YOGABest Yoga Poses For 2 Friends

Best Yoga Poses For 2 Friends

Yoga poses for 2 friends

Yoga can be a life-giving thing but it is difficult to cope with when you are alone or bored. Even if yoga is being practiced traditionally alone for moreover centuries but it still has a chance of revolution and progress. Talking about revolution, what do you think of yoga poses for 2 friends? Intrigued? Stick with us for more details.

If you want to add up a bit of spice or joy to your traditionally solo yoga, you better grab someone along. Yoga with a friend, partner, and in a couple can bring about new and revolutionary poses which can not be done with the other partner.

As we say, the more the better!! It is also applicable to yoga. More completed and wide stretches can be done by having a friend by your side. It gives an opportunity to try something more challenging and difficult and to dive into the wider perspective of yoga.

In this article, we will help you have the best overview of what poses you can do with a friend. We have complied down hard yoga poses for two people as well as easy yoga poses for two people. So you can choose the best for yourself in your comfort level.

Yoga poses for two friends can be a challenging thing to do when you are just a beginner. Yoga poses can be easy and hard and one can choose accordingly. There is always a choosing guide for two friends that can help you both choose the right pose.

Catch up with us in the article to know the detailed review of the poses. Before that let us help you with all the precautionary acts before choosing any of the poses.

Things to Remember before choosing the yoga poses

Before starting any yoga routine solely or in a pair, you have to consider some of the valuable things that matter a lot. This will be favorable on continuing your yoga practice in a progressive and more calculative way.

Things to Remember are:

Warm-up: A little warm-up before any workout will have preparatory procedures to your body and practice. Warmer muscles will stretch more without the risk of any injury and harm. A warm-up for 15 to 10 minutes should be a must-start-up point for your yoga practice.

Time: Time management is also very concerning when it comes to performing a productive yoga practice. Every yoga pose has its own Time stretch and demand to provide the best outcome to the yogi. You should always consider the best time stretch for a specific pose and make sure that you are doing it right in the right interval of time

Selection of Pose: Whether you are doing it alone or with a partner, the right selection of a pose to perform is very necessary. Every person has a different body, stamina, and core potential. Even if your partner can perform a hard yoga pose he still has you to consider your body stamina. Overdoing any pose more than your potential can potentially harm your body postures.

Yoga challenge poses for 2

Yoga poses for 2 friends can have a wide range of yoga poses. This includes easy yoga poses for beginners and the newbies and hard yoga poses for the Higher skill level of yogi. If you really enjoy your practice with your friend or partner, you can start with the easy yoga poses and can initiate towards the hard yoga poses.

Let us give you all the detailed overview of yoga poses for 2 friends in the best guiding way.

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Easy yoga poses for two people

Just as seen in the title, easy yoga poses for two people can be your easy go-to partner yoga poses with extreme stretch and fun. These seem quite simple to perform but to guide you guys the right way we have made it much easier. These poses can be done in a particular way which is described briefly below with the type of advantage these provide to your body.

1. Partner forward fold:

Being a newbie to a yoga practice with your friend, you can start with the basic stretch poses that will help you build stamina for future poses. To initiate the practice, the hamstring stretch can be the best one in line. This pose focuses heavily on the flexibility of your hamstrings.

Partner forward fold

How to do it?

Sit on the yoga mat with your friend and extend your legs apart facing one another.

Now place your sole with your friend’s soul and make hold your hands tight.

Now bend down from the hips to move your chest closer to the ground while holding the hands of your friend.

Hold onto your breaths for some seconds and move backward to the original position.

Repeat the same step with your friend now bending.


  • Increases flexibility of your back and hamstrings majorly.
  • Opens up your flexor muscles.

2. Twin trees:

What can be more helpful in yoga as a beginner to gain else than balance and the right posture? For a beginner, maintaining the balance for a person can be easy and supportive with a friend by side. Twin trees pose is the right way to gather all the balance and grip on your mat.

How to do it?

Stand side to side with your shoulders attached to your friend.

Taking the support of your friend, spread your toes away from your partner.

Then slowly lift your other foot and place your sole on your inner thigh area placing your whole body weight on the grounded foot.

You can hold your friend’s hand sideways to make yourself comfortable.

Hold this pose for as long as you are comfortable with it.


  • This pose helps you maintain your focus and core balance.
  •  This also shapes up your posture formation technique for hard poses.

3. Chair Pose:

As the name indicates, it’s the human version of a chair with the support of your friend. This can be your ultimate partner to get ready for your quads by burning your thighs!!

Chair pose

How to do it?

For this pose, stand with your back attached to your friend’s back.

Now place your feet apart and lower your torso downwards towards the ground.

You can move your feet more apart to balance yourself and can also cross your arms with your friend.

Bend down till your knees fold at a nearly 90-degree angle to your feet.

Hold this position for as long as you can and then turn back to the normal standing position.

Repeat the same process at least 5 to 10 times to produce maximum burning and Flexibility.


  • This pose is your quad’s strengthener and posture former.

4. Buddy boat:

This pose can be a fun one and many of us can relate this to some childhood memories of playing along with our best friend. This is also about focusing, balancing, and developing the inner core muscles.

How to do it?

To start this easy yoga pose you can sit facing towards to friend with about half leg distance between both of you.

Place your soles on one another with the knees bend.

Now reach out to hold your friend’s hand while keeping the soles intact at the same position.

Now raise your feet with soles intact such that all of your body weight and balance comes down to your hips.

Keep your legs and arms straight to gain maximum balance.

Keep your shoulders and back straight while performing the boat pose.


  • This pose is the chest opener and back supporter.
  • This also helps you increase the mobility of your back.

5. Square pose:

This is one of the easy yoga poses for two people but does not act like one! It is difficult with respect to balance, support, and flexibility. This mainly focuses on your core as you have to be in a semi-plank condition.

How to do it?

For this pose, make your friend sit on the ground with fully laid legs and arms stretched above the head.

Now the 2nd friend can start with the plank condition on the legs of the 1st friend.

With this position, the friend above can bend at its hips to complete the square position.


  • This pose builds your shoulder and core muscles.

Hard yoga poses for two people

Starting with the easy yoga poses now we can finally get our hands onto the hard yoga poses for two people. These are type of exercises that is actually quite true to their name. Hard yoga poses require a professional level of strength, flexibility, and balance in all aspects. These hard yoga poses can be also naked as Acrobats or Across Yoga as they are the constitution of yoga and athletic acrobats.

Just to be safe on your side, try not to attempt these without any professional trainer’s advice. Proper guidance is required to save you from any injury. So let us guide you along the procedure of all the yoga poses with the advantages your body can endure from them.

1. Wheel Pose:

We have seen this pose majorly in all acrobatics acts and seems quite difficult as all of your body weight is balanced on your stomach area as you move with that pose.

How to do it?

To start this pose, your friend has to lay on the ground in a cobra pose.

The second partner can enter the pose by creating a reverse cobra pose with their ankles in the hands of the lower partner and keeping the support from the ankles of the lower partner.

The top partner can achieve this pose by bending at the hips and back to hold the ankles of the lower partner for balance.

By reaching this point, the lower partner by pulling the ankles of the top partner can replace the partner’s position hence creating a wheel movement.

Repeat the pose with continuous motion.


  • This pose is ultimately good for your deep back bending and aids flexibility of hips and shoulder.

2. Flying Superman:

This pose is also interestingly advantageous in building up your chest and stomach muscles with the flexibility build-up of arms, legs, shoulder, and abs. So we can say that this can be an all-rounder for a skilled yogi who aims at achieving the full-body effects in a single pose.

How to do it?

This pose can be started with the base partner laying straight on the ground with placing his soles on the stomach area of the standing partner.

Now the base partner will hold the hands of the standing partner and with the support of his soles will push the standing partner up.

Keep pushing until your standing partner is fully airborne.

Once you are at that level, make sure the base partner has its legs perpendicularly straight against the ground.

Once the above partner is up, he should spread his hands and legs to gain balance in that position.

Stay in that position for few seconds and then let the above partner land on the ground

Repeat the pose with an alternating partner’s position.


  • This pose will help you stretch your every muscle of the body and aims at maintaining balance.

3. Flying Bow:

This is an advanced pose that helps you improve your lower body and opens up the chest.  This pose does not works on all the things at one time but it works on the position of the person. A friend laying down will have their lower body functioning while the person above will deal with the chest opening and lengthening of the spine.

Flying Bow

How to do it?

This pose can be a transformation of a flying spiderman pose.

Once the person in the air achieves balance by spreading the hands and limbs.

The upper person stretches further to bend at the back and hips and to hold his feet by stretching his hands.

To give strong support to the upper person, the base person will stretch his arms to hold the upper person’s head.

In this way, a good arched shape will be achieved by the person above.

Repeat the pose with alternating positions between the partners.


  • This pose will help you conquer balance and flexibility with the strong muscle build-up and stretchability at your spine, stomach, and chest areas.

4. Flying Paschi:

The hard yoga pose for two also includes the flying paschi pose. This pose basically works for the lower body muscles and their flexibility and can be very good for your hamstrings.

Flying Paschi

How to do it?

Let the first person lie down on the mat with their hands u and arms up in the air.

Now let the person bend down from his waist and hips and learn his shoulders on the hands of the bade partner.

Now once the base person holds the grip to the upper person’s arms to give him firm support and grip the upper person can stretch.

By stretch being in the air, the upper person will make an arched position with legs and arms fully stretched.

The lower person just has to balance the upper person by his arms strength.

Repeat the pose with alternating positions.


  • This is an extremely helpful pose to make your back bending more flexible.
  • This also works for your lower and upper body at different positions.

What are the Benefits of Doing Yoga poses with friends?

With such detailed reviews of different yoga poses for two friends let us give you some quick look advantages to get you all started with your friends.

Here are some advantages:

  • Yoga with a friend will help you start your routine more interestingly.
  • It will help you try new poses.
  • You get to develop strong feelings of trust regarding your friend.
  • It fills you with energy and enthusiasm.
  • Your interest in yoga will sustain you more willingly than being forced to do it.
  • It develops a good environment of competition and challenges.

What are the major cons of doing yoga poses with friends?

Like every other workout, doing yoga poses with friends can also have some misunderstood cons that can affect you in many ways. These can not be equally disturbing to all of you who do it with their friends but can affect others.

Some of the cons are:

  • It might get us into any injury if the practicing partner fails to deliver the needed support and grip.
  • The feel of disbelief and risk will be there in both the participants.
  • It will be difficult to awake a sense of trust with the other partner.
  • Incidents like joint and bone dislocation can be produced if both partners are not equally trained.

What is couple yoga called?

As the name indicates, couple yoga is practiced with a partner or a friend and is also called acro yoga. This can be done with your friends all in your own space.

Advantages of found couple yoga

Apart from giving your lifestyles health benefits, couple yoga can also nourish your personal lives. Performing with your partner , can he really bonding and soothing for many of us. Furthermore, this couple yoga can make your lives lovable in following ways

Development of Trust among partners

Placing yourself into hands of others and that too to a person who claims to love you is very trustworthy. Dare to perform this difficult yoga poses with your partners will surely enable and boost your trust unto them. What can be more soulful for a relation to have than trust.

Reduces stress and anxiety

Like every other yoga forms , practicing yoga with your partner can be more stress reliever and this is how why . Most of us feel a bit lousy for practicing it daily or at our days off but with a partner things get easier and fun. Secondly the stretch postures of couple yoga all about relaxing your full body muscles working out your all day long stress down to zero. Plus you can also go with further more relaxing stretches with a partner by your side .

Improves intimacy

For the couples who have been fighting over for good intimate lives should surely try this. Yoga with your partner is all about relaxing yourself into hands of others . This makes your mind and body evenly cooperative to be loved and to love with a different sense of relaxation.

Our final words:

In light of yoga poses for 2 friends is not evenly biased towards the positive aspect of this criteria. We see it hardly challenging for the people who are just the new beginners. On the contrary, yogis who love to take challenges will surely love to try this challenging yoga poses with extreme interest and enthusiasm. So it is a good way of indulging yourself in fitness and health with joy and fun but it certainly does need the precautionary measures and skilled precision to carry them out. So do what makes you feel safe, secure, and comfortable.


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