YOGAEffects of Bikram Yoga for Back Pain

Effects of Bikram Yoga for Back Pain

Bikram Yoga for Back Pain

Are you suffering from back pain due to bad posture? Or are you searching for How to heal back pain? No worries we have got you covered!! We are here to present you with Bikram Yoga for Back Pain that will not only support your spine but also release the pain.

The main source of back pain these days depends highly upon our lifestyle as we spend much of our time hunched forward at the laptop and bent down on smartphones. It is highly common these days in almost every age and so is there and urged to deal with this. Many yogis come to join yoga for the endless pain they suffer. Among all types of yoga, Bikram Yoga has numerous therapeutic effects on back pain.

In this article, I will explain the benefits and helpful poses of Bikram Yoga briefly. Don’t hesitate to consult your instructor if you have a bad back.

What Is Bikram Yoga?

Are you ready for Hot Yoga? Bikram Yoga is hot yoga that is performed in a hot room. If you are new to Bikram Yoga, you have to do 26 poses daily. Due to the warm temperature in the room, your muscles will be relaxed and flexible.

Bikram Yoga for Back Pain

Why Is Bikram Yoga Good For Your Back?

People frequently ask about the benefits of Bikram Yoga. Whenever you feel brain your muscles or spine, you might need a therapeutic touch that can only be given by yoga. The heat and warm environment of the Bikram yoga room stretch your muscles without any discomfort.
Moreover, the humidity allows you to lower down the risk of injury. Thus you can control your spine with different poses and bends of Bikram yoga.
Besides providing flexibility to your back Bikram yoga, also give:

  • Coordination
  • Relaxation
  • The longer range of motion

Can Bikram Yoga stabilize your back?

All kinds of yoga have incredible health benefits. How can you choose an ideal yoga for you? You have to select the best and ideal yoga that can reduce back pain. If you choose Power Yoga, it involves push up and backups that might be unhealthy for your back.
In my recommendation, Bikram Yoga can stabilize your back as it involves stretching muscles. It improves the blood flow and nutrients intake towards the spine.
When you become an expert on Bikram, you can go for other yoga types. There are numerous yoga centres that offer Bikram Yoga and Power Yoga. You can go for an ideal yoga by consulting your doctors and trainers accordingly.

Is Bikram Yoga Helpful for Lowering Back Pain?

Yoga is the only solution to stretch and strengthen your muscles. Whether you are suffering from back pain or not, you can go to the yoga centre for Bikram Yoga. If you are not an expert in yoga poses, it will give you flexibility and support to your spine.
You can reduce your lower back pain with Bikram just for 15 minutes of craving. Back pain comes when you sit in a bad posture for the whole day. Moreover, it can be a result of emotional and mental challenges.
Bikram can lower down the stress and lower back pain with primary poses.

The Best Bikram Yoga Poses for Back Pain:

Bikram yoga contains several poses that reduce back pain and healthy for your back. Some poses are perfect for beginners and some for professional yogis. A few of them a described below.

Cat and Cow Pose:

You can increase your spine flexibility with cat-cow stretches. Put your knees on the yoga mat with your wrist under the shoulder. Inhale for five seconds with your shoulder blades slide on your back.

Keep on exhaling and inhaling and repeat this pose for up to five repetitions.

Young woman in Cow pose

Downward Facing Dogs:

Lift your tailbone on the yoga mat with your hands and feet on the mat. It will be a “V” shape posture of your body. Not to worry if your heels don’t touch the floor.

Don’t bend your knees inward, and keep on inhaling. Stay in that position for up to five breaths. This pose gives extra flexibility to your back.

Downward Facing Dogs

Locust Pose:

Moving toward the next pose of Bikram Yoga. Lay down your body on the yoga mat. Now keep your arms with the sides of your body and slightly moves your legs upward.

Keep your chest, head, and belly on the floor with legs upward. Stay in that position for 30 seconds, and then relax your body. You can repeat this pose once or twice. As a result, this pose gives strengthening to your back muscles and lowers back pain.

Locust Pose

Bridge Pose:

Unroll your yoga mat, and lay down on it with your back. Keep your shoulders and head on the floor and move your back upward.

Lift your back and legs and keep your feet on the floor. For shoulder support, you can roll your hands under the shoulders. If you are a beginner you can put pillows under your sacrum to attain this yoga pose.

Stay in this position for one minute.

Bridge Pose

Childs Pose:

Put your hips on your heels. Wide your knees and lay down on them, move your hands forward. Moreover, Stretch your arms along with the yoga mat. To attain that by placing a block behind the forehead or by placing a rolled blanket in between your toes and hips.

Keep this position for up to ten breathes and repeat it five times.

Childs Pose

Sphinx Pose:

Lie on the yoga mat with your belly touching the ground. Moves your legs upward and holds your toes with your hands. In this position, your spine will be straight. Keep your head pointed upward.

Retain this posture for five breathes, and then relax your body.

Sphinx Pose

Plank Pose:

One of the most challenging poses for those who avoid abdominal workouts. Bow down on the floor with your elbows. Point your toe on the ground and lift the whole body.

As a result of this pose strengthens the abdominal muscles and indirectly strengthens the spine. Hold the plank pose for one minute and repeat it three times.

Plank Pose

What are the benefits of Bikram Yoga?

The following are the primary advantages of Bikram Yoga:

  • Healthy spine
  • Reduce spinal decompression
  • Improved flexibility
  • Strengthen back muscle
  • Reduce lower back pain


Bikram Yoga for back pain is the best indeed and comprehensive option for back pain management. Regardless of the time frame, you have been suffering from back pain, you can start Bikram yoga at any point. It improves posture and makes you feel more poised in every manner. Furthermore, it promotes better sleep hence you can actively perform daily tasks. Due to its abundant benefits in the long run it helps you prevent any chronic diseases. It brings balance between your emotional and physical life. So in my opinion in order to spend happy and balanced life, everyone must consider Bikram yoga.


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