Celebrity Weight LossRoss Mathews Weight Loss After Tragedy. How did he make it?

Ross Mathews Weight Loss After Tragedy. How did he make it?

The incredibly famous TV star Ross Mathews recently became the role model of body transformation. Ross managed to shed 50 pounds! We strived to find out all the details and facts of Ross Mathews’s weight loss journey.

Ross Mathews

First, about the hero of the day. Mathew Ross is a show man renowned for his gender orientation and his excellent showman skills. In the 2000s, he appeared many times on Tonight Show, featured with Jay Leno, and now he appears in RuPaul’s Drag Race. Moreover, Ross Mathews gained a lot of popularity with his “Celebrity Big Brother” book.

Ross Mathews is also popular for his utmost honesty and a sense of humor. He openly declared that he is gay. Ross revealed that producers of previous shows wanted him to be “less gay,” which was why he left those shows.

Ross Mathews was not alone as a person who went through tragedy being gay and changed his lifestyle. If interested, take a look at the good story about Chaz Bono weight loss.

Mathews opened up in an interview that he had wished to be a TV personality since he was 8. That is the reason why he studied communications at the university.

His famous Instagram post after COVID lockdown became explosive news for all. He showed up as a completely new man with a trim figure.

Let’s figure out what caused Mathews to change his lifestyle by taking control of his own health.

Ross Mathews Weight Loss Journey

Ross Mathews mathews with his motherws and his mother Gaye
Ross Mathews mathews with his motherws and his mother Gaye

Ross Mathews seriously decided to change his life after his mom passed away from breast cancer in 2020. Ross explained

“I can’t imagine a world without her. Will colors be less vibrant? Flavors dulled? She was my audience of one, my head cheerleader, my VIP. And now she’s gone, taken before any of us were ready.”

Ross said how much her mother mattered to her.

“My mom and I were so close, just beyond close, and all my life, I’ve lost weight and gained weight, done unhealthy things to my body. And I decided, you know, this is the one thing I can control and what I can gain in this time when we’re losing so much… Because I think if you lose a parent, and you don’t pay attention, you’re missing out on a gift. And so I paid attention to what it means to have your health.”

Afterward, he reassessed his life goals.

“I hope — no, I know – that her spirit lives within me and I will spend the rest of my life trying to be as good as she was, as kind as she was, and authentic as she was. I am who I am because of how she loved me. We should all be so lucky.”

He revealed his new slim body figure with his Instagram post in November 2020.


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Health Journey Motivation

Ross Mathews revealed that apart from his mom died; he also found free time to focus on himself.

“I feel like everyone during this COVID thing has been focused on what we’ve been losing. You know, I’ve lost time with my family. I’ve lost time from my job. I’ve lost this, and everyone feels like they’ve lost a year. And I just thought: How can I gain something during this time?”

Ross had gained weight and wished to fix that as it was right and as his mother wouldn’t want him to be so.

“I refuse to do that. I want to come out of this in a better position than when I entered it. The reason? Because I can. I have a choice. I have the power to choose that. Not to be totally a cheese-fest, but I think any other choice that I made would be disrespectful to what my mother’s death taught me.”

Ross Mathews found the big motivation to move forward with his health journey after he started to take therapy sessions. It helped him find answers to the questions he was obsessed with.

“I promise you I will mess up along the way, but the thing that is different this time is that I talked to a therapist throughout this process. I really wanted to understand why I could lose it but not maintain it because losing is not the problem, gaining it is not the problem… maintaining is the problem. I think you have to get down to the root of that and all weight-related issues are not really about the food, I don’t think. I think it’s about why you’re overeating? What are you pushing down by shoving food in?”

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How did Ross Mathews Lose Weight?

weight loss ross mathews
Ross Mathews before weight loss

Ross Mathews’ weight loss recipe was simple as ABC – eating healthier. His brand new routine is just about giving up bad habits – smoking.

After his health journey, he even began to encourage people to quit smoking. He said once, life is too short, and you need to be healthier to live as long as possible.

Ross Mathews Weight Loss surgery

Ross Mathews had undergone gastric bypass surgery. That was before this weight loss journey and that time, he made a 100-pound weight loss.

However, it didn’t solve the key issue. The problem was in his attitude to food. He couldn’t find strength in himself not to eat so much.

However, he made it later; let’s see what Ross Mathews did for losing weight.

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Ross Mathews Weight Loss Diet Plan

ross mathews weight loss recipes
Ross Mathews after weight loss

Ross Mathews’s brand new routine not only included a “quit smoking” point. Ross tried to get rid of bad eating habits as well and acquire healthier eating practices.

Firstly, he often at late at night that, caused extra weight.

“Snacking at night is my downfall. I’ll be pretty good during the day, and then it’s like, a bag of Doritos at night, because I’m sorry, but when you’re watching 90 Day Fiancé, you gotta eat something!”

That was the first step. The next thing he did for losing weight was eat in portions.

“It was about cutting out snacking — or, if I did, I would snack on like a pickle or something. I was looking for the crunch. It was about replacing some things and really just knowing that if nothing changed, nothing changed. That if I didn’t make some changes, I would be stuck in the same unhealthy place that I was.”

Afterward, he got rid of one more bad habit he had – pizzas. He called it “grief pizza” as he had it and didn’t limit himself when grieving for his mother.

Ross Mathews didn’t even think about following a real diet like low-carb. Instead, he started to cook food on his own to ensure that his intake was healthy. He loves to give his own special names to everything that he does. That is the reason why he called the homemade food that he started to prepare “Ross-cipes”.

Fitness Routine

Generally, many people start to follow a particular fitness routine for weight loss. Ross Mathews, though, didn’t do it. Back in 2007, when he appeared as a guest in “Celebrity Fit Club,” he expressed his opinion on workouts.

“There [was] nothing scarier than the gym. [He’d] rather watch those awful Halloween movies repeatedly.”

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Ross Mathews Before and After

ross mathews before and after weight loss
Ross Mathews before and after weight loss

Look how healthy and slim he looks now. At the time, when he understood that he should find a way out and he did so.

As a comedian, he is an optimist.

“I also really insist, you know, this corona is going to end… it will end, and we’re all going to sort of emerge. I know a lot of people are going to emerge, having put on a ton of weight, wearing sweat pants where the elastic is worn out because they’ve been wearing them for a year, right?”

Many celebrities were happy to see Ross’s new look. Carnie Wilson commented on Ross Mathews’s Instagram post.

“You look happy and gorgeous!”

Height and Weight

“50 pounds down today from my height in early June when I decided to reclaim my health after my mom died (70lbs down from my all-time).”

Ross’s weight now stands at about 150 pounds. His height is 5 feet 10 inches.

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Ross Mathews sheded 50 pounds and showed that you can get fit by only following a particular diet. So it is not a must to go to the gym.

However, you should always go for a med check before changing your lifestyle, as some diets and workout exercises should be chosen according to individual needs.

Please comment and share your opinion if you like or dislike the story.


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