Write for Us

Write for Us

MandalaYogaSpa is a vast, versatile, and diversifying spot for your medical and health issues, your yoga motivations, buying guides of all the health and fitness, and provides you the sneak peek of what is happening in the world in regards to fitness. As diversified as our site is, we will never miss appreciating the work and hard work of our intellectual writers to never miss on a new thing .!!

Writing for Mandala can be challenging as it has its roots deep down to fitness,  health, diet and workout, and everything regarding yoga. Our priority pick of content for our site is all about authentication and real search work beforehand. If you cannot do a good handful of research on what you can write, your content can not grasp the attention you always wished for

All our writers fulfill the criteria of thorough research and updating the knowledge for what many of us don’t know already. Grabbing on to new things in the new era is the crucial yet promising part of your content and its validity.

We are religiously satisfied by every writer we have for our site but we as a company don’t know to limit our expansion just like our site. Any one of you can “Write For Us “ with the dedications that cannot be missed with a single glance.

If you are a writer you write specifically for the niches reared to Yoga, Health and Fitness, Diet Plans and workouts,  medical and Fitness Hacks, and Yoga-related Product Reviews We are open to you all. We encourage the searched, improved, updated, and express writings in our blog post.

With all these writings, we will also encourage the small businesses and markets here on our post with truly right facts and figures regarding it. We do not only welcome the new writers, we can also crave for you if you are the right one with the potential of growing up.

Note: If you are interested to be our guest poster,  we have prepared a precise guideline pattern to follow. Have a look at it and make us crave your writings.

How does Guest posting Favours You

  • You’ll get a follow backlink to your website/blog.
  • Get featured and promote your small businesses and markets on our site with growing traffic every day.
  • Earn respect in the online community.
  • Get free traffic on your website/blog or Google profile/page.
  • Get featured and promoted on our social media pages.
  • Increase your social media engagement.

Guidelines to write for Us

Before reaching on to us, we want to make sure that we do not accept any kind of spam or fake content. If your content is not original and not searched we would not accept it. Along with the written text, if you are using any picture in your content make sure it to be either from free sources or the picture credit must be mentioned with it.

For more detailed Guidelines have a look at the following points

  • Keep your context short, updated, and relevant.
  • Do not try to copy the fake content or invalid content.
  • Try to write for at least a 700-word limit.
  • Try to stick to the topic you are writing on.
  • We do not consider the content which is published on any other website or page. That also includes your own website or page.
  • We condemn the use of any provoking and defaming words and topics.
  • Write within the etiquette of content writing and use the proper headings and formatting.
  • Use a word file to submit your content.
  • We secure the right to make any kind of changes in the context structure and grammatical errors.
  • We secure rights to make changes in your content without giving you any notice of it.
  • If you want to get backlinks for your brand, business, or small market you have to pay a nominal amount of charge for it.
  • We DO NOT accept the content related to porn nudity,  alcohol, casino, and drug promotion.

Note:  We encourage and love to have long-term and serious collaborations with competitive writers and authors.

Know us Better

If you are interested to work with us and still want to know us better, we love would love to see you on our social media pages. It would be appreciable if your share our posts with your friends and family, this will surely way your post more easily on our page.

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If you have read the guidelines and ready to submit your content, prepare your content in MS Word format including one anchor text backlink and send it to [email protected]