Celebrity Weight LossJill Scott Weight Loss | Diet and Workout

Jill Scott Weight Loss | Diet and Workout

Jill Scott is one of the beloved singers and actors among Hollywood celebrities. It is not strange that Jill Scott weight loss journey caught so much attention. Thus, she has also been a good example for other women.

However, let’s learn a little more about who is Jill Scott? She started singing since the time she was a teenager. Jill Scott became famous in the early 2000s because of the original way of her singing style.

At that time, she had already moved to California, Los Angeles. She played in several films, and many people paid attention to her as an actress as well. She was also included in the list of 50 Greatest singers of all time!

Young Jill Scott
Young Jill Scott

If you look at her photos from an early age up to now, you will see that she has always been very beautiful. Though before the weight loss, she had gained an extra weight weighing about 263 pounds.

Let’s figure out how Jill Scott managed to lose weight of about 60 pounds.

Weight Loss Journey

Jill Scott before the weight loss journey
Jill Scott before the weight loss journey

“I’d walk up nine steps and be out of breath!”

Scott said to US Weekly when she was talking about herself before the weight loss. Having a height of 5 feet and 6 inches such an extra weight had obviously caused her problems in some more ways.

Scott revealed that her decision to proceed with weight loss was mostly connected to her son, Jet Hamilton Roberts. After she broke up with Lil John Roberts and the birth of the child, she realized that she wanted to see her son grow up, be successful, and see his children too. The singer didn’t want to have health issues that would be obstacles for her to reach her desire as a mother.

“There’s a world of discovery in his eyes, and I want to be around to enjoy it!”

She said when recalling the bad side effects of her unhealthy lifestyle. The other reason just had a better-looking body. 

She posted a picture under which she expressed her desire to have thighs that didn’t touch. 

Perhaps, she wanted to have a slimmer body to be able to wear slimmer dresses and clothes as well, as most women want to.

How did Jill Scott Lose Weight?

Jill Scott and her son Jet
Jill Scott and her son Jet

Scott revealed the secrets of her successful weight loss. As usual, it was her diet plan and exercise routine approved by her personal trainer Scott Parker. It is noteworthy that she did the training and diet at her own pace.

“We have fun!”

She said to US Weekly about her strength training sessions.

However, the soulful singer is not going to continue with her weight loss up until she becomes skinny. Perhaps, that is one of the reasons why her fans like her so much.

“I’ll never be a stick figure,”

Jill Scott said after the weight loss.

Jill Scott Weight Loss Surgery

After Jill Scott showed up with her new body, some thought that she had gone through the weight loss surgery. However, such a surgery is not for her to take. As mentioned above, she just trained a lot and proceeded with a healthy lifestyle.

Diet Plan

Jill Scott. A photo for magazine
Jill Scott. A photo for magazine

Jill Scott proceeded with her diet plan with fewer calories. That, of course, the types of foods she used to take in. More specifically, Jill started to eat less meat and more vegetables.

According to the leaner diet, she should eat meat three times per week and have three low-fat meals and two snacks per day. In addition to that, she started to control the amount of sugar she takes in daily.

Workout Session

The efficiency of Jill Scott weight loss is the merit of her personal trainer Scott Parker. However, we should mention that the methods of sessions are not inaccessible. The same can be done even by suburban people. There is nothing sophisticated there. All needed for Jill Scott to succeed was her consistency and strength to stick to the plan with a long timeframe. She had proceeded with her training program for more than two years. Yes, that’s it. However, that requires a strong will to do so.

More specifically, her workout consisted of aerobic exercise 3 times per week, strength training exercises, boxing.

In addition, she went biking outdoors.

Jill Scott Before and After

Jill Scott before and after the weight loss journey
Jill Scott before and after the weight loss journey

Eventually, Jill Scott lost pounds. Her incredible journey let her shed reportedly said 63 pounds of extra weight. Jill weighed 263 pounds before her weight loss plan began.

She’s happy with how much weight she lost after the weight loss diet, as she managed to lose weight and make herself healthier. Her fans are happy, too, not only for seeing her success but also for having the pleasure of admiring her stunning overall appearance.

Jill Scott Weight Loss Program

After the journey ended, she realized that she could help people who were in the place she was before that. Jill started her personal trainer career. So, now Jill Scott is also a health consultant and weight loss coach.

In addition, she wrote a book called “The Jill Scott Fitness System.” It is indeed in great use not only among the men and women of the United States but also all over the world. In the book, Jill shared her experience of proceeding with a healthy diet workout.

Besides, she wrote about her own thoughts as a guide to achieve the body shape that people want to. The guide is for both men and women.

Height and Weight

Wonderfull Jill Scott
Wonderfull Jill Scott

As mentioned above, Jill Scott had a weight of 263 pounds before. After she lost 63 pounds, her weight stood at 200 pounds. The height of Jill Scott is 5 feet 6 inches.


Jill Scott’s weight loss story is very inspirational for many of us. After the birth of her son, she realized that she should have stronger health to be able to be beside him.

Are you inspired by Jill Scott’s deeds? Then, it is the right time for you to begin your own weight loss journey.


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