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BUYING GUIDESTop 10 Best Yoga Mats Under $50

Top 10 Best Yoga Mats Under $50

Best Yoga Mats under $50

The ever-increasing demand for yoga is the ultimate sign of people considering their health as a priority. The evolving yoga has pushed the yoga mats to new heights. These modifications have just not only made a strong impact on a person’s yoga practice but on our pockets as well. So here we are to present you with the best yoga mats under $50.

A yoga mat, that is valuable to a yogi as to be valuable in its functionality and use rather than just being valuably expensive. An effective yoga mat is the one that makes you perform the restrained and restored yoga poses and workouts in a more relaxed way. To achieve all the practice and health and mind fitness goals, I have come up with some special BUDGET FRIENDLY edition of the yoga mats for those who do not want their fitness goals to be restrained.  This budget-friendly selection is based entirely on the best yoga mats under $50 bucks with no compromise on the essential features of a traditional yoga mat.

Let us get started.


  • AmazonBasics Yoga Mat
  • BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose
  • Gaiam Yoga Mat
  • Sivan Health and Fitness Mats
  • ATIVAFIT Yoga Mats
  • TOPLUS Yoga Mat
  • Heathyoga Eco-Friendly Non-Slip Yoga Mat
  • Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Gymnastics Tumbling Mat
  • Gruper Yoga Mat
  • Aurorae Classic Mats

Amazon Basics 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Mat

Yoga Mats by Amazon Basics


  • Extra thick mat for yoga, gym, and everyday exercise.
  • Textured foam construction provides traction and stability.
  • Elastic straps secure rolled-up mat; includes a shoulder strap for easy carrying.

The AmazonBasics yoga mats being reasonably cheap and effective at the same time have won the hearts. Many consumers rave about its absolute performance at a budget-friendly cost. These are best for the basic yoga types, meditations, body stretching and toning, floor workouts, and whatnot.

These basic, imported quality mats are made up of 100% NBR and all highly durable in their use. As the NBR foam is dense in its nature increasing its durability no matter how much a tougher practice is done the mat maintains its shape. For more strength and traction the mat has a textured surface on both of its sides. This textured surface is excellent for giving a good grip to the yogi in holding down the extra poised postures of yoga.

The material being used is also highly lightweight to be carried easily along with you anywhere you want to outside the yoga room. In addition, an additional holding strap is also provided by the manufacturers.

Moreover, in such a best budget, the manufactures also provide bigger and wider dimensions than the traditional mats in comparison. These mats give a yogi a length of 74inches with a width of 24inches. The increased length of the mat is useful for people of longer heights and longer legs and arms extensions.

For the addition of the factor of cushiness and comfort, the mat comes up with a thickness of 1/2 inches. Hence proves to be helpful in retaining any knee and joint injury.

With this yoga mat under $50, the only lacking thing here is the lack of designs and patterns.

Our Verdict: Like all the hyped-up ratings my vote is all in for this yoga mat. Immensely durable, wide, and injury risk-free at such a low price is all you ever want.

Size: 74.02 x 24.02 inches
Item Weight: 1 Kilograms


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • More enhanced dimensions
  • Optimum thickness
  • Cheap


  • Not found

BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap


  • Exceptional resilience allow you to keep your balance during any exercise style.
  • Moisture resistant technology makes the mat to be easily washed with soap and water.
  • With double sided non-slip surfaces, BalanceFrom all-purpose premium exercise, yoga mat comes with an excellent slip resistant advantage to prevent injuries.

If you love to practice your yoga in a new lighter way then I recommend you to try the foamy BlanaceFrom Yoga mats. These mats are not only different in their material but also display a different variation in their work.

Being the foam material the mat has a high-density surface that is suitable for it to be a sweatproof and slip-free mat. This surface technology also makes the mat easy to wash and dry in an easier way.

The dense cell technology with the 1/2 inch thickness is ideally correct for the balance and support to a person’s knees or other body joints. The ultra-dense double-sided surface provides the bacteria and germ-free surface for healthier yoga and provides a firm grip to the yogi.

In addition, the mat is handy and lightweight being nearly 1.8 pounds. Moreover, it has an extra strap to it for holding the mat and taking it anywhere a yogi wish to. This makes the BalanceFrom mats cheaper and lighter yoga mats under $50.

Above all the double-layered grip-free surface makes the effective from any side you want. Hence giving it remarkable durability and traction against the floor. The mat comes in 7 bright colors to choose the best and attractive one for you.

Our Verdict: The yoga mat strap and the double-layered structure of the yoga mat works well for any of us but in my choice, the material itself can be a bit disappointing when we have so much good quality and eco-friendly materials around.

Size: 71 x 24  Inches
Item Weight: 1.8 Pounds


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Comes with a yoga strap


  • The material being used may not prove to be the best choice for a mat

Gaiam Yoga Mat

Premium 6mm Print Extra Thick Non Slip Yoga Mat


  • This yoga mat features a textured sticky non-slip surface for excellent traction and superior grip.
  • This yoga mat purchase includes a free bonus downloadable yoga workout to help get you started.

In the race of being reasonable and effective, Gaiam yoga mat has made its mark in the list of best yoga mats under $50.Promising every feature of a good yoga mat whether it is traction, durability, good dimensions, or the optimum, they cover it all. Gaiam yoga mats are all set for all types of yoga, Pilates, and floor workouts.

Similarly, these mats are the best version of the cheap as well as the well-modified mats with modern technology for its better functionality. These mats are plastic and PVC free and are entirely eco-friendly. To be your healthier yoga partner, this mat is free from all toxic materials and harmful mind assaulting chemicals. The mat has a textured surface or providing a slip-free yoga practice with the best-printed patterns on the top to keep a yogi motivated and focused during the practice.

These mats are durable with a lightweight and optimum thickness that can protect your joints, elbows, spine on a hard floor surface.

These mats are with the basic dimensions of 68 inches in length along with the traditional width of 24 inches. Therefore giving the accurate space for stretching to an average person. According to the traditional dimensions, the thickness is also kept in an optimum range of 6mm.

These mats come in a wide range of colored patterns and designs to choose from.

Our Verdict: The thing I like the most about this yoga mat is the sleek and lightweight design with all the specifications of a good yoga mat. But in all that due course, I would also love to point out its chemically disturbing print smell and a bit of shortness in length as compared to others.

Size: 68 x 24  Inches
Item Weight: 2.5 Pounds


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Non PVC mat
  • Optimum dimensions


  • The printed designs can cause the mat to smell for some days
  • No carrying strap is available for holding a mat

Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Mat

71-Inch Long NBR Comfort Foam Yoga Mat


  • Ideal for yoga, pilates, stretching and toning workouts.
  • Thick enough to protect your knees and joints, while still allowing you to grip the floor for balance.
  • Easy-to-clean, Durable and Long Lasting material. Features an integrated carry strap.

Sivan Health and fitness mats are also a type of foamy mats. These are the mats made with the NBR and claim to be effective like all other mats. The surface is made up of highly-dense foam and provides strength, traction, and moisture resistance to any type of sweat and water.

Sivan mats are differently surfaced mats, ribbed from one side and smooth from the other side. Therefore the ribbed side is usually used as the grip providing surface whereas the smooth side is to resist any kind of sweat breakout. This sets the Sivan mats to enroll into the list of yoga mats under $50.

Due to the foamy surface densely packed together, the mat is highly durable with anti-tear properties in action. The densely packed surface is also easy to wash with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

When we talk about the dimensions and thickness of the mat, it proves the length of 71 inches with the comparative width of 24 inches and thickness of 1/2 inches.  This thickness is enough for the comfort of the yogi to perform the hard floor exercises without the risk of injury.

For instance, this mat can be made travel-friendly by tying it with a carrying strap given by the manufacturers. These mats come in a range of beautiful colors with a plain surface and no design printed on them.

Our Verdict: For Sivan yoga mats,  I am all eyes for the double-layered and textured surface. I honestly would love to have a plain surface to put my hands on with a more ribbed surface for my floor gripping. So for Sivan, it’s always a good yes when we talking about confront and traction

Size: 71 x 24  Inches
Item Weight: 1.75 Pounds


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Optimum thickness


  • It produces a bad smell when new
  • May slip under high sweat breakout

ATIVAFIT Non Slip TPE Yoga Mat

Workout Mat with Carrying Strap


  • Ativafit yoga mats are made of SGS certified TPE material which is non-slip, odor-less and excellent in cushioning.
  • It is very easy to storage, and great for yoga, Pilates, stretching and toning workouts.

These are one of the best eco-friendly, recyclable mats with the best grip and no harmful odor. ACTIVE FIT yoga mat is one of its kind in making yoga healthier for people and the world. These mats are the SGS certified mats made with the best, modified TPE material is known best for its nontoxic behavior. Hence giving the healthier version of yoga mats under $50. TPE material further does not require any more certification for providing the best strengths, grip, durability, and traction to the mat.

In making your postures more precise and sharp, these yoga mats come up with a body alignment system. These body aligning systems will be helpful for beginners as well as the ones who practice at home in more angled poses.

The mat being odorless is a guarantee for the usage of nontoxic material. The dimensions are more than the optimum traditional yoga mats with a length of 71 inches and a 25 inch wider width. The comfort level of the mat has set the bars high as the total of 6mm thickness is evident for the proper support to the sore knees and joints in any case of injury.

The use of TPE material makes it lightweight with a sticky grip at its bottom with the ground. In addition, the mat also comes with a yoga strap that is a plus point at an economical price like this.

The strap is versatile in its use as it is used for stretching and body toning workouts as well as the mat holder when you have to take your yoga on the go.

The mat is easy to wipe clean and offers 6 different colors for its customers to choose from.

Our Verdict: This is my personal pick because it has all of the specs accompanying the modern manufacture and functionalities. Plus it’s more of a lightweight and grippy yoga mat than the NBR ones. I call it a modern and more of a guiding mat. A good series of mats with a high-end self-alignment system for a yogi to work at on such a budget is a tough thing to achieve. Plus its dimensions make it more compelling to the guys with not-so-average heights.

Size: 72 x 23  Inches
Item Weight: 2 Pounds


  • Optimum thickness
  • Good cushioning for the knee and joint support
  • Ideal for big guys
  • Comes with a yoga stretch strap


  • Not found


Exercise Mat with Carrying Strap


  • TOPLUS Yoga mat is made with premium TPE friendly material.
  • Yoga mat double-sided sticky non-slip texture provides excellent traction
  • TOPLUS yoga mat is light enough to carry to the gym.

When it comes to the listing of the reasonable, cheap yet effective yoga mats in performance and practice, TOPLUS yoga mats are always on the list of recommendations. The TOPLUS yoga mats are made with the fine, premium quality of TPE material making them economically heavy but everlasting. The premium TPE material is the upgraded version of the normal material and is eco-friendly and life longing for a lifetime hence enhancing the life of a yoga mat. These mats are good for all types of yoga and floor workouts.

The best premium material comes with a double-sided sticky textured surface aiding its stickiness and grip to the floor. Hence the sticky surface gives the right amount of traction and grip to the performer. For instance, the best feature of the mat here helping it making its way in yoga mats under $50 is its grip.

These mats are lightweight and durable and can be easily carried to many other places with the help of the added carrying strap.

Moreover, these mats also offer a bit longer dimensions with 72 inches of length and optimum width and thickness. TOPLUS mats are 1/4 inches in their thickness not compromising on the cushiness and comfort of the practitioner.

These mats come in so many vibrant colors to choose from setting the mood of the yogi right and motivated.

Our Verdict: In my list of best yoga mats under $50 toplus has marked all the basic needs to be in this list. But still, I feel needing the alignment system on it as well. Elsewise it’s all good to go travel yoga mat with a supporting yoga strap with it.

Size: 72 x 24  Inches
Item Weight: 0.23 Pounds


  • Premium quality of material used
  • Excellent traction and grip
  • Additional carrying strap
  • Comes with the warranty of one year


  • Not found

Heathyoga Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

Exercise Mat with Body Alignment System


  • TPE is the latest technological improvement to the traditional yoga mats. No latex, no PVC, or any heavy metal.
  • The alignment lines help you to focus and adjust your hands and feet to the accurate position, and keep body in proper alignment.

When we talk about a traditional yoga mat, the mat is usually of rubber, plastic, or PVC. All this with the chemical smell and heavyweights. With the advancement of yoga and the requirements from a yogi, the present market has come up with the mats with the best grip, traction, material, sizes, and whatnot. While keeping these requirements all under consideration and under a pocket-friendly approach, Heathyoga mats are a good grasp for the cause.

These modified mats are made up of the SGS certified modified TPE material to do justice to the functionalities of a yoga mat. The mat is highly eco-friendly with no harmful chemicals and materials like heavy metals, PVC, and rubber are used.

A well-constructed body alignment system makes it a good consideration for more focused and poised poses. This alignment system guides the arm and leg movement to their right positions and angles. Therefore making it a good choice for yoga mats under $50.

This double layer textured performer provides the best grip from both sides to the yogi giving a slip-free performance. A double-sided layered compilation of the mat also aids the perfect cushioning for the body with 6mm thickness.

Along with the good material grip and durability, the mat is also highly modified in its dimensions wider than ever before. The 26 inches broader mat with a length of 71 inches is best for the big guys and women of larger body size. Therefore it fits for the best yoga mat under $50 for big guys specifically.

The mat is odorless with the easy techniques of being washed and dried up with a simple soapy mixture with a wet towel. The manufacturers provide 6 vibrant colors to choose your yoga mat according to your wills and moods.

Our Verdict: I chose this to be on my list is due to its much wider working space for the not the average people. Another fact that makes me go on grasping this is it’s being economic friendly and yet being functional in all best aspects. So it’s a good grasp for the big guys trying to get started with yoga.

Size: 72 x 26  Inches
Item Weight: 2.2 Pounds


  • Comes with the velour and carrying strap
  • Lightweight
  • Double-sided textured surface
  • Broader than traditional mats


  • Not found

Sunny Health & Fitness Yoga Mat

Extra Thick with Carry Handles


  • This exercise mat helps ensure that exercises, such as crunches and leg extensions, are carried out on adequate cushioning.
  • Integrated two carrying nylon handles make transportation convenient, and the tri-fold design is compact to fit easily into closets, car trunks, or in storage units at the gym.

If someone is just finding the convenient, soft mat for the leg extensions and crunches specifically these sunny health and fitness folding mats can just serve the cause. These folding mats can give you the right amount of support to your legs and joints.

Moreover, these folding mats come with the ideal dimensions of a traditional mat and also help in performing the enhanced stretching of the body.

The mat consists of padding of 2-inch thickness giving firm support to the knees with the firm balance to the practitioner.

The mat can be changed to a more compact variation by folding it. Tying it with the two extra nylon straps that hold the mat will make it fit in any storage case, car, and closet. The holding straps along with the folding technology make it travel-friendly. So in other words we can say that this mat is a good yoga mat under $50 being travel friendly.

Talking of the grip and weight of the mat, it will set it apart from all the other effective cheap mats. The mat is manufactured of a plastic material that increases the grip of the mat while reducing the weight of the mat to a mere 1 pound.

The plastic material also makes it water-resistant and sweat-proof and proves to be a quick washer and drier in no time.

These mats are high in their versatility as they offer the best workout experience for all types of skill levels in performing every type of exercise. These mats can be also used as a spare sleeping space for anyone who travels a lot.

Our Verdict: This is not my personal favorite but a lot of you will love it as they have it to perform their exercises other than just yoga. This yoga mat extends the functionality of a traditional yoga mat and comes in handy when talking about travel and space.

Size: 72 x 24  Inches
Item Weight: 4.5 Pounds


  • Conveniently folding mat
  • Lightweight
  • Optimum padding for joint and knee support
  • Additional nylon straps for traveling and tying purposes


  • May slip at some surfaces due to the plastic material being used

Gruper Yoga Mat

8MM Thick Exercise Mat with Carrying Strap


  • The Gruper yoga mat is made of non-toxic, odorless and harmless TPE material, which is friendly to the body and the environment.
  • Advanced Non-slip Design and Double-layer Tear Resistance.
  • Practice yoga with the aid of the alignment system that helps you to focus and adjust your hands and feet to the accurate position.

In the line of upgraded yoga mats, Gruper Yoga mat has achieved its place with no hassle at all. The mat has upgraded versions when it comes to the design, grip formulas, material, and anti-tear technology. The mat complies with the premium TPE material that serves best to increase the durability and lifetime of a mat with heavy exercise to practice on. These are different from the basic PVC, rubber, and NBR mats in chemical composition, weight, and odor management. Gruper mats are evident for both types of yogas, Plates, and the normal exercise with their eco-friendly and harmless behavior.

These mats are strong grip providers to the practitioners with their upgraded double-layered sticky surface on both sides. This increases the traction of the mat with its full potential to works for skid-free yoga without the risk of injuries to the joints, knees, and elbows.

Another good choice that these mats have given to their customers is the variants in size and thickness. With the present variants, each one of you can choose a mat considering their personal level of comfort and thickness. The original variant comes in the optimum size with a thickness of 6mm and the increased thickness of 8mm is provided into another variant. Therefore this extra comfort of cushiness serves the best support to the sore joints and people with back and joints problems.

For the purpose of making it travel-friendly, the company also provides a carrying bag and a strap with the bag. With the carrying strap and the anti-tear technology, the mat retains its shape for a longer time.

Our Verdict: One thing that calls my name for this yoga mat is the ability and freedom to choose. The right amount of thickness that you need to have for your practice can make your world move around in yoga. This yoga mat comes in different variants of thickness for you to choose the best for you.

Size: 72 x 24  Inches
Item Weight: 1.6 Pounds


  • Cons Anti-tear material
  • Variants I thickness of the mat for extra comfort
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Gym bag included


  • Not found

Aurorae Classic/Printed Extra Thick and Long Yoga Mat

For Home Workouts Beginners


  • These mats are Durable, Lightweight, Odorless and Easy to Care for/wash.
  • Mats have been tested and Safe No Phthalates, Phenols, PAHS, Latex, Silicone or Rubber.
  • Aurorae all-purpose yoga mats are for men, women and kids.

Aurorae Classics are the mats with the different, non-common materials for a yoga mat. This material is PER that is tested for being free of every kind of rubber latex and phenols. These mats are safe from many chemicals and toxins and provide healthier yoga.

This is an all-rounder yoga mat under $50 with an equally good performance in all types of yoga and outdoor activities and exercises. This can be also used to be used for outdoor camping and fishing. These are thin mats with less thickness and optimum dimensions like any other traditional yoga mat.

In addition, this mat is lightweight, durable ad odorless with a god grip and traction. The thickness is also good for normal support to the body and the joints. Maximum comfort must not be required from this mat.

These are easy to carry around and are eco-friendly. These mats come in more than 1 basic color with a 2-year warranty for their customer’s satisfaction.

Our Verdict: As it is claimed to be an all-rounder for all your yoga asanas and exercises I can still not make it my favorite the reason here most probably is due to its old-school material and features. Plus the material also does not prove injury-free and hence can cause you some troubles.

Size: 72 x 24  Inches
Item Weight: 3.7 Pounds


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • PER material
  • Odorless


  • Does not provides more cushiness and comfort to avoid the injuries

Features to consider for cheap yoga mats


While choosing a cheap yoga mat, the first thing that should not be compromised upon is its material. The present market is full of the best and ever-evolving materials giving a hint of more modification in a typical yoga mat.

The yoga mats are available in all types of non-toxic, less harmful, sweatproof, and even recyclable material. There are also different yoga mats available specific in their material with respect to support joints and knees on the floor.

Depending upon your workout practice, the mat being chosen should be the best-upgraded version of its kind with all the powers of providing the POWER yoga.


The essential feature after the material to be looked at is the design of a yoga mat. The design includes the color, patterns, textures, and eye-catching prints of the mat. For instance, the market is full of all these variations of designs and covers the demands of yogis worldwide.

There are many excitingly vibrant patterns and prints of the yoga mats helping the yogis motivated and focused all at the same time. The eye-catching designs of the mats give a solely different vibe to its owner. The mats are designed for people with different moods and tastes. So while buying a mat a yogi should make the decision in regard to the design selection that he thinks would keep him motivated in a positive athletic way.


A yoga mat with enough weight will prove to be a burden for the yogi. A yoga mat could weigh up to 6 pounds as the traditional mats are basically made from materials like rubber and PVC.  The weight of a yoga mat should be essentially considered when the practitioner has to carry it along to the gyms or a yoga studio. With the increasing demand for yoga, more yogis are considering lightweight yoga that could be easy to be travel friendly, and convenient all at the same time.


The size of a mat is also an interesting feature giving an indication of the personal choice of the comfort of the practitioner. The size of a mat can be judged in two ways, either by considering its thickness or the dimensions.

The present-day mats can be chosen in between 3mm to 6mm of thickness depending upon the certain comfort criteria of the yogi or other physical injury. There is a wide range of mats with variable thickness showing the concerns for the different comfort levels of the yogis. The thickness should be chosen ideally seeing your own health risks and comforts.

The dimensions of a mat also play a pretty prominent role in performing yoga the way a yogi wants to. People of different sizes and body shapes can be a bit more choosy in finding a mat ideal for their body type and size. For these concerns, the market is always introducing and manufacturing more lengthy yoga mats than traditional ones. The mat’s length usually lies between 68inchs to 72 inches and even more in some extraordinary mats. This range helps yogi to choose a mat accordingly to their needs.

Odor management

Odor management is taken as the essential feature of a mat by the manufacturers the users. As the mats these days are promising heavily on using the toxic-free and odor-proof material for the manufacturing. It is evident that the mats should not smell bad in normal conditions.

In conclusion, apart from the material being used, the smell can be produced by the bacterial or a fungal interaction on a mat’s surface. A heavy sweat break can also be a cause of producing unhealthy, assaulting smells in mats. To manage all the sweat and bacterial odor, the manufacturers can use special sweat and anti-bacterial coatings on the mats for keeping them fresh and new for a longer time.

On behalf of the practitioners, manufacturers provide a cleaning direction for each specific mat for keeping it healthier and fresh for a long way. That is why more mats are washed with a mild soap rather than in a washing machine.


After seeing all the other features like materials and sizes of a mat, the next effective feature that should be covered is the grip of a mat. In doing so, the yogi must be clear about the place at which the yoga is to perform. The grip of a mat comes from the textured surface and the material used.

In seeing the grip, the weight of the mat also counts in a specific manner as most of the grip is provided by the rubber mats that are comparatively heavier than other types of mats. For this very reason, the surface on which the yoga is to perform should be known so that the grip and the material of the mat can be chosen wisely by cutting the maximum weight of the mat and making it travel-friendly.

Our final words for you

In final words, I would say that yoga mats come in vastly different ranges but they all perform the same task. By these vastly different variations I mean to say that in the face of size, material, comfort, and relaxation.  All of this is a must considered factor before buying the best yoga mats under $50. A simple mat with a lower price can also help you perform the yoga in the correct order but it may not relax you or comforts you the same way compared to the mat with more comfort. Some of the mats are also different due to their patterns and colors making a yogi more motivated than the mats of bland dark colors. All of this is considered by a person’s self-will and comfort. Before choosing a mat all you need to know is your specific requirement from a mat. If you know that you will easily figure out the best yoga companion for yourself without any doubts and regrets.

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