SZA Relationship with Parents and Grandmother Norma

SZA Relationship with Parents and Grandmother Norma

It is quite hard to miss that SZA’s mom is always present in several events and shows. Her mom was there with SZA’s grandmother after being nominated for Grammy for her “Ctrl” album. Her dad doesn’t attend such events though he supports her very much as well.

Now, let’s figure out how SZA grew up and in which relationship she is with her family.

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A photo of SZA with her parents
A photo of SZA with her parents

SZA grew up as a Muslim, as her father is an orthodox Muslim. That means that she should cover herself with clothes like a hijab. You might think that she doesn’t like though, she does. She once said that 

“It’s the way that I connect with God; it has always made sense to me. I think I would love to wear my hijab but I feel like I don’t wanna wear my hijab and talk crazy on stage and be in videos with Travis Scott. Like I don’t wanna be disrespectful because I have too much love and respect for the religion, for my father, and for myself.”

She confessed that she was afraid to show that she was a Muslim after the 9/11 tragic events. That is why she stopped wearing the hijab after these events. She feels sorry now that she didn’t stand on her ground that time. 

Nevertheless, now she is not.   

“I feel most comfortable with Islam forever. It just makes mкost sense to me out of everything else, there’s less variables and less space for human error. It’s very rigid but it’s safe because you can trust it.”

Both SZA’s mother and father achieved a lot in the TV industry. The father worked at CNN as an executive producer. The mother was an executive as well at the AT&T channel. SZA was raised within such conservative traditions. At the same time, taking into consideration that her parents were in the TV industry, it made a great mix that brought us SZA’s music that we enjoy now. 

Her parents had a great influence on her musical taste as well. She recalled that she was listening to John Coltrane and Miles Davies when she was a child. 

SZA’s parents love their daughter’s music very much. There is a video with his dad breaking into tears while commenting on her song. The singer commented on her Twitter account about her dad with love and called him “my favorite warrior.” Once, she also said that her relations with her father are the best that they can be, and they often hang out together. 

SZA was very close with her grandmother. Her grandmother Norma attended the Grammy Awards, where her granddaughter was nominated for a price. SZA even dedicated a song for her called “Garden (Say It Like Dat)” to her “CTRL” album. When she got sick, SZA immediately stopped her recordings for her. Unfortunately, she died in 2019. SZA got a tattoo on her neck with her name Norma to commemorate her.


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