FITNESSFitness Model Workout – Where To Put Your Focus

Fitness Model Workout – Where To Put Your Focus

How do fitness models develop the type of bodies that they have? While some might argue that it’s all in the genes, it actually plays a much smaller role than you think.
98% of the way fitness models look boils down to hard work and discipline.

If you want to look like a fitness model, you’re going to need 3 things…determination, nutrition, and a good
workout program.

The only difference between fitness models and other people is the degree to which they are willing to push themselves to get results.

Determination – How bad do you want it?

That’s really all it is. You might not have the best genes, but can you visualize that dress, or swimsuit you really want to wear enough to say no to that slice of cake? Determination is what helps push fitness models through all kinds of temptation.

It helps them get their butts to the gym when they really don’t feel like working out. Determination is simply refusing to settle for mediocrity.`

Nutrition – You are what you eat!

You might have the best workout program in the world, but if you’re still eating junk food, the transformation you are seeking won’t happen. Simply put, you can’t out-train a crappy diet.

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Workout – Maximum Muscle and Minimum Fat

Anyone who works out has the same basic goal in mind. You want to cut body fat to a minimum and build shapely, sexy muscle. Everyone knows that exercise is what creates shape, so let’s take a look at what fitness models do to maximize results

1.Make A Plan

Top fitness models prepare their workouts ahead of time. They never, ever fly by the seat of their pants in the gym. Plan 4-6 weeks worth of workouts at a time and evaluate at the end of each week to ensure that you make some improvement almost every week.

2.Compound Movements Are Key

Compound, multi-joint lifts such as squats, deadlifts, presses, pulls, rows, lunges, step-ups and Romanian deadlifts give the most bang for the buck so to speak. Fitness models build their workouts around these basic lifts to ensure that they hit all major muscle groups and get the maximum muscle benefit from each workout.

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3.Isolate At The End Of Your Workout

Never do isolation exercises like bicep curls and tricep extensions until the end of your workout. why? If you do these exercises first, you will pre-fatigue those muscles and your larger compound movements will suffer. Do your larger movements first and put the finishing “burn” on small muscles like the triceps at the end of your workout.

4.Balance Your Splits

Most fitness models split up their workouts. The most common is an upper body/lower body split. For example, they might work back and quads one day and chest and hamstrings the next.

There are lots of different ways to do this and many of them work very well. The most important thing to keep in mind is to make sure your routine is balanced and no single body part is overworked.

Stay away from doing single muscle group isolation days unless you have a body part that is significantly lagging as this is not useful for leaning out and reducing body fat.

5.Never Do Cardio First

Even though you want to increase the blood flow to the muscles, joints and connective tissue before lifting weights, keep your warm up in the 5-10 minute range. A longer warm up or doing all your cardio before lifting will compromise the amount of weight you can lift and decrease the results you see.

It’s much more beneficial to do cardio after weights because you have used up the glycogen in your muscles with your weights and your body will pull the energy needed for cardio from excess body fat.

6.Every Workout Is Not “Do or Die”

How do fitness models stay in peak condition? They never miss a workout. But just because they don’t miss workouts doesn’t mean they go all out every day.

They have low energy days too. If you feel low on energy, don’t skip your workout, just take the intensity down a notch or two. You may be getting signals from your body that it needs a little break.

Just as skipping workouts can put a stop to results, overtraining can have the same effect.

7.Get In, Workout, Leave

The easiest way to lose your motivation is to make your workout too long. Keep your workouts short, simple and to the point. You should be able to get in and out of the gym in 1 hour or less.

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Change your workouts once a month to keep it interesting and keep your body challenged and making progress. Keep your goals small and manageable. It’s much easier to set several small goals than one huge goal. Most of all, make it fun.

Whether you want to compete as a fitness model, look like a fitness model or simply lose a few pounds, it’s all about the degree of determination. How well you plan and how badly you want it will determine your success.

If you want it bad, here’s the plan that will take you there.  


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