FITNESSCrossfit Explained: Exclusive And Interesting Facts

Crossfit Explained: Exclusive And Interesting Facts

Crossfit is about giving everyone a chance to be in incredible shape and health. Crossfit is very unique because its scalability allows it to be achievable across a very broad spectrum of experience levels. From your sickly couch potato to your elite powerlifter, Crossfit has a place for everyone to not only participate but to excel.

Crossfit workouts are comprised of compound movements (such as pushups, squats, pull-ups, deadlifts, kettlebell swings, etc.) that are constantly varied. The goal is to perform these movements and workouts with high intensity, though fundamentals must be mastered first before speed is relevant. Because of its scalability, a Crossfit beginner and a Crossfit fire-breather perform the same workouts with the same movements, but with differing weights and intensity. The scalability is effective and infinite.

You can measure everything in Crossfit, and everyone is accountable for his or her progress and mistakes. Ego does not exist in this box nor in any other Crossfit gym. Those who seriously aren’t willing to sweat and work hard should go back to the local globo-gym that makes money off those who aren’t willing to work hard and want to find shortcuts to that mythical “ripped” frame. Come if you want results and are tired of the norm.

What is Crossfit?

High Intensity Crossfit Workout
High Intensity Crossfit Workout

Crossfit has many definitions for various realms of fitness, but the official definition is work capacity across broad time and modal domains. One can also add the third dimension of age into the definition to gain a clearer understanding of what is expected of our athletes.
Within that definition, Crossfit seeks to improve and train ten skills of fitness: cardiovascular, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, accuracy, and balance. The first four skills are organic skills, which are simply measurable changes in the body. The next four are neurological skills and the final two are a mixture of organic and neurological.

But to us, fitness is not just about how well you can workout or how strong you are. We also consider health as a part of fitness. And what is primarily responsible for good health? Nutrition. If you are a sickly person who has trouble sleeping but has an ok body fat percentage, then no amount of exercise could possibly make you truly fit. Treat your nutrition with the same excitement, enthusiasm, and care as your workouts.

One must train in and be skilled in all of those areas to be considered a “fit” person. Someone who truly wants to be in great shape cannot expect to do so without becoming an expert at all the skills and implementing them into regular workouts. The key is to not specialize. Be general in your workouts, use a plethora of movements and lifts, and don’t be afraid to try new things.


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