SZA about "CTRL" Album

SZA about “CTRL” Album

SZA’s “Ctrl” album made a splash. After a three-year pause, she came back with an album in 2017. The album is pretty interesting as it was released after she went through the weight loss journey. In addition, it was also because it is a real musical masterpiece.

“Over the last four years, I haven’t just been doing music. I’ve been burying friends, burying family members, burying weight, the way I feel about myself, the way I feel about God, the way I process information. I’ve just been growing as a human being and I didn’t even realize that I was kind of in a box. I was missing a lot of world going on. Singing from my perspective of the world, I felt trapped in myself and around my friends, and around guys. I couldn’t explain it. It was weird. I felt very invisible around very many people,”

she added later.

SZA shot from a concert in Houston
SZA shot from a concert in Houston

As she said, she had buried family members. After the loss of grandma, she was very upset. That is why she wrote that she would quit with music. That was about her grandmother Norma. She was very close with her. Read about SZA’s relationship with her parents and grandmother.

“This album is like a release,”

she revealed. 

The “CTRL” album is something similar to being in a dream. The album is engaging. SZA’s beautiful voice with the music and the lyrics filled with great sense, brings together a wonderful piece of work. She also included phone call voices with her mother and grandmother Norma as interludes. The album is featured Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, and Isaiah Rasha. 

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This album was miles ahead of her previous one called “Z.” Between these two releases, four years passed, and she developed this smooth, sensual, modern sound that is great.

She didn’t get nostalgic and throw it back to rehash a bunch of old stale R&B-isms, and she didn’t go the R&B route either. Her instrumentals are refined, detailed, textured, layered, and melodic. 

It is tasteful and progressive enough to sort of push her over the edge and separate her from her contemporaries. However, she is still not the flashiest singer, not the craziest or most fiery singer you’ll ever hear. 

It’s like her singing, and almost her lyrics were just her venting stream of consciousness about her emotional insecurities after being left by her lover. .”The first song, “Supermodel set the tone of her album. It is emotionally complicated and quite dynamic. The album is not just some breezy, lovesick, and casual R&B one. 

SZA from a shot from a concert

After SZA released CTRL, she was very energized to move forward. 

“I’m really excited this time.. Last time, with the tour, I didn’t know what I was doing. I never performed live.”

SZA became very popular with this album. She was quite successful in selling about one mln units of the album. Its success is comparable with the success of the first album of Whitney Houston. She was nominated for Grammy in 2018 for the album. 

However, she was successful in another way as well. The album was a real uplifting motivation for younger generations that strives to be successful and has good and bad experiences as all do.


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