Celebrity Weight LossDascha Polanco Weight Loss – Workout And Diet Secrets

Dascha Polanco Weight Loss – Workout And Diet Secrets

Before heading towards Dascha Polanco weight loss journey let us have a brief detail about her nonfamous life. The 39-year-old Dominican actress was born in a Catholic family on 3rd December 1982. Being a daughter of a strictly catholic family was never say for Polanco but she turned her trials to triumph.

The actress is now known to most of as the “Daya” of the amazing Netflix series Orange Is the New Black. From her difficulties with her life and her weight, she was an ever nervous person to jump to an acting industry first but she knew how to pave her paths out.

The increased fame game has helped Miss Polanco to overcome her fears and to stun the nation from her bodily changes. All of the changes that occurred on Dascha Polanco’s weight loss journey are discussed below. So let’s get started.


How Dascha Polanco lose weight?

Dascha was difficult with dealing with her weight problems from a very early age. She said she was in love with herself but she has always wasted time seeking love from others’ opinions.

The actress said that she was too scared to attempt any kind of acting auditions as she thought it would push her towards the body change. But some fears are life-changing and so was this to Polanco. As she said,

“A lot of my life as a young girl and as a young adult has been influenced by how people will accept me or feeling that I am not enough to accomplish certain things because of how I look. I was very fearful of going out on auditions and being told, ‘Well you have to lose weight, your hair is curly.”

Her buggered break was when she was introduced to a big Netflix hit Orange is New Black. With the passing years, the American actress did all she can do to love herself and her body inside out but never really pushed herself into weight loss because of people.

The actress said that becoming fit was making her feel good herself and she could not stop herself from doing this for herself.

This change was not only surprising for Dascha but she did really stunned her follower’s families of more than 2 million. One of her fan wrote on her Instagram when she uploaded a video.

“This is my dream body.”

Another said,

“I love you!!!!! Can you post more of your fit journey! Amazing before and amazing after!”

One said,

“Girl you have lost sooooo much weight your looking greatttttt amazing job”!!! 

Advocate to positive body

The famous Netflix actress may not find her attachments to a very skinny body but her love for fitness and looking good has helped her to be the advocate to the positive body.

With the immense change in her body, she has been showing off her progress on her social media and never missed to impress her fans. Polanco in her partnership with Dove has helped many people to praise their bodies and love who they are.

“I’m not like the rest! I’m here to represent all the girls who thought their weight and they’re, well, middle class background meant they had limitations on who and what they could be. Listen to me, that is all bulls–t!”

She also talks about her New York Fashion Week looks when she wears a swimsuit and heels confidently in a gathering.

“People always say ‘You always seem so confident. This is a formula. When I’m in a place, a social gathering, I never allow them to know that I feel insecure. Whatever I’m wearing, that’s why I love fashion. That’s my armor, my protection.”

“You may think I’m insecure darling, but you see I’m not. And once I go home it’s like ‘oh my gawd,’ and I gotta take everything I have off. Ah, gimme that burger and that batta!”

Dascha Polanco workout sessions

To a body, as Polanco has, it is very difficult to get into the shape she already is. We cannot think of having it without a planned schedule of workouts and exercise. While talking about her weight loss journey she said,

“I range from eight to 12; this has been my life struggle. I’m either the eight, when I’m the biggest, I’m a 12. We too can be there, we too are talented, we too can be sexy or whatever, we too can be athletic. We too can be a CEO, we can be as equal as anyone has been for years. That’s whole method of working, of thinking.”

The American actress is all about workouts and loves to perform the drill nearly every day in a week. Her workouts never miss the basic cardio, stair master, and squatting too. When it comes to workout the actress still cares for her body than anything else. Back in August, in an interview with the Cobbler star, she makes it clear to her followers that why she is so confident of her looks.

” I was very careful about what would they think of me if they knew what was going. I was so self-conscious, and now I’m telling everybody you know what, you can f-ck off. Tomorrow we’re here [and] tomorrow we’re not and who the f-ck gives a f-ck. Everybody keeps on going and nobody gives a f-ck.”

She further added,

“I think it’s not a moment of us resisting it’s a moment of us supporting one another, evolving. Knowing the balance of what to accept. It’s okay for somebody to hold the door for you. You deserve for that door to be held. We birth. We are queens. Embrace every part.”

The actress is of thought that you out to love every bit of yourself and she has dome every possible action in order to do so and we are impressed!!

Dascha Polanco diet plans

Diet plans can be always changed as most of us can not be always in point with that. The same is the case with the Polanco. The actress according to her can sometimes be really health conscious with having eggs in the morning or can go completely off roads.

When not in the mood, the actress would love to go real Dominican and loves to have a breakfast full of yams, boiled Caribbean roots, and all the veggies.

According to her mantra, she eats what she feels like and works as her body likes. I guess we know her happy secrets behind her weight loss.

Dascha Polanco Before and After

The before and after progress can be seen all vivid and clear in the recent picture posts of the actress. Currently, the actress weighs nearly 79 kgs and has worked a lot to shed few pounds.

The best part of her success on the weight loss journey is all praises by her fans and they truly love her as they consider her beautiful before and After.

The actress has been working through many years since 2016 and there seems no stopping to it in the future as well.

Dascha Polanco before after Image

Dascha Polanco Height And Weight

The famous OINB (Orange is the new black) actress Dascha Polanco Weight is 150 lbs with an ideal height of Height 5′ 5″.

Dascha’s words of love and self-acceptance

Dascha delivers a string message about self-love and self-appreciation in society for every person.

She says,

“loving yourself in a true form is always better than fighting the chaos-created bothers.”

She further says,

“Everyone should find the positivity and wellness around themselves and try to absorb it for betterment.”

According to her mental health restoration goes side to side with weight loss.


In the above article on Dascha Polanco weight loss journey, it is clear that the actress was more ambitious about self-love and self-betterment than any other thing. Dascha has been a strong advocate of body love and never fails to promote the betterment in her fans also.

Polanco is a strong woman who swung away with her flaws in her years of success and struggle. Like every woman, her kids were her biggest support for all the success and achievements and she completely adores them. From the above article, I would like to clear the point of self-love because just as the actress says you ought to love everything you have if you do not want to change it.


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