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How Many Days A Week Should I Do Yoga ? – Healthy Tips

How many days a week should I do yoga?

Yoga is all about processing and not progressing, so asking yourself about how many days a week should I do yoga can make your processing doubtful.
But some of us might take it another way. Being focused more on progress rather than processing it takes a large number of yogis to their yoga mats.

As you start your yoga routine, the first-ever question hitting your mind will be about your number of sessions in a week. As we are entirely hooked to the thought of yoga and its benefits, the hope of achieving the aim soon will make this question arise.

So the newbies might think of their practice routine in a week to ace their yoga goals.

The basic 3 to 4 days a week practice of yoga may not entirely justify your cause of doing yoga. In other words, you can say that it all depends upon your goals to be achieved and flags to be marked.

And when I say aims or goals for doing yoga, a lot of us snap to the calmer minds, strong muscles, increased flexibility, and basic better mental health. Each of the discussed goals asks for a different amount of sessions per week.

Without further ado, let me take you along some never-ending benefits of Yoga and the times frame they require in a week.

How many days a week should I do yoga based on goals?

Goals predetermination is important to set yourself off for yoga. If you are a beginner then you should avoid thinking of fast results in minimum time. For such hurried people, yoga is not the thing.

If you are a newbie to this side of life, all you need to think is about the goals and enjoying the practice more often. Make it a habit rather than a forced task.

To get started with any goal, try to start with at least 1 class in a week. To take yoga forward as your habit, even an hourly session in a week will make a  difference. Try to enjoy that time so that makes it makes you come back to itself for further times in a week.

Now let us move towards out basic goals we were talking about:

• Increasing body flexibility

Everybody has their own level and significance of flexibility. Many of us are born with a naturally high level of flexibility for which we do not need to practice. While others cannot rely on their natural flexibility levels and have to work hard for it.

Those who lack natural flexibility can either practice daily or 3 to 4 times per week. Flexibility gaining efforts are also supported by your body, flow as your body wants you to.

With the flexibility increasing sessions of yoga, I also prefer you to start the stretching ones as well. As flexibility encircles the moveability of your joints and mucked stretching sessions will help them refraining any damage to them.

• Stress relieving

Relieving stress can be one of the major goals that push people like us to head on to yoga. While speaking of stress, you can never be sure of how, when, and of what tendency will it have an impact on your daily routines and mental health.

So in reference to such an instantaneous approach, I suggest you do yoga any time, anywhere and the number of times you want it in a day.

If you just start with the basic asanas before bed you will soon have the feel of mental and physical relaxation binding all around yourself.

As you step more and more into this, you will have more and more power to yourself for controlling your moods, emotions, and fatigues.

• Stronger muscles

Stronger muscles without adding weight to your body is another magnetizing feature of yoga. Despite such clear weight-free methods of yoga, there is still a  modification to it that will fulfill your desire of lifting weights in a yoga style without the machinery.

Yoga for stronger muscles requires the gap days as your muscles tissues need time to bounce back and regenerate. However, these gap days can be canceled out only if you change your selection of muscles on the alternate days.

Doing yoga 3 to 4 times a week for building stronger muscles in a specific area of your body is more than enough. Power yoga, Bikram yoga, and hot yoga play a great contribution in achieving this goal.

In every type of power or hot yoga, go with your body flows and don’t push yourself much.

• Weight loss

Cut the calories out. Weight loss is something that cannot be achieved by mere practicing and workouts but diets are the more crucial part of it. You may work for a whole week but still might unable to lose weight just because your diet is unchecked.

Cutting the calories can be difficult as you need to know what your food actually contains. As yoga is not as rigorous as other cardio workouts are, so I suggest you push yourself for this one for almost 6 days a week with one resting day.

Even in yoga, you can opt for the more powering and rigorous Yoga types like power yoga, hot yoga, ashtanga yoga to keep your core working more than it does in a basic stretch of yoga.

An hour of nonstop yoga coupled with a contained diet can help your body lose those extra pounds just at the approach of your home.

How much yoga is too much yoga?

Yoga can never be too much as far as your body is in peace with it. Once yoga turns out to be your lifestyle, you can never think of yoga as too much yoga. If you practice several hours in a day or a week and are happy about it just let it be. Do not try to Regulate your time frames with the person who does it differently. Yoga sessions do not work the same for everyone.

Try to find your settlement point for your body and try not to push. Soreness of muscles can be a part of yoga sessions at the start but the continuous soreness is alarming for your brain to stop the drill.

If you really want to keep your yoga sessions beneficial try to figure out your bodily pros and cons and work with that. Everybody requires different and endures differently.

So to practice 7 days a week or  3 to 4 days a week is all up to you. It is your to mark the boundaries of how much yoga is too much yoga.

Can I do yoga every day?

If you ask your instructor or any other person the question of can you do yoga every day, the answer to that question will never be truly reliable. The reason for this is the fact that not everyone is likely to work with the principle of THE MORE THE BETTER and not everyone is fond of ongoing quantity over quality.

It’s only you who could answer this question. Your needs, your aims, your mental and physical health, and your ease of doing yoga will help you answer this question.

The promotion line of yoga every damn day is not for everyone but has a great possibility of catching most of the newbies to this lead. And it certainly has some amazing outcomes on a person’s life.

So if you practice yoga daily and feel good about it, it great but on contrary to that if practicing yoga only on weekends makes you feel overwhelmed that’s fine too. Do yoga just as you mean it!

Some go to tips before setting yoga schedules

Finally, with all the above-mentioned debate and facts I would still love to give you guys some good grasping tips for setting your yoga schedule for your week.

  • Consider your consciousness before anything else.
  • Try not to push.
  • Make some strong commitments with yourself and try only to increase the need in a more positive and habitual way.
  • Take care of when and what you eat.
  • Sort out the best yoga variations in association with your predetermined goals to gain success.
  • Do not confine your yoga schedules just to the walls of yoga studios.
  • Yoga can be done anywhere, anytime, any place.


So in the above-mentioned article of How many days a week should I do yoga, I tried to suggest the best for you. Hopefully, until now many of us had understood what yoga to your body and mind feels like and what more is to prefer before settling your goals for achievement. If you do yoga differently in a week do let us know and do not forget to tell us how it has affected your body and mind. Until then, know your body before you know the type of yoga you want to opt for.


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