YOGAWhat to eat before Bikram Yoga?

What to eat before Bikram Yoga?


Bikram yoga is a special type of yoga exercise that includes sitting in a place with environmental conditions that match with the hot Asian summer i.e. hot and humid. The reason is to mimic the actions of Bikram Choudary, (the yogi who introduced this yoga). It is an intense style of yoga where you are supposed to adjust yourself by looking at the extensive series of mirrors present on the wall. Your instructor would not be much of a help in this scenario. Due to high temperature and humidity, you sweat a lot during yoga and that is why you must be aware of what to eat before Bikram Yoga.

So, let us discuss that in detail.

1. What to eat before Bikram yoga?

What to eat before Bikram yoga very much depends upon the timing of the yoga and what meal options do you have available at that time. If yoga is after breakfast, you have your breakfast, if it is after lunch you should have your lunch. You should not interfere with your eating routine before yoga, just little dietary modifications would be enough.
So, the breakdown of food modifications according to the timing of Bikram yoga is as follow:

Bikram yoga in the morning:

The day you’re going for Bikram yoga, have a light breakfast with increased protein content and low starch. Have breakfast at least one and a half-hour before the practice.
Our recommendations would be to have one of the following things :

  • Eggs
  • Chia oats
  • Green smoothie
Early morning Bikram yoga:

In case your session is very early in the morning and way before your breakfast time then it is advised to have a proper dinner the night before yoga.

What to eat before Bikram Yoga?  Heavy protein sources like meat, fish along with green vegetables, and sweet potato. Do not forget to include a salad at dinner as well.

For the drink, you can have chia aide on hand or if you want you can have some fruit like bananas and blueberries, etc.

Bikram yoga in the middle of the day:

If your Bikram yoga session is in the middle of the day then have a proper meal at least two to three hours before your yoga session. But again, this meal should be proteinaceous instead of starchy or fatty. You can have a salad with walnuts and only a very little amount of olive oil. If you’re really hungry then you can add the half sweet potato.

2. What to drink before Bikram Yoga?


Since Bikram yoga results in lots and lots of sweat, it is important that you have a glass of hot water with some lemon in it. Not only will it help keep your digestive system in check but it will also replenish your water supply.

A glass of chia Ade:

Chia seeds are especially famous for their property of providing hydration to the human body. They are a source of antioxidants as well. If you are low on Fibre then chia seeds are good for you. Before Bikram yoga, you can make lemonade out of chia seeds by adding water, lemons, and a little honey into one tablespoon chia seeds. Not only will this chia Ade taste good but it will provide the exact nutrients that you need before hot yoga.

  • Drink plenty before yoga
  • Drink a glass of chia ade or simple lemonade after every twenty minutes during the yoga
  • Drink half liters of chia aid for one pound weight loss after the yoga
A glass of Green Smoothie:

Green smoothie before your yoga will prove to be a perfect option. Just follow these simple steps and you will make the perfect green smoothie for your Bikram yoga. A green smoothie can have as many ingredients as you want. There are three components of a green smoothie. The number one is your greens for example spinach, kale, or any other leafy green vegetable. Secondly, a liquid source can be water, milk, almond milk anything you like. Thirdly, you can include frozen fruits like mangoes, pineapples, and bananas, etc in your smoothie. Blend Them until you get a smooth and creamy texture, All of these things are extremely beneficial before a Bikram yoga.

3. What to avoid before Bikram Yoga?

Avoid heavy Fats:

The metabolism of fats in our body is quite slow, that is why avoid eating them before yoga because they will be in your digestive system for an increased period and can make you queasy. Moreover, since your body will be using lots of energy, these fats due to slow metabolism would not replenish the energy source in time and you can feel tiredness and might even faint.

Less starch more proteins:

A food source rich in proteins is recommended before Bikram yoga because unlike glucose and carbs they are not an instant source of energy for the body. So it will give your body a chance to use its glycogen all the while proteins will be present in case you need energy. Hence proteins provide that perfect balance that you need before your yoga.

Best foods before Bikram yoga:

Food rich with antioxidants properties:

Antioxidants fight the free radicals formed in your body as a result of increased strain on your body caused by yoga. They help in the maximum increase in the rate of healing and minimum damage. That is why choose foods rich in antioxidants. These foods include citrus fruits like oranges and lemons etc. You can add them to your smoothie.

There are certain powders with an intensified dose of antioxidants available in the market as well. You can include them in the smoothie as well. These powders include acai berry powder and Camu Camu powder etc.

Food with anti-inflammatory Properties :

During the stretching process of yoga and multiple exercises, the inflammations areas in the muscles can increase causing pain and tiredness. That is why eat food rich in anti-inflammatory products. Chia seeds have lots of anti-inflammatory agents in them. That is why we have mentioned them in almost all of the food plans above. Apart from chia seeds, you can also consume nuts, seeds, and turmeric. Turmeric milk is quite famous in  India (the origin country of Bikram yogi).

Other instructions:

Apart from food, there are some other instructions that you must follow before having a Bikram yoga session are:

  • Do not miss out on your sleep, have a full night’s sleep before yoga. So, you can perform it with a fresh mind, otherwise its useless
  • Have a proper relaxing bath after yoga, if possible go for a massage session, it will help in relaxation of your muscles


Now that you are equipped with the knowledge of what to eat before Bikram yoga. Go out there, book an appointment, and enjoy your yoga. If you want to lose weight Bikram yoga can help you a lot. Just do not miss your meal before this yoga as it is a little tough than other types of yoga. What do you do before Bikram yoga? have we missed something? Is there any special routine that you follow? Let us know by mentioning it in the comments down below.


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