Celebrity Weight LossKathryn Dennis Weight Loss | Diet and Workout

Kathryn Dennis Weight Loss | Diet and Workout

Kathryn Dennis weight loss has recently become well-known. Her body perfectly changed in a short period of time, so much that it seems like Kathryn Dennis is a different person now.

The drastic changes of the famous Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis followed the news about the death of her mother. Kathryn Dennis’s life hasn’t run smoothly in the last decade as well. Dennis got divorced from Thomas Ravenel, also a TV show star.

After her mother passed, she committed herself to work to move forward after her mother passed away of cancer. Kathryn tried to think only about her son and daughter at that time. Maybe her hard life makes Kathryn lose weight to change her life for the better.

After the Southern charm 7th season was released, many fans noticed her rapid weight loss. They noticed Kathryn Dennis skinny body.

Let’s find out how Kathryn Dennis weight loss journey went on.

Kathryn Dennis Weight Loss Journey Rumours

kathryn dennis rumours
Kathryn Dennis in Southern Charm

Why is Kathryn Dennis so skinny now? Such a drastic change became the reason for so many rumours about Kathryn Dennis.

Ashley Jacobs’ comment

Following Ashley Jacobs claim about the pressure from Southern Charm show that made Kathryn Dennis lose weight, many thought that the reason why she lost weight was precisely that.

However, Dennis replied to Ashley Jacobs denying her statement:

“Yes, I was having so much pressure while filming. I was worried if I had said something wrong…It also affected my eating habits but is not the cause of my weight loss.”

Fan Rumors

However, the rumours about the reason for Kathryn Dennis’ weight loss continue to swirl around.

Southern Charm fan tweeted this:

“Does Kathryn look emaciated in her confessional?” and a different fan tweeted, “Whoa…. is Kathryn back on that Coca-Cola?? Her newest confessional doesn’t look…. healthy.”

Another fan continued:

“Whooooooah, Kathryn looks healthy in the episode … but her confessional look. Anyone else seeing a rapid weight loss drug addict in the confessional?”

Did She Undergone Weight Loss Surgery?

Some fans also suspect that Kathryn Dennis’ weight loss relied upon surgery. Bravo TV reports that the reality star went for face and stomach transformations in October 2020.

Thus, surgery may be the way that she chose for her body transformation. The method called CoolScuplting can help her do so.

That was not the first time Kathryn Dennis turned to surgical methods. She did ones for frown lines, forehead wrinkles and lips.

Drugs to Lose Weight

kathryn dennis with thomas ravenel and their children
Kathryn Dennis, Thomas Ravenel and their children

The rumours didn’t end to that. Many were even worried about Kathryn’s health, suspecting her of using drugs for her weight loss.

This rumour trended around for a long time as Dennis’ ex-husband Thomas Ravenel revealed that the star used drugs.

He provided proof and stated that

“[Kathryn] abuses prescription drugs, is engaged in the use of illegal drugs, and consumes alcohol in combination thereof regularly… intoxicated by the abuse of prescription drugs and/or use of illegal drugs while in sole care.”

Moreover, Thomas Ravenel revealed that her ex-wife did that for getting rid of stress. For a woman who overcame such a tragedy in her life, it sounds to be true. However, it is not a fact that she used drugs for weight loss.

How did Kathryn Dennis Lose Weight?

kathryn dennis photo after weight loss
Kathryn Dennis photo after weight loss

Kathryn shared that she didn’t turn to drugs for body transformation and losing weight. But, how did Kathryn Dennis lose weight? She did it exclusively by changing her eating habits and workout routines.

Let’s now get into all the details of diet and workout plans of how the Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis get rid of the gained weight.

Kathryn Dennis Weight Loss Diet Plan

kathryn dennis eating
Kathryn Dennis eating fast food before weight loss

The first thing that Kathryn Dennis’ diet plan excluded was every unhealthy stuff from her habits. Kathryn avoided food that contained fat or any kind of processed food. She also gave up drinking alcohol and eating anything that had a lot of sugar.

All these exclusions bring to one sensible conclusion – she just began to nutritious homemade food. The menu included a portion of food cooked at home, fresh vegetables and fruits. There is no information about adopting a habit of eating with portions, though that might be the case as well.

Soft drinks and alcohol were substituted with green tea or smoothies.

However, her diet plan didn’t limit herself only. Kathryn also changed the eating habits of her children too. They started to follow the same diet plan. They also took her exercising habits.

Workout Session

Denis’ workout routine really made a huge difference for her. However, that is not the merit of a single fitness routine or workout style. She combined a lot of styles.

Her workout plan includes 3 gym pieces of training per week. She did that by exercising her body and muscles. Kathryn also went for a walk every day. The walk duration was about an hour. In addition, she also took yoga classes.

Kathryn Dennis Before and After

kathryn dennis before and after weight loss
Kathryn Dennis before and after weight loss

Look how beautiful Kathryn Dennis look in a pink outfit after losing so much weight.

Height and Weight

How much weight did Kathryn Dennis lose? Kathryn’s weight loss journey helped her lose weight of about 25 pounds. So, now her weight is about 120 pounds. Kathryn Dennis’ height is 5 feet 9 inches.


Kathryn Dennis weight loss journey is a good example of how dedicated a mother should be thinking about her children. In spite of many rumours, Kathryn showed everyone that she is healthy and fit to move forward after all the tragic events that happened to her.

Are you inspired by the story of Kathryn weight loss? If yes, then don’t hesitate and start your own weight loss journey now.

Please, comment below if you find the article interested or on your experience of weight loss.


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