FITNESSHow To Get Bigger Hands and Feet. 7 Simple Methods!

How To Get Bigger Hands and Feet. 7 Simple Methods!

If you are someone who has small hands and feet and has been struggling in making your hands and feet bigger, then you have come to the right place. It is quite frustrating to have small baby hands and feet, big hands are not just a symbol of strength and dominance but they also just look so satisfying.


Small Hands and Feet

When you have small hands like so many other people it feels as if the lucky lads with bigger fingers are just going to be better at so many things than you in life. If you have tiny hands there is a strong chance you have been envious of people like Micheal Jordan who happen to have massive hands making them almost supernatural at anything they do.

It is quite self-evident if Micheal Jordan were not to have such big hands we probably wouldn’t know him as we do today, having hands bigger than average gave Michael Jordan an extra edge in his game being able to hold a basketball in one hand with such ease.

There is no doubt in the fact that having hands bigger than average people will not only be beneficial for you in terms of your grip strength but it makes you look more masculine and influential.

Do you ever wonder what are the factors which eventually decide how big your hands will be? Or if you even have some control over your hand and feet size at all?

It’s time you stop pondering, how to get bigger hands and feet? Or how to make my hands bigger? As through this article, we will be presenting to you a complete breakdown as to what makes you have small hands and feet, plus what you can do about it.

Factors that influence your hands and feet size

small hands and feets
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Genes are biological information carriers from one organism to another, genes are responsible for carrying hereditary information from organisms to their offspring.

We all have our unique genetic code which is based on our parent’s genetic information. Genes play a major role in deciding many characteristics of your internal and external appearance. From your finger’s strength to the skin tone you have, all such details are more or less dependent on your genetics.

As it is probably the biggest factor that plays the most important role in deciding many anatomical characteristics of your hands and feet. Questions such as when do hands stop growing? And why are my hands so small? Can be answered by your individual genetic code.

If you don’t have massive hands then, unfortunately, genetics cannot help you a lot in this regard. That’s the thing with your genes they cannot be altered or modified, you inherit genetic information from your ancestors and then you carry it as it is for the rest of your life.

So where Micheal Jordan’s genes made him the biggest basketball star by giving him hands bigger than most people, if small hands and feet are hereditary for you then there is little you can do about it.

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Having talked about genetics as the major contributor to the size of your hands and feet. An individual’s lifestyle is another major factor that will eventually have a huge impact on questions such as how to make your fingers longer? Or how to make my hands bigger?

It might be hard to understand how much of your hand and feet size you can control and how much of it is based upon your genetics, but it is important to understand here that not all hope is lost.

If your genetics do not allow you to have massive hands and feet like elite sportsmen such as Micheal Jordan or Micheal Phelps, certain lifestyle changes might help.

When we say lifestyle as a factor we mean to consider your work type, your birthplace, and what kind of sports activities you take part in if any at all.

Just to provide you with a better understanding, consider a construction worker and a doctor. Based on their profession it is quite clear that the construction worker will have big hands and thicker skin than the doctor, this can be explained by the nature of their work. A construction worker has to perform intense physical work of lifting heavy loads and gripping rough surfaces.

Many sportsmen seem to have bigger and stronger hands and feet than average people, as most sports require good hand grip and decent finger strength. No wonder having large hands and feet is so crucial for Olympic swimmers as it provides them with speed and agility.

Other than that the same could be said about games like tennis and basketball where the continuous practice and use of hands enable the athletes to have stronger and larger hands and feet size.

So if you wish to make something positive out of this section it would be that certain hand movements and exercises can be beneficial in increasing your hand and feet size. Even if you can’t make your hands and feet get bigger you can for sure make them thicker and stronger to be able to develop a decent hand grip.

What Makes It So Hard To Increase The Size Of Your Hands And Feet?

increase hands and feet
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As discussed above, if you struggle with small hands your genetics is probably the thing to blame. Your hand consists of many distinct muscles, bones, and ligaments which all together work to provide the functionality, which a hand is very well known for.

The hand is composed of 3 major types of bones. The phalanges are the 14 bones that are present in your fingers and your toes, except for the thumb each finger has 3 phalanges bones.

The metacarpal 5 bones are found in the middle part of your hand. The metacarpal bones have no role in answering the question of, how to get thicker fingers?

Lastly, we have the carpal bones in the hand, these are 8 bones that make up your wrist. Two of these bones are also connected to bones of the arm which include the ulna and the radius bone.

Now that you have the basic idea of the anatomical structure of the hand it will be easier for you to answer questions such as; how to make your hands bigger? How to make your fingers longer? Or why are my hands so small?

Other than just bones your hand also has many muscles and ligaments which all together influence the strength, size, and agility of your hand. You have to consider the role of muscles and ligaments when you try to answer the question of how to strengthen hands? Or how to make my hands bigger?

Unlike the bones, fortunately, there is a lot you can do to strengthen your hand and feet muscles. Muscles are tissues that are fully capable of growing stronger when subjected to stress.

Just like any other muscle of the body which can be made stronger just by exercising it, the muscles of your hand can also be very well made more agile and stronger.

Other than that, ligaments are fibrous tissue that binds together the bones through joints. Ligaments play a crucial role in providing agility to your hand, the more flexible and stronger the ligaments of your hand the greater the reach and flexibility of your hand would be.

What do you think allows Micheal Jordan to be able to stretch his fingers so much that he can hold a basketball in just one hand? Our speculation says It must be the exceptionally strong and flexible ligaments in his fingers that allow him to be able to grip a whole basketball single-handedly.

To put it simply the size of your hands or feet is majorly dependent on your bone structure. If you are an adult it is quite impossible to alter the size of your bones to a large extent, since probably by now your bones have reached their peak growth and won’t grow anymore.

Having talked about the bones, there is still a lot you can do to enhance the strength of the muscles of your hand and make them stronger plus more functional. There are many fingers strengthening exercises and fingers workouts that can actually help you to make your hands bigger which we will be discussing later in this article. Fingers strengthen gradually when you subject them to a routine exercise.

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When Do Hands Stop Growing?

When Do Hands Stop Growing
Credits to Heathline

Although a general statement cannot be made in this regard for all human species on average, hands stop growing for women in their mid-teens, and for men, they grow for a few more years.

So most of the natural growth of hands and feet happens in the teen ages for an average person.

Many people ask, do I have big hands? Or will they grow anymore? So if you are in your late twenties there is little chance that your hands and feet will grow more as they have probably already reached their max.

On the contrary, it is quite possible to influence children’s bone sizes. As their bones are already growing it is relatively easier to influence the structure of their bones.

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How To Get Bigger Hands And Feet?

Physiological research indicates that it is quite possible to increase the size of your hands and feet, though it is important to understand that like any other body part which has to be worked and exercised for it to get stronger and bigger, your hands and feet can also get bigger assuming you follow the right exercise routine and with consistency.

How to make hands bigger? In this section, we will be discussing some of the easiest and efficient ways to practice your hands and make them stronger and bigger eventually.

How to get bigger feet and hands

Walking Barefoot

How to make your feet grow? Simple! This one insignificant and minimalist change in your daily life can do wonders for you when increasing feet size. Walking barefoot exposes your feet to the ground. This would prompt your feet to get thicker and grow bigger as the ground acts as a hostile contact. Try walking barefoot whenever you can and make it a habit.
Note while walking barefoot care for your feet’ skin and keep applying some ointment for avoiding calluses.

Perform Running Exercises To Enlarge Feet

Many running exercises have been shown to aid in the overall growth of legs and feet. Most Olympic runners have massive feet which provide better grip when running. Incorporating running circuits in your daily workouts will enhance your foot size over time.

The increased blood flow through the legs and feet while running makes it ideal for the feet to grow and enlarge. Training your legs through running will eventually have fruitful benefits for your feet size.

Trail running is also an ideal form of running to increase foot size. If it is feasible for you to perform trail running then you must do. As trail running includes long-distance running over rugged terrains.

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Squeezing/Gripping A Softball

You may also improve your grip strength by regularly using other exercise movements that require squeezing.

  • Grip a soft stress ball in your hand using your palm.
  • Now squeeze the ball with all your might (note that you don’t hurt your hand by overdoing it).
  • Keep the ball squeezed for 4 to 6 seconds, and then release. (note that the time for holding the ball is dependent on you but we prefer 4-6 seconds).
  • Now keep repeating the process till you have done at least 15 sets of this movement with each hand.

You can add variations in this exercise by holding a stress ball between your fingers and the thumb of a single hand.

This exercise might seem insignificant and unworthy but you will be surprised how beneficial this movement can be. Many basketball athletes and tennis players usually practice this movement as it releases tension and fatigue from their hands.

Fingers strengthen when you put them under stress and load, and this movement triggers the very crucial ligaments and muscles in your fingers and eventually makes them grow stronger and bigger. You can try 5 Pack Multiple Resistance Therapy Exercise Gel Squeeze Balls.

Making A Fist

How can you make your hands bigger other way? Another very basic movement that you can perform almost anywhere and requires no equipment is making a tight fist and releasing it after a few seconds.
  • Make a tight fist with your thumb over your fingers.
  • Hold your wrist in this position for at least 30 seconds.
  • Then after 30 seconds open your hand and stretch your fingers as wide as you can.
  • Repeat this for at least 10 repetitions.

This simple and insignificant exercise can be transformational for the overall strength and size of your fingers on a long-term basis. The more you perform this exercise the better it is for you.

As this movement requires no equipment whatsoever, you should make a habit of performing such exercises whenever you are free as much as possible.

Performing wrist curls and reverse wrist curls

This exercise requires a simple light dumbbell or any weight. Now that you will be doing weighted exercises they will be very helpful in building your muscular strength while also putting load on your bones.

  • Take a seat on an even surface with your knees remaining perpendicular to your lower legs.
  • Now take a light dumbbell of about 2kg and rest your hands on your knees in such a way that your palms are extended just off your knees.
  • Now start to curl, by flexing your wrist just above the level of the knee and then release it.
  • Perform 3 sets of this movement each containing 3 repetitions.
  • For performing reverse curls just repeat the same process with your palms facing down instead of up.

Note that if you are a beginner with weights we recommend you to keep the weights minimum at the start and gradually increase the weight as you get better at the movement.

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Rushing too soon by increasing weights can cause injuries and might also interfere with the functionality of your hand.


If you are just starting to work out to lose weight it is good to have a simple guide. Have a look at weight loss at the gym for beginners guide to learn more about that.

Hand Grippers

This handy equipment is optimum for you to work on your hand grip and is a great finger workout. Not just your fingers, using hand grippers you work the whole of your hand.

  • Grip a hand gripper with one hand.
  • Press it tightly so both the handles touch.
  • Hold it squeezed till failure.
  • When you reach failure, release the handles and let your hand rest for 20 seconds.

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Knuckle Pushups

This is probably one of the most challenging strength exercises you can do to get bigger hands. With knuckle pushups, your fingers strengthen and your knuckles get stronger due to the load and pressure they have to experience. Note that you probably won’t be able to do a lot of reps of knuckle pushups at first even if you can do dozens of standard push-ups.
With time you will develop strong enough knuckles to be able to perform multiple knuckle pushups at once.
  • Get down on the floor in the pushup posture.
  • Now instead of setting your flat palms against the floor, put your knuckles in contact with the floor.
  • Perform 5 sets of 10 reps with adequate rest between sets.

Take Part In Martial Arts And Boxing

Boxers and martial artists have rock-solid hands and thick fingers. If you have been wondering how to get bigger hands like professional boxers, it is time you get to work and train as boxers do.

Start a routine of punching sandbags or any other punching bag that you can find. Practicing on a sandbag might bruise your knuckles but it is very well worth getting your knuckles all bruised up in the return for stronger, thicker, and bigger hands.

Activities like martial arts and boxing tend to increase the blood flow of your hands and feet, thus making it possible for them to grow bigger.

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How can I gain weight in my hands and fingers?

Grip strengthening

  • This is a basic and easiest method of gaining strength in your hands and fingers with the minimum effort needed.
  • To do this, hold a softball in your hands and squeeze it to the fullest.
  • Do this 15 to 20 times on each hand
  • For better results do this 2 to 3 times a week with a 48-hour gap between the practice.
  • Do not try this if your finger joints are damaged or hurt.

How can I get pretty hands?

5 basic steps that can make your hands pretty and attractive

  • Regular exfoliation of your hands with a basic scrub or a homemade scrub
  • Wash your hands off daily
  • Use a good moisturizer after wash
  • Buff off your dull nails to add shine
  • Clip and shape the nails regularly and try to keep them short and healthy

How do you increase grip strength?

5 exercises to increase grip strength

  • Deadlift
  • Zottman curl
  • Farmers walk
  • Pull-ups
  • EZ reverse curl

Do Fingers Get Smaller When You Lose Weight?

It is very difficult to say how much weight loss will effect your fingers. You can always keep checking your finger mass with how good your rings set into your fingers.

If you want not only to get bigger hands but also get yourself in the better shape, then you will need a work out gear. Find out what is the best workout gear for weight loss.


In this article, we have provided you with all the practical tips and answer all these questions; how to get bigger hands and feet? how to make your hands bigger? And how to get big hands?

From presenting the anatomy of your hands and feet to useful finger’s workout this article has it all for you to grow your hands and feet bigger.

Do your feet keep growing after the exercises? And do you hands keep growing? If our article was helpful, please comment below.


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