Xtra-Wide Mat


  • Features a textured, ‘sticky’ non-slip surface.
  • PVC is great for those with latex sensitivities.
  • Reversible – two colors.

For the big guys, all that matters is the length of the yoga mat. One of the longest yoga mats whose dimensions in regards to the length along with the width is ideally correct for big guys. This is no other than Gaiam Athletic PVC-based yoga mat.

Gaiam has always been surprisingly amazing in its specs and remarkable in its functionality. The athletic series of Gaiam is all about grip, traction, durability, and anything more you can expect from a yoga mat. The mat is a PVC-based and lightweight 2-way color mat. Therefore, in making its use even better, Gaiam comes with double-side reversible technology. Hence it can be used from both sides.

The sticky nonslip surface on both sides of the yoga mat makes it stick to the ground like a bond. The textured surface also proves to aid your hand and feet traction on the mat while practicing.

Above all, now speaking of the star feature of this yoga mat, its dimensions. The dimensions are enhanced to a wide-ratio than the traditional yoga mat. The length of the Gaiam Athletic yoga series is 78 inches and hence good for a person of 6 feet and above. Along with the longer length, the width is broadened to 26 inches. Moreover, with all enhanced dimensions, the thickness of the mat is kept usual at 5mm.

The mat is completely lightweight and durable. It is easily washable and is carry-friendly.

Our verdict: If you are looking for a longer yoga mat, this yoga mat is all yours. The Gaiam athletic is long up to 78 inches with broad width. Plus the optimum thickness won’t compromise your comfort and cushiness. But the thing I like the most about it is it being Reversible, you can simply use the mat from any side you want

Size: 78 x 26  Inches
Item Weight: 3.5 Pounds


  • Reversible
  • Durable
  • Improved grip
  • Light weight
  • Increased dimensions


  • A strong harmless smell can be felt while opening the yoga mat for the first time

Pogamat Exercise Mat

Thick Padded Workout Mat


  • High-density yoga mat great for intense at-home workouts like P90X, Insanity, T25, Kettlebells, Sandbags, Bodyweight, and Yoga.
  • Extra thick yoga mat, 2X the thickness of standard exercise mats.
  • Premium two-sided mats designed for yoga and stretching without shoes.

As the name indicates, we are talking about a yoga mat enlarged to its fullest. The next up in the race of yoga mats for big guys is the Pogamat XL exercise yoga mat. Considering the big guys, this yoga mat seems perfect even by its name.

Pogamat mat is an extremely large yoga mat with immense wide and long dimensions. Speaking of the length only, it can fit a person up to 7 feet long. To accompany the length, the widths of the mats are also stretched to 27 inches.

With all the increased dimensions, the thickness of the mat also pushes out to be extra as well. The 2X thickness of Pogamat proves to be excellent for supportive exercises like burpees and hard yoga. Moreover, the dense surface, as well as the thickness, supports our joints and bones to the fullest against any injury.

The thickness of the yoga mat is also aided by dense surface technology. The ultra-dense compilation of the surface of the yoga makes it smooth and soft. Hence making it a good play mat as well. The upper smooth layer is covered by a honeycomb mesh providing a warrior-like grip to the yogi.

Pogamat is highly eco-friendly and free from all types of’ flammables and toxin-creating products. To secure the customer’s trust and investment, the manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty without any hesitation.

Our verdict: as the name indicates,  we are actually talking about the extra dimensions. For any one of you who wants their mat to be compensating 7 feet long person, it is their best grab. The only thing that is more noticeable is that enhanced dimensions and thickness increase to its weight that makes it a bit tough to handle.

Size: 78 x 27  Inches
Item Weight: 8.5 Pounds


  • Long up to 7 feet
  • 2X thickness
  • Anti-tear
  • Durable


  • Extra thickness and increased dimensions can make it tough to be rolled and handled
  • Relatively heavier than traditional yoga mats

SPRI Hanging Exercise Mat

Commercial Grade Quality


  • Specially designed for commercial gyms and clubs to be used 100 times a day.
  • Maintain their shape and stay flat on the floor.
  • Available in a variety of lengths and thickness to accommodate partial – or full-body activities, and for all body types.

SPRI mats are one of a kind and are essential for low-impact exercise, body toning, and core exercise, and stretching. Once done, these mats can be hanged on the SPRI mounted hangings on the wall with the help of the holes created in the mat.

The remarkable material of the mat retains its shape to the maximum levels even after being kept rolled, hanged, or laid down on the floor. The SPRI mats are made up of a highly dense closed-cell foam composition that helps them retain their shape and provides a smooth, dense sweat and moisture-resistant surface.

This dense surface of the mat makes it durable and skid-free all at one time and helps the mat last long. The holes on the corners of the mat are covered with plastic grommets making it rustproof and long-lasting.

When you consider the dimensions, these mats come in two variations specifically generated for the big guys. The two variations are one with a length of 56 inches and the other one with a length of 71 inches. The two length variations also differ in thickness with more thickness for the longer variation of the mat. These mats are lightweight and hence are also travel-friendly in nature.

If you are looking for a commercial-grade quality yoga mat for group fitness classes in yoga clubs or outside then SPRI hanging exercise mats are good to be chosen from.

This mat does not provide any other color than the basic black color.

Our verdict: I do not consider this yoga mat made especially for big guys but a person near 6 feet can use this yoga mat. Plus another thing that bothers me are that it is not wide enough to perform deep poses but carries out all other features like good traction,  durability, and grip.

Size: 56 x 23  Inches
Item Weight: 3 Pounds


  • Hanging mats
  • Lightweight
  • Variations in length and thickness are available
  • Durable


  • Extra thickness and increased dimensions can make it tough to be rolled and handled


Ultra Extra Long


  • Ultra is Super Sized for Yogis that may need a little extra room on their mats.
  • Durable, Lightweight, Odorless and Easy to Care for.
  • Aurorae Yogi Tips are included with each mat.

An AURORAE ULTRA is not just the mere name of the mat but it also stands for its meaning. The Aurorae ULTRA gives the real ULTRA wider space for a yogi to stretch. This yoga mat gives a longer length of 78 inches with a broader 26 inches width. Thus producing enough room for the big guys to practice the exercises without compromising the space.

Aurorae mats come in a durable, light weight, odorless, and sustainable PER material. Moreover, the mat has excellent traction and a warrior-like grip for perfect slip-free yoga. If still somehow the grip recedes, the additionally provided nonslip rosin can be used,

These mats are evenly approved and tested for any toxic materials and chemicals. To make the easy of carrying a yoga mat, a carrying strap is provided.

In addition to many other benefits, the aurorae manual or yogi tips are also of equal significance. These pro tips by the company help a yogi to take care and use the mat more professionally. This step adds to the life of a yoga mat in many more ways ad helps you break into the surface properly.

Our verdict: The Aurorae ultra is all yes for the ones above 6 feet of height. With a width of 26 inches, no room can fall short for your deep poses. The only flaw can be its weight which is more than many mats on the list. The mat comes with a carrying strap so there is no carrying problem with this weight and dimension.

Size: 78 x 26  Inches
Item Weight: 4.3 Pounds


  • Wide enough
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a carrying strap
  • Durable


  • It weighs more than many other mats of equal dimensions

YUREN Thick Yoga Mat

Large Exercise Mat Heavy Duty


  • Heavy duty workout mat.
  • Textured surface fitness mat to assure stability and safely maintain poses.
  • Easy to clean & portable.
YUREN yoga mat is also in the line of best yoga mats for big guys when we talk about wider dimensions. YUREN mat provides a wider width of 35 inches than any other yoga mat for big guys. So, the width of this yoga mat compensates for any levels of obesity in terms of space and room.

Length of 72 inches with 1/2 inches of thickness takes care of comfort and support. The rubber material being used is nothing but safe and gentle to the skin as well as your bones and joints. PVC-free and high-density surface finishing make it a tough exercise companion.

The textured, nonslip surface of the yoga mat speaks the best about the traction, durability, and anti-tear feature. The smooth and densely cushioning surface of the yoga mat works even best barefoot. Hence ideally good for heavy-duty exercise without the risk of any injuries on types of floors and carpets.

YUREN mats are easy to clean and are therefore portable as well. As far as cleaning is concerned, the mat only needs a wet towel or cloth wipe. Speaking of portability, the mat is provided with a carrying strap and a mesh bag. Therefore making it equally travel-friendly for our yogis.

Our verdict: talking about big guys is not all about length, it’s is also about size. To many more obese people who wish to start yoga or any other toning workout, I recommend to guys to have this. It gives you the full room of 35 inches of width to practice at all levels. Plus with such dimensions, the carrying is made easy with a strap and a mesh bag to carry your mat around.

Size: 72 x 35  Inches
Item Weight: 2.8 Pounds


  • Excellent grip
  • Wider than usually broad yoga mats
  • The optimum thickness for all types of flooring
  • Travel friendly


  • The mat may have a non-assaulting rubbery smell

Heathyoga Yoga Mat

Eco Friendly Non Slip Yoga Mat


  • No latex, no PVC, or any heavy metal.
  • Body alignment system to focus and adjust your hands and feet to the accurate position.
  • 6mm in thickness offers the most comfortable experience for all level yogis.

Heathyoga eco-friendly yoga mats are the next in line to be listed in the list of best yoga mat for big guys. These mats are premium products made up of the premium quality TPE that raises the expectations in quality and functionality of the yoga mat.

The material being used in this mat is highly eco-friendly and the best yet material to be proved as non-slip material. The patterned ribbed surface of the mat is ideal to give the skid-free movement of hands and feet on the mat while breaking a heavy sweat while performing. After that, the surface is not only sweatproof but moisture and dust-proof also.

The dimensions like any other factor of these mats are also remarkable giving a wider and longer room for a big guy especially to perform his extended floor workouts like a normal-sized person. Heathyoga mats provide an extensive length of 72 inches with a comparative broadness of 26 inches. The thickness of the mat here is optimum of 6mm thickness like all other traditional mats.

Heathyoga mats also prove the self-alignments systems that help you extend your limbs in all extended directions at a correct angle without needing a yoga coach.

Our verdict: the feature of this yoga mat that I would pick for you is the central alignment system and the kit weight. This yoga mat has all the features of a traditional yoga mat with the dimensions accurately good for big guys up to 6 feet approx. It is super grippy and durable and the optimum thickness does not let your joints suffer.

Like every other person,  people with bigger body types also need to have a yoga mat that can be essentially good for them in all ways. Heathyoga has proven to be the supplier of all the basic traits of a yoga mat on a very precise budget. The increased dimensions, self-alignment system, and the TPE material is all that I recommend this yoga mat in the best budget.

Size: 72 x 26  Inches
Item Weight: 2.2 Pounds


  • Super grippy
  • Extra-wide
  • Optimum thickness


  • Not found any


Fusion Yoga Mat


  • Jade mats are specially created to provide a superior level of traction.
  • The Fusion mat is an extra-thick yoga mat, especially recommended for restorative yoga.
  • Outstanding performance and long-lasting products.

If you are looking for the extra cushiness along with the length the Jade mats are good to go without wasting any time. Jade fusion mats are completely made of synthetic rubber-not like the other rubber mats that are made up of PVC and other types of rubbers.

As these Jade mats come from the tree, the company has also pledged to plant a tree with every new selling mat as a gesture of thanksgiving and protection to nature.

The extra thickness of the mat gives it a good comfort level and enhanced cushiness that would help the yogis to perform the protected yoga.

Along with more cushiness levels, Jade yoga mats are a great provider of traction and grip to the practitioners. Therefore the synthetic rubber material of the yoga mat is the basis of providing the grasping grip to the ground on which it is laid.

For the big guys, these mats provide an enhanced length of 71 inches with 24inches width and optimum thickness. The enhanced length can make the mat a good space for a big guy to fit in the mat and perform yoga without compromising its space.

Our verdict: jade yoga mats are vegan are made from natural rubbers. These yoga mats are suitable for big guys with their enhanced length. With the exception of all other traits like traction,  durability, and cushiness, if you do not want your yoga mat to weigh more then I would not recommend this yoga mat to you as it weighs more than many other mats in the list.

Size: 74 x 24  Inches
Item Weight: 7 Pounds


  • Increased length
  • Great traction
  • Extra thick


  • The synthetic rubber material can have the natural rubbery smell to it

Things you take care of while buying a yoga mat

While our research for the best yoga mat for big guys, the below-mentioned merits were considered so that a mat can ace the task of it to the fullest.


Being a big guy, the first and foremost thing to be considered in a yoga mat is its length. The length of a yoga mat helps the yogi to do the perfect stretch without coming in contact with the floor. The average length of a traditional yoga mat is about 68 inches which are not good for a good size and heightened person. So when it comes to the big guys, many companies and manufacturers provide the mats with lengths up to 72 and more inches that could easily handle a good sizes person.


Along with the length of a mat, a mat’s width is next in line for consideration when buying a mat for a big guy. An average yoga mat is nearly 24 inches wide giving good space to the practicing floor exercise women and average-sized men. However, men with large body sizes cannot do the same floor exercises with ease within that space. So the special attention is given to this feature of the yoga mats and the selected ones are 26 inches and wider than the normal yoga mat.


Like all yogis around the world, the comfort level for the yoga performing big guys should not be compromised in any way. The right amount of comfort and cushiness is required by the big guys like any other yogi. The mats that are chosen for the big guys contain the optimum amount of thickness that could prove the full protection and support to the joints, bones, and knees of the performers. The optimum thickness is about 5mm thickness and can be more in some other variants of the mats.


Last but not the least, the other important merit of a yoga mat that cannot be left neglected is the material of the yoga mat. The material of a yoga mat can make your yoga either calming with its toxic-free nature or assaulting with all the harmful contents of it. The market is full of yoga mats with all kid of materials and we looked the best for you guys. The best material of the present time is the Eco friendly SGS certified TPE material. Above all, it is the upgraded version of the traditional yoga mat material and completely serves the cause of providing safe, healthy, toxic chemicals-free yoga.

Our Closing Comments For All Our Lovely Readers

In our final words for our lovely clients, all we need to say is that all the mats are almost the same in their actions the difference usually comes in the availability of different variations of dimensions and thickness.  These distinct features of a yoga mat can be chosen upon the customer’s demand choice. While being specific about the best yoga mats for big guys, all we considered was the extra extended length and broadness of yoga without compromising the comfort level of the yogi guys. The list we created as the yoga mats for big guys clearly put forwards the demands and requirements of the oversized persons and we have tried our best to bring out the best in the market to all of you who have been struggling while choosing a mat for yourself without being an average-sized person.

We have given many hours in compiling this list and would love to see anyone of you getting help from it. If still any of you have any further recommendations about what more could we add to this list, you are more than welcome to give your suggestions to us in the comments section. We will be coming back to you guys with many more products that you want us to review for you guys and help you choose the best.

Till then, stay safe and happy yoga !!

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