YOGAHow to Hang a Yoga Trapeze? A Complete Installation Guide

How to Hang a Yoga Trapeze? A Complete Installation Guide

How to Hang a Yoga Trapeze? A Complete Installation Guide

Before you learn how to hang a yoga Trapeze, you need to know what a Trapeze is and what its uses are. It is a swing-like cloth that facilitates you to hold in several yoga positions. It helps in strengthening your muscles. It’s an inversion therapy tool. It helps in increasing muscle strength and maintaining the upper body’s posture.

It is a cloth that’s hooked from the upper end. These hooks are installed within the mounting bar. Special stands also are available for the installation of those yoga trapezes. If you’re uninterested in performing yoga at a mat, this is often definitely for you. This sort of yoga, which is completed with the assistance of a yoga trapeze, is named Ariel yoga.

Benefits of using Yoga Trapeze

What is the need for a yoga trapeze when you can do simple yoga? Here are some reasons why people prefer yoga trapeze over yoga mats?

  • They can help back sufferers. Therefore, it can be very useful for patients with chronic lower back pain.
  • It supports the body while performing backbends.
  • Yoga swing helps build certain body muscles strong. Moreover, It helps in building core body strength
  • It enhances flexibility and also relieves stress. Besides, It also helps in burning calories.
  • Yoga swing allows reverse movement, and hence enables the reversal of blood flow. This reversed blood flow sends fresh oxygen to your brain. As a result, you remain healthy and motivated.

How to Hang a Yoga Trapeze

Installation Guide for how to hang yoga Trapeze

Now the very first question is what should be the location of their installation? The best option is to hang them outdoor. The benefit of installing them outdoor is the fresh air, but it isn’t necessary. If you don’t have any outdoor location, you can also hang them indoors.
Neither do you want them to be installed outdoor, nor indoor? Don’t worry! We have another option for you. You can also hang them in the doorway. You can use a door mount bar for this purpose. Here we are going to discuss each method in detail.


Here are some precautions that you should keep in your mind.

  • Always choose a secure location.
  • Choose a location that allows you to move freely
  • Purchase the best mounting tool as it ensures your security.

Decide a Location

You can hang it with any strong object. You can hang them with a tree branch, or with a swing. But make sure that they are sturdy enough to carry your weight. You can also get a yoga trapeze stand. This stand can be kept anywhere. You can keep it on the grass. As these stands are specifically made for yoga trapeze, they make the installation quite easy.
You can also get them installed inside your house. It is very difficult to provide an absolute guide for indoor installation of yoga trapeze. As every house has its structure, so it is very difficult to figure out a common way. It is advised that you should hire professionals for the indoor installation of a yoga swing. Here are two common and easy methods of installing yoga trapeze indoor. We are going to discuss each of them in detail.

1. Using Ceiling Hooks

As this method involves the installation of ceiling hooks, therefore, it is a permanent method. You can get ceiling hooks from furniture shops. Some hooks are specially designed for yoga trapeze. These hooks are very strong and they ensure safety. They can be installed in any type of ceiling material. Some benefits of using ceiling hooks:

  • They provide strength and security.
  • Their installation is pretty easy.
  • These hooks don’t protrude; rather they blend with the ceilings.
  • They are available at affordable prices.
  • They can be installed in any type of ceiling, whether wood or concrete.

Yoga Trapeze Ceiling Hooks

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How to install it?

You can ask for the help of a professional. You can also install it by yourself. Here is the installation process of yoga trapeze using ceiling hooks.

The process of installation contains the following steps.

  • You should decide on the location where you want to install it. Measure a distance of 70cms between two points, and mark those two points. Circle the positions where you will install the hooks.
  • Make pilot holes and drill holes with 6mm and 12mm hammer drills, respectively. Make holes of appropriate size. So that the hook easily fits in. After creating holes, push the bolts in the holes, and reinforce them.
  • Now fix the plate. For this purpose, use a wrench. Furthermore, you have to fix the plates tightly. After that, the only thing left is the yoga trapeze. Attach the hooks of the swing to the ceiling hooks.

2. Finding Exposed Beams

In this installation process, look for indoor beams that are sturdy enough to bear your weight. The beam is the point that resists load. Therefore, it is the best spot to install the yoga trapeze. If you can find a beam, half of your work will reduce to half.

How to install it?

Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • After finding the beam, you have to install an eye bolt. You can also install a ceiling plate instead of an eye bolt.
  • Decide the height of your yoga trapeze.

And voila you are done. Yes! Your yoga trapeze is ready. Install the hooks of your yoga trapeze in the bolts or the ceiling plate.

3. Installing in Doorway

Many people find it the best and easiest way of installing yoga trapezes.

What tools are necessary for this installation?

The only pieces of equipment that you need for installing the door mount bar are the door frame. Because you will attach the door mount bar with it. Moreover, you will need a screwdriver, which you will use to mount it, and the mounting bar itself.

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How to install it?

Here is the installation guide to install a mounting bar in the doorway:

  • Measure all the sides of the doorway.
  • Screw the caps on both sides of the door frame.
  • Open the bar to the desired length by twisting it.
  • Clasp the bar in the doorway.
  • Put the metal loops of the trapeze in the screws of the bar.
  • Now, tighten the bolts of the bar.

Advantages of Door Mount bars

  • There are several benefits of using door mount bars.
  • It is a very fast and simple setup.
  • Its bar is removable. You can mount and demount it according to your needs. You can easily remove it without any extra effort.
  • It is available at a very affordable price. You can easily get it from any furniture shop.
  • You can also use it as a chin-up bar.

Safety precaution that you should keep in your mind

These mount bars can be dangerous. You need to keep some points in your mind as a precaution.

  • You should check the strength of the door frame. If the door frame isn’t sturdy enough, you can fall and get an injury.
  • If you are not confident that you can install it, you should seek professional help.
  • Always install it at a height of 53 inches, for ensuring your security.


Whether you are a yogi or not, you should be careful during the installation process. You should always select the location sensibly. You can install a trapeze by yourself only if you have proper knowledge of how to hang a Yoga Trapeze. But we would advise you to get help from a professional. You should always keep your security in your mind.


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