SZA and Kehlani Relationship Shocking Rumours

SZA and Kehlani Relationship Shocking Rumours

Kehlani, the famous singer, proclaimed that she was lesbian. The announcement was made on TikTok. She turned to her fans and said that if they want to know what news she has about herself, she finally understands and knows that she is a lesbian. 

The fans about her odd habits though even someone suspected that she was a lesbian, no one knew it for sure. The reason why she didn’t reveal that fact before was that she didn’t want to be labeled.

She said that she thought that she might not meet public opinion about her. Now, when she finally confessed, she was extremely happy. Nonetheless, she also mentioned that she is quite ok with being called “she.”

After all, many people want to know whether she has a girlfriend or not, and here the rumors about SZA and Kehalni’s relationship sparked out. So, the question arises are they dating or not?

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SZA and Kehlani holding hands in Met Gala party
SZA and Kehlani holding hands in Met Gala party


This reasonable question arises based on a couple of reasons.

Both singers were spotted at the Met Gala party holding hands and not only that. Their photos might tell of a more close relationship and just friendship between two women. Moreover, Kehlani shared images on Instagram from the times they were in West Point together. She referred to SZA as her girlfriend. 

After that, they were also seen in Lizzo’s stories having a meal together. 

Earlier, Kehlani posted an Instagram video where she praised SZA’s “CTRL” album. She liked it a lot and gave 5 million stars for the album in a very emotional and loving way.       

If you consider all these facts one by one, It may sound strange that some people seriously think that they are together. However, all these things together leave a strong doubt that they are just friends. Nevertheless, especially after Kehlani’s confession, their close friendship looks different in many people’s eyes.

SZA, Kehlani and Normani in Met Gala
SZA, Kehlani and Normani in Met Gala

It is quite normal that fans՛ reactions followed after that.    

One social media user commented, “Kehlani and Sza… almost certainly I’m having thoughts!”

wrote one fan.

“Notwithstanding the way that SZA didn’t articulate a word about being gay. N Kehlani and SZA would be a beguiling couple.” 

Neither SZA nor Kehlani said anything about the nature of their relationship. They didn’t deny or admit that they were together. SZA and Kehlani have been friends for many years. They both share similar kinds of audiences. SZA and Kehlani express great support to each other when a big moment comes. They reportedly said that the “CTRL” author attended Kehlani’s private birthday party when the singer turned 26. 

However, even considering all this, we can’t know for sure whether they are together or not till the time they say something about that.


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