Weight LossHow to Stop Weight Loss After Gastric Sleeve? Tips to Keep Results

How to Stop Weight Loss After Gastric Sleeve? Tips to Keep Results

You have gone through the weight loss surgery, but you don’t stop losing weight? This article is just for you as we have answered the question: how to stop weight loss after gastric sleeve surgery?

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Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric Sleeve Surgery
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Everyone wants to lose weight in this day and age, and various options are available. Some individuals lose weight easily, while others have other challenges that make it more difficult to lose weight, but they still want to look fit and small like everyone else, so they go for surgical operations.

One such method is gastric sleeve surgery, in which small incisions are made on the top section of the abdomen, limiting food intake. If a person cannot eat adequately, how will he gain weight? It may seem simple, but this operation comes with its repercussions. The majority of the left side of the stomach is removed during this procedure. This may sound bizarre, but this procedure does exist, and individuals are opting for it.

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This operation effect lasts approximately six years after surgery and aids people in losing 30% of their body weight and maintaining it for a long time, but only with the help of diet and exercise. The primary disadvantage is that this operation is irreversible, sections of the stomach that are removed cannot be recovered, and weight loss can become much more difficult after the surgery. Some people do not acquire dumping disorder, which causes discomfort when eating carbohydrates-rich foods. The important question now is.

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When To Stop Weight Loss After Gastric Sleeve Bypass?

When To Stop Weight Loss After Gastric Sleeve Bypass
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For the first three months after a gastric sleeve, weight loss is rapid, especially in the first month. Patients are frequently motivated and follow the suggestions during this time because they are losing weight quickly. However, some patients may disregard the advice because weight can be lost without exercising at this time. The rate of weight reduction decreases after the third month, but it continues to decline until the first year.

Patients may lose weight continuously for a year without any preventive diets. But in some cases, some people may start to lose weight drastically during the early phase. In this situation, the weight must be monitored thoroughly. This abnormal weight loss is due to a small size of the stomach, lower appetite, and difficulty digesting foods that promote weight gain. Some people may become concerned at this point.

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However, this problem can be overcome by following a healthy diet, staying hydrated, taking medicine regularly, and exercising as directed by the physician. After the third year, the stomach returns to almost normal volumes. It is possible to take more of each nutrient during this time, and the patient may begin to regain weight, but regaining weight does not indicate that the operation failed.

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In short, we will be recommended to consume specific foods and exercise even after undergoing procedures that will cost you a fortune, cause you excruciating agony, and even cause you to lose your health. So, what is the point of having this surgery if the only other alternative is following a healthy diet and regularly exercising?

However, in some circumstances, when there is no hope left for the person, such as extreme cases of obesity where weight loss is not achievable without surgery or the person wants immediate results, then this procedure is an option to consider because dropping weight is easy but maintaining weight is not.


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