YOGAHow Often Should I Do Yoga To See Results?

How Often Should I Do Yoga To See Results?

How often should I do yoga to see results?

Yoga as an exercise is the best practice to make you physically fit, flexible and balanced. Besides physical benefits, it also brings up mental peace which is essential for a healthy life. But when you are going to start a yoga practice, you must have a question in your mind. How often should I do yoga to see results? As a human, it’s our nature that we expect instant results beforehand. Here are some aspects that you should keep in mind before practicing yoga to see instant results.

Test body frequency

Test the frequency of your body of how many times you can do yoga weekly. This will help out you to reach the results swiftly. According to research in China, around 40 percent of respondents practiced yoga between three and six times every week. This weekly practice is enough to achieve results related to overall physical and mental health. However, if you are looking for some individual benefit then regular practice is preferred. But make sure that in regular practice you should not target any specific muscle. Keep varying your postures daily to avoid any pain and strain in muscles.

Make a schedule of yoga poses to practice at least three times a week. In this way, you are dedicated to yoga practice and achieve effective long-lasting results.

Yoga practice time

As a beginner in yoga, it is difficult for you to practice yoga for a long time because your body is not used to it. The yoga practice time is totally up to you according to your capability. You can practice yoga for any time period between 15-60 minutes. Practice for at least 15 minutes in the morning is preferred. According to research in the US, 42% of people practice yoga in the morning (6 to 10 a.m) for effective results. Along with morning practice, yoga at any other time frame of the day is ideal to see results.

Time to hold a yoga pose

After specifying your time for yoga practice, test your potential to hold yoga poses. Do not overload your joints by holding poses for a long time as it may cause harm to you. Practice few aligned and balanced yoga poses in a specified time is better than practice more yoga poses improperly. If you have more poses in your schedule then increase the time period of your practice. In this way, you can practice each pose accurately and can have better results.

Don’t give up

Yoga exercise makes your muscle cramp in the early days of practice which may hurt. The best solution is to practice yoga on a daily basis because there is pain before gain. If you find difficulty in practicing poses that has deep stretches then don’t go out of the limitations of your body. Modify your poses by using yoga blocks and yoga straps. But don’t give up your practice because consistency is the key to success.

Boost up your dull mood

In between some days of yoga practice, you might feel sluggish and not in the mood of doing yoga. In this situation try to boost up your dull mood by giving yourself some challenges. Force yourself to do yoga for 10 minutes and it is enough to energize you. It is because exercise boosts your energy level by giving your tissues more oxygen and nutrients. But if you still feel lazy even after 10 minutes of practice then give up and allow your body to relax.

How yoga changed my body before and after?

We all know yoga as an exercise is perfect for bringing up positive physical and mental changes. As a yogi, you must think once during practice that how yoga changed my body before and after. Here are the five major changes that you will see after yoga.

Shaped body:

Yoga beautifully shaped your body that looks majestic and attractive. Your toned muscle, loss of weight, and lean flexible body is the best physical transformation done by yoga.


Yoga changed your rigid body into a flexible and mobile body. Your body becomes flexible enough that undergo difficult postures easily. Flexible bodies have less chance of injuries and pain.


Yoga makes your body focused which will help you to improve cognition. A focused body tends to have better memory and decision-making than an absent body. So, practicing yoga changed your distracted mind into peaceful, smart, and strong mind.


Your body becomes balanced after practicing yoga. You will be able to hold poses in space with proper alignment like a tree pose. Balance body is not responsible for holding poses but also improves joint stability. It prevents you from twisting ankles and serious knee problems.

Increase energy:

Before yoga, your body is not as energized and motivated as it comes after yoga. Breathing during yoga energizes you by regulating hormones and blood circulation. You get enough stamina and strength to undergo daily physical practices easily.

Yoga results before and after

Yoga helps you to burn calories and lose weight without going through a diet.

Yoga transforms your unshaped body in to lean tone and strong body.

Yoga makes depressed and anxious minds prosperous by activating your happiness hormones like serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine.

Yoga results in improving shoulder and back pain that are the huge improvements people with body pain see.

Yoga helps you to relieve digestive issues by certain poses and protects you from an unhealthy digestion system.

Yoga results before and after


In our concluding words for the question of how often should I do yoga to see results we suggest you be committed to the practice. Commit yourself to practice yoga by considering all aspects that we discussed and you’ll surely see how well your body responds to this commitment. More dedicated practice will lead you to the desired result that you want to see in your body. Comment and give your feedback below. We are looking forward to answering your queries.


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