Celebrity Weight LossDamon Wimbley Weight Loss | Diet And Workout Routine

Damon Wimbley Weight Loss | Diet And Workout Routine

Damon Wimbley is a renowned name in hip hop group of the fat boys, also known as Kool Rock Saki. You are well aware of the band and its outstanding albums that remain trending in different eras. Although the whole band and its Damon did a marvelous job today we are not discussing the band’s story. We are here to talk about the hot topic of Damon Wimbley weight loss.

Damon always maintains a cool and smart look even at the time of being overweight. But when he goes through his weight loss journey he becomes more appealing to his fans. His extra pounds don’t let his career of making popping albums go down as he put so much dedication into his work. People love him because of his immense work in the musical world.

You know that being in the limelight, it becomes the desire of all to look attractive and we think the same goes for Damon as well. Let’s discuss all his weight loss journey, diet plan, and workout sessions in detail.


Damon Wimbley weight loss journey

In the days when the fat boys were overblown in the show and making moves from city to city, Damon can’t focus on a healthy diet. He along with his boys gained too much weight which they realized after his manager talk about their weight gain. Speaking with Vibe in an interview in 2010 he said,

“Our manager at the time would actually tell us that we were putting on too much weight. We couldn’t really see it because we’re on the tour bus and we’re going from city to city and the show ends at 12 at night, you don’t get back to the hotel until like two in the morning and the only thing open is places like McDonald’s and Burger Kingthat’s what we were gonna eat. So we’re eating things like Big Macs and Chicken McNuggets at like, three or four in the morning.”

At that point, all the boys including Damon consider their weight gain and decide to look up for ways to shed down it. He further added,

“So of course we’re gonna gain weight. He would tell us to calm down on the weight gaining. But it was so much stuff happening and so many things going on at the same time that we didn’t see ourselves as being fat. We just saw ourselves as rap stars who were performing and having fun. [Laughs] I see a lot of stuff on YouTube that says, “These guys weren’t really fat their clothes were just so tight.”

In another interview, he revealed that when he reached a weight of 330lbs he can’t tie his shoes without breathing deeply or extended breathe. Then he forces himself to lose weight not because of being smart and chic but for a healthy life. He made deliberate efforts on a diet plan and markdown incredible weight. He describes his feelings after losing some weight as,

“When I saw that the weight started shedding, I decided to keep it off. I went back up to 240 and I never looked back from there. I said I’m never gonna go back to the way I was before.”

Now let’s discuss how he made all this possible.

How did Damon Wimbley lose weight?

As we have mentioned in his weight loss journey that he was a fat guy who did a lot of hard work to lose weight. He made his name, not in the music industry but also in the world of celebrities who lose weight and head toward a healthy life. He hit the gym for workout sessions and starts eating a healthy diet which made him markdown. No doubt he maintains his diet and exercise plans very well but one thing is that he doesn’t give up. After losing weight he stuck to the same routine and balances his weight very well.

Damon Wimbley diet plan

Damon Wimbley doesn’t disclose his diet and eating habits yet. But we can assume from his physique that he ensure a slow carb diet, small meal portions, and avoidance of sugary products. All these stuff work together and lower his weight which we can see clearly in his before and after pictures.

Damon Wimbley workout session

Diet alone is not so intensive until you hit the workout routine to burn unwanted fat from your body. Going to the gym for an intense workout is the prominent thing in his weight loss journey. He makes sure that he never misses his workout sessions. He has not shared much about his exercise routine but we can assume that he must have practice cardio and weight training. His dedication and motivation to lose weight stuck him to such plans which give him fruitful results afterward.

Damon Wimbley before and after

This 54-year-old man started to lose weight from 330lbs and ended up at 167lbs which is appreciable. It was a huge weight loss which he made just by eliminating junk food and starting a gym. We can see in his picture that he look quite smart and healthy than before. Now his body doesn’t look too tight in his clothes and this difference is also seen by his fans. Totally, he shed around 163lbs.

Damon Wimbley weight loss Before after


Damson Wimbley weight loss journey has made us all shock. Losing weight is easy but maintaining the right pounds is tough, but Damson has done this superbly. The main secret of his weight loss journey is a healthy diet, intense workout sessions, and dedication. If you want to know about other’s celebrities’ weight loss, comment below. We are looking forward to answering your queries.

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