Celebrity Weight LossPaul Giamatti Weight Loss. How to drop 15 pounds in 55?

Paul Giamatti Weight Loss. How to drop 15 pounds in 55?

Paul Giamatti is an American 55-year-old actor who personified US attorney Chuck Rhoades in “Billions,” Showtime drama series. The performance of the actor made a splash in the show.

Earlier, he got his big break in Hollywood with the movie’s private parts; most 90s kids remember the actor from “Big Fat Liar.” In more recent times, he had turned into a bonafide star performer, as evidenced by his Emmy-winning performance in John Adams when he got “Best Supporting Actor.” But in 2021 as Paul Giamatti weight loss journey was a trend on the internet.

The reason why his weight loss suddenly took center stage is that it had been about a year since the fans of the actor saw the Emmy winner last time. The dramatic Showtimes “Billions” ended abruptly as the COVID pandemic meant that the production could not shoot more episodes. The next project in his schedule was an action movie that began filming in Berlin.

So all of a sudden, as people were watching Paul in Jungle Cruise, they saw that his appearance had a bit changed. There is some truth to the queries of the fans assuming that Paul Giamatti lost weight in 2021. The actor looked slimmer and more skinny. The same was true for his appearance in his new Disney film.

In fact, the Chuck Rhoades actor managed to succeed in the 15-pound weight loss. So for all those wondering how did Paul Giamatti drop weight, the actor, we are here to answer how did Paul Giamatti lose so much weight?

Weight Loss Journey

Paul Giamatti weight loss
Paul Giamatti weight loss


As mentioned above, the fifth season of Billions was interrupted by COVID pandemics, and the remaining episodes were postponed. The show fans anticipated seeing the next episodes. Even after about half a year as the cat and mouse game between Chuck Rhodes and Bobby Axelrod, hedge fund manager waited for a long time.

However, they were quite surprised to see Giamatti looking quite different. The actor lost weight, has no beard and his hair appears white.

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Seeing the drastic change of the actor just after half a year of pandemic pause, Paul’s fans started to ask, is Paul Giamatti sick or not?

Did Paul Giamatti have some health issues?

David Costabile
David Costabile

David Costabile, who plays in Billions as well, said in his interview that he had no idea how Paul Giamatti lost so much weight in half a year. However, he noted that this wasn’t about a disease or something that affected Giamatti’s health. The actor even joked that Giamatti perhaps fasted during the pandemic season.

So Paul’s fans can rest easy as there is nothing to worry about – Paul Giamatti just recently lost some pounds.

How did Paul Giamatti Lose Weight?

Paul Giamatti in Billions
Paul Giamatti in Billions

According to our estimation, Paul Giamatti’s weight loss 2021 stands at around 15 pounds.

He has definitely gone through a healthy diet and workout sessions, though the actor has not said anything publicly about his healthy lifestyle.

More and more famous Hollywood stars are going in for a keto diet during pandemics. So, maybe Paul Giammati was inspired to change his lifestyle because of the trend. Or maybe one of the reasons for the Paul Giamatti weight loss is that he just did it for himself to stay fit and be healthy.

Diet Plan

Paul Giamatti eating. Scene from Billions
Paul Giamatti eating. Scene from Billions

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The actor himself hasn’t revealed his diet plan. We can not say for sure whether he turned to some top-notch dietary facilities or just proceeded with a healthy lifestyle on his own.

“I’m trying to eat healthier,” just said Giamatti in an interview.

We can assume that for losing weight, he avoided eating unhealthy foods and drinking soda and sugary drinks. Instead of that, perhaps, he started drinking water.

Workout Session

Paul Giamatti trainings. Scene from Billions
Paul Giamatti trainings. Scene from Billions

Workout is certainly one of the parts of a successful weight loss plan. According to our research, Giamatti didn’t go to the gym. Paul started to work out at home. He also took online yoga classes.

Yoga is really good method not only for getting rid of extra weight but overall health. Figure out more about 9 benefits of yoga.

Giamatti also walked on a treadmill for 15-20 minutes every morning. After that, he did other things like yoga poses and weight lifting. You can use all these ways to lose weight, but you can also see which is the best workout gear for weight loss for you.

Paul Giamatti Before and After

Paul Giamattii Before and After weight loss journey
Paul Giamattii Before and After weight loss journey

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Without his usual beard and after exercising and diet, the actor seems completely different. Taking into consideration his age, his body is in better shape than most people of his age. You can see what Paul Giamatti looked like in the 2010s. As for now, he has changed a lot by shedding serious weight.

Now, Paul Giamatti feels more powerful than he had felt himself for a long time. Paul is well now that he has lost so much weight and has no health problems. The “Big Fat Liar” actor’s weight loss was entirely normal and unrelated to any sickness.

Height and Weight

How much weight did he have before the weight loss? Paul Giamatti’s weight was about 165 pounds. So, by losing weight of 15 pounds, his weight now stands at about 150 lbs. Paul’s height is 5 feet 7 inches.


Paul Giamatti’s weight loss journey is quite amazing! Having such a strict working routine as the American actor has, being in the film industry, Paul used the opportunity for dropping weight.

Are you inspired or motivated by the Paul Giamatti weight loss journey? Then, start to lead a healthy lifestyle now, and please comment below about your experience of weight loss!


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