Celebrity Weight LossJimmy Jam Weight Loss Secrets Revealed. Sickness or Lifestyle Change?

Jimmy Jam Weight Loss Secrets Revealed. Sickness or Lifestyle Change?

James Samuel Harris III aka Jimmy Jam is a popular rock band since the 1980s. Due to his immense fan base and following Jimmy Jam weight loss was a sure headline for his fans as he changed the worlds around him with his transformation.

Born on 6th June 1959, Jimmy James is a popular R&B and POP songwriter and record producer. Not to forget the mentioning of his childhood pal, Terry Steve  Lewis who has been his greatest supporter band member from the high school.

They both made great records together and with this rising popularity,  the fan base was pouring in for them with each blockbuster record being made. But in a recent flashback, in January 2018 the fans were intrigued about Jimmy Jam body changes with his weight and assumption started pouring in.

Weight Loss Story

In January 2018, the POP star appeared on an event’s red carpet with his daughter Bella James, and the star looked healthy. After some months, there was another appearance that was given by Jimmy, and the fans were shaken by the fact that how reduced he was.

One of his fans acknowledged the weight loss and posted on social media regarding Jimmy’s body changes.

Jimmy lost most of the weight in a 6 month period in 2018. If it was an illness, we probably would have heard by now. He played with Janet in MN a few nights ago.

This drastic change geared up many social media hashtags and tagging with each having a different theory of their own. The theories or the suspects of his fans were completely rumored and nothing was confirmed by the singer.

But with the advancing days and months, the star was seen in mere boned when he gave his appearance on another red carpet event with his wife this time. No one was even ready to see Jimmy Jam to such levels of weight loss and now I can finally say he was not looking healthy.

Seeing him such underweight another fan showed his concerns towards Jimmy Jam health and posted,

Anyone see the Soul Train Awards? It was an amazing finale; Jimmy Jam continues to concern me. He’s losing weight like Charlie Murphy. Prince going downhill the same way but died before he looked as sick.

So, is Jimmy Jam sick? With the rising questions of his fans and followers on social media, one of his band members Keith Sweat made some clear remarks on Jimmy Jam weight loss. On May 2, 2019, he clearly stated that there was nothing wrong with Jimmy’s health and the change is just due to his hard diet plan and workout session.

Jimmy Jam Diet plan

A Good weight loss requires a balanced and well-managed diet plan and this could not be possible without a supportive family or your wife. The same is the deal with Jimmy whose wife thinks of losing so much less than a year is an amazing job of which she is really proud.

For the diet plans, the Jimmy James diet plan has been quite simple and consistent throughout and still continuing. The singer starts his day by waking up at 6 am and going for a walk. On his return, the singer starts his first meal of the day by consuming fried vegetables and a good mug of green tea.

Later in the day, the lunch is most possibly the salmon with some Brussels,  broccoli, or Cabbage. This meal helps him to gain all his energy for the rest of the tiring day and the vegetable part fulfills his fiber requirements.

The day ended up with the wholesome bowl of grains that helps him lose his weight more quickly and is a great energy booster.

Jimmy Jam Workout session

As we all know that carving out stars and artists about their diets and weight loss is never an easy job. They like to it a bit more personal and closed. The same is the story with Jimmy, who has not opened up much about his workout routines and other aspects of his weight loss.

By doing deep research and using every single resource we were lucky enough to pull something out of Jimmy’s fellow gymnastics. According to him, Jimmy spends about 2 hours in the gym daily after the morning walk.

And in workouts, he is more about weight lifting and cycling most of the time. We must all appreciate the struggle and hardworking Jimmy has put into achieving such a good body type.

Jimmy Jam before and after

From the above-mentioned picture,  it is all visibly clear that Jimmy Jam’s weight loss games have been strong for the past few months. The now and then picture taken in the same year gives you almost half of Jimmy Jam in regards to weight in just a few months.

In 2019, the singer was so slim that we cannot even say him healthy about his physique and health. The slimmer body with only bones upholding the body, Jimmy has continued his diet plans and workout session this present and there are no signs of the Jimmy Jam a few years back.

Jimmy jam weight loss before after

How much weight did Jimmy Jam lose?

His wife Lisa,  being the resources person, clearly stated that Jimmy was able to lose a whopping 25 pounds in just a few months when he started working on his weight loss. To a beginner, losing this much is truly a great accomplishment.

Jimmy Jam height and weight

The R&B singer and music recorder is at present at the weight of 78kgs with a height of 5 feet 3 inches approximately. From the last 2 years, the dropping weight is continuing with all the hard work and we are loving it.


Jimmy Jam’s weight loss journey was not only likable to his fans but the artist himself also loved how he has changed himself the way he wanted to. Asked by a reporter, the singer answered that it was about his health and there is nothing in life if you are not healthy. I hope we have managed to put every aspect of Jimmy Jam weight loss in the above article and we hope to see other lives transforming.


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