Celebrity Weight LossBryant Gumbel Weight Loss | Diet And Workout Routine

Bryant Gumbel Weight Loss | Diet And Workout Routine

The HBO REAL SPORTS host, Bryant Gumbel was series of speculation regarding his body changes. Bryant Gumbel weight loss was a true concern for his fans as he shed a lot of weight. And when I say a lot of weight I mean to say almost 25kgs.

Losing so much weight was triggering many questions and concerns about the host. Many of his fans and viewers thought if he was ill with any serious disease. Well yes, they were quite right about the disease thing!! Bryant was suffering from lung cancer.

Fighting with a disease like this is never easy so a change in lifestyle was the foremost thing to work upon. He made serious changes to his lifestyle and this turned her life and body on a true note.

We managed to gather all that we could to unveil all the secrets of Bryant Gumbel’s weight loss and his lung cancer. Let us hit the main details given below.

Bryant Gumbel weight loss journey

Bryant Gumbel’s weight loss journey started in the early 2000s. Previously he did not have free time as being the former NBC’s host, that he could not satisfy his needs of health. A few years later,  when he left his job in NBC, he had enough time to reset his daily drills to lose weight. Self-focus regarded him with 55 lbs of weight loss and what a change it was !!

The former host had reached up to  240 lbs on a weighing scale before he pushed himself to weight loss. Considering the BMI, he was a bit too overnight for his height.

“I didn’t walk down the street and have somebody yell, ‘Hey, tubby!”

Bryant was never a patient of any common diseases like diabetes or cholesterol. All the weight gain was due to his bad eating habits. He said to an interview that he could munch on it whatever is in front of him until it’s finished.

One of his close friends, Matt Lauer was the real pusher of this body change game. He said Bryant was the complete opposite of a person in regards to eating habits on events like Christmas or New Year. For this reason, Gumbel would go to strict diets like water diets to reduce many pounds, but all for only one month.

“I’ve lost a thousand pounds in my life, but they’ve always been the wrong way.”

Matt said he always pushed Bryant to change his eating habits so he could be in shape for a longer run without hanging on to these strict diets for 1 month.

Bryant Gumbel diet plan

A diet plan is the very foremost thing when it comes to loose weight. Well, when it comes to a person like Bryant,  eating quantitatively good is more challenging than checking the quality of the meal.

In a talk to media, Bryant said he was a person who could eat up to 50 pieces of chicken wings in a single sit. That’s something huge to counter. He was also a person of missing meals plans of the day and satisfying to his fill in one sitting. He said,

“I was the guy who ate one meal a day, and when I sat down to eat, I would really eat.”

Now for the change of plan, Gumbel managed his meal plans throughout the days rather than having it all at a single time. He was also managing his breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals which he usually skipped before his weight loss efforts.

Bryant Gumbel workout schedule

Being a busy and famous sports host, Bryan did not have much time to think for himself. Exercise and workout were the least of his priorities back then. But in 2003, the former host managed to pull out his frequent workout session with his trainer, Jason Mittleman.

Mittleman managed his 2 hours of the day with hard cardio and other workouts to make him active all day long. Gumbel lost too much of the weight that ye did put on his wedding dress in 2003 and he felt like a cat in a sack in it.

To keep her schedules rooted, his traveling was also set to the goals or the resting rooms with a gym. Evolving through a hard workout is always a tough one to conquer but his will made him succeed and we all are proud of him.

Bryant Gumbel before and after

Seeing his present-day pictures, we come to the conclusion that our former host is all rooted in his health cautions. The nearly 73 years old Bryant Gumbel is maintaining his good posture to the date and we are loving it. Plus he is a strong survivor of his lung cancer and for that, we would not miss his huge round of applause.

Bryant Gumbel Weight loss before after

Bryant Gumbel lung cancer

The media personality did mention his lung cancer to the media in late December 2009. Bryant did it all a bit secretively that his staff members did know he has any health issues in late 2008.

Gumbel never missed on his work schedule and recordings of the show that left his staff clueless regarding his health issues. He had cancer-removing surgery in 2009 and revealed it to the world in the late days of December.

On his guest appearance on the Live TV show, Live with Regis and Kelly, the host was left with no choice but to admit it. When Kelly asked him for a dance behind the stage, he simply refused by saying he had no problem with dancing but he had undergone serious surgery.

The HBO host recovered from his cancer in a year of constant treatment and was in complete health in late 2010. Fighting such a damaging disease was never easy and we respect his will and courage to do so. The actual cause of lung cancer was never told but his smoking habits were considered the true culprit. In his early twenties, the media person was a chain smoker with consumed about 3 packets of cigarettes a day.

Bryant Gumbel height and Weight

Our famous host and media personality,  Bryant Gumbel have seen a lot when it comes to health and body. Maintaining all that he had struggled for in the early 2000s, he is at 80kgs of weight with a height of 5’ 9”. That is too good to be maintained at the age of nearly 73.

How did Bryant Gumbel lose weight?

Bryant Gumbel’s weight loss is the result of both, his health conditions and his balanced life and eating habits. Many years before his cancer state,  the host did work a lot to balance the meals. He also did almost 2 hours of daily workout. Most of his workout routine was comprised of cardio and weight lifting. With this, he lost nearly 25kgs and he is still maintaining.

Concluding Remarks

In the article given up about Bryant Gumbel weight loss, we made sure of fitting in every needed detail about his struggle and success story. The weight loss game for Bryant was not too easy as he was a person with bad eating habits. Struggling to survive lung cancer was also not a piece of cake for another person but he made his way out and with the glory of success. From the above article,  it can be seen evidently that changing your lifestyle can change your whole life about that point. And change demands motivation.


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