YOGAYoga For Flat Belly In 1 Week | Best Yoga Poses

Yoga For Flat Belly In 1 Week | Best Yoga Poses

Yoga for flat belly in 1 week

Amidst the pandemic or simply your laziness or the desk work routines have made you realize how flabby your belly has been in the past few months. This belly fat can be disturbing when it’s a tough one to deal with. Yoga for flat belly in 1 week is your goal to achieve and here is how.

Being confined to your house makes it even more challenging. Despite all other exercises and diet routines many of us still and must prefer yoga for toning our bodies at home.

Yoga being religiously favorable for our body toning makes our path of losing our hanging belly fats in few days. How about losing your hanging bulk in 1 week? Sounds nice!!

So here we are to present you the best asanas of yoga for a flat belly in 1 week. Yes you heard it right. 1 week of yoga and a bit of the shift to your eating and working routines will change with the fat game once and for all

These are simple yoga poses that are easy and workable for even beginners.

Let’s dive in !!

Yoga poses for belly fat

Yoga poses for belly fat consist of the following yoga postures that completely work your core and tone your love handles completely. For a flat belly you need to have the poses stretching your lower abdominal areas and here are some of these mentioned below.

Mountain pose

To start with, all I ever choose is a pose that helps you prepare your body for further stretch and hassle. This little warmup session or alarming your body muscles for stretching can be skipped by many of you but gives a great deal of ease in progressing further.

For a mountain pose, all you have to do is to stand with your feet hips wide apart. Straighten your gaze and lower your shoulders as your stand up. Spread your arms and hands parallel to your body and breath in.

Release your breath in several short intervals and go as far as you go and then hop onto the next pose.

Mountain yoga pose

Chair pose

Chair pose does not merely pit strain to your belly fat alone but also involves your thighs, back and hamstrings together. This is effectively important for further sole belly stretches.

To get into this pose, transit your body from the standing mountain pose to a  more bending chair pose. To begin with, move your feet a bit more apart than previously and lower your hips to bend as you sit. To balance yourself out in such a pose,  you can stretch your arms parallel to the floor. Stay in this position for 5 to 7 breaths and return to the basic mountain pose.

Chair Yoga Pose

Hand under foot pose

This pose helps your belly to start performing the burning of fats in that area. In this pose, many abdominal issues are also being taken care of.

To start with it, stand on your feet joined together as closely as you can. Now inhale deeply and lift your arms up above your shoulders and stay in this posture. Now exhale and drop your body forward above your hips such that your palms touch the ground.

For beginners, the drill is to touch your fingers to your feet or ground without bending your knees. With practice and practice, try to put your palms completely under your feet without bending at your knees.

Inhale and release this pose.

Hand under foot pose

Seated forward bend pose

This is the ultimate pose that stimulates your belly resulting you a very toned abdomen.

To get started with this pose, sit on your yoga mat with your spine erect and legs parallel to the floor. Inhale deeply and pull your arms upwards above your head. While doing this stet4tch your arms and spine to the maximum.

Now exhale and bend down your upper body such that your chest rests on your thighs and your hands touch your feet. Try to hold your soles from your hands and push them upwards without any knee bending. Stay in this position for 30 seconds to 1 minute and release back to the sitting position.

You can gradually increase the time as you practice it.

Boat pose

This pose helps you strengthen your abdominal muscles and reduces belly fat when practiced regularly. This pose also improves your digestive capabilities along with the strengthening of your arms and thighs.

To start, lie down on your yoga mat with your arms beside your body. Inhale deeply while you are lying straight. Now exhale and lift your legs, arms, chest, and shoulders above the ground such that only hips remain Grounded to the floor.

Stretch your arms towards your legs to maintain balance and keep your gaze towards your feet. Remain in this position for 30 seconds to 1 minute and return back to the normal lying position.

Note that your bend should be putting strain on your abdominal muscles completely during this pose.

Camel pose

To release all the strain on your abdominal muscles during the pose here we have the best counter pose for it. This is the Backward bend for your abdominal muscles to give them a good stretch and expansion to overcome the strain.

To get into this pose, sit on your knees keeping your back straight. Inhale and exhale as you bend your spine back to touch your feet with your hands. Bend your head and shoulders in direction of your spine and keep your gaze on the ceiling.

Hold this posture for at least 30 seconds or more and exhale back to release back to the starting position.

Camel Pose

Plank pose

This is the best known basic posture known to us for burning our belly fat. Not just for the belly fat but it is a complete body muscle workout in one go. This makes your abdominal muscles work with all the muscles surrounding them giving you a more poised back and belly.

We are all familiar with this pose and how it works but still for the beginners I would love to define this amazing pose.

To get into this pose lie down on your belly on the floor. Now place your palms rooting to the ground and soles towards the ceiling. Inhale and exhale to lift your whole body up in the air balancing your weight on your palms and toes.

Try to maintain your back straight and shoulders in line with your back. Remain in this position for at least 20 seconds and return to the normal lying position.

Plank Pose

Cobra pose

This is the transition from the plank pose and helps to put a strain on your abdominal muscles solely. This will also help you regain your posture.

To initiate, get into the basic plank lying position. Now tuck your palms and toes to the ground. Keeping them rooted put strength to your palms and pull your upper body off the ground straightening your arms.

Cobra Yoga Pose

Reverse table top pose

After all the string stretch and bending this pose might look a bit easier but this serves in building your abs and flattening your stomach.

To start with this pose ait on your yoga mat with your soles rooted to the ground and knees bent. Tuck your palms to the ground just behind your back. Inhale and exhale to lift your body up with the support of your palms and soles. Make sure your neck, shoulder,  back, and hips are all in a straight line when your body is airborne. Stay in this pose for 30 seconds and then lower your body.

Note: if you are having back problems and pains you should not perform this pose.

Reverse table top pose

Corpse pose

And here we are at the closing of our yoga for flat belly in 1 week. Like all forms of yoga, the last pose should be especially rest-oriented to work those spaces made with stretch and bend. Therefore yoga poses for a flat belly are incomplete when you don’t have the Corpse resting pose.

To initiate all you have to do is to lie down on your mat with your limbs, neck, shoulders, head, and belly rooted and relaxed to the ground. Maintain this position to regain your breathing rhythms back to normal.

While performing this pose at the end, if you feel a little burn in your abdominal area with the bit of stiffness of muscles you can assure yourself of a useful yoga session.

Corpse pose

Note: All of the above poses must be repeated 3 to 5 times at least to gain results and a flat belly in 1 week. You can start and gradually increase the repetition and time frame for each pose.

Things to consider for a flat belly

Yoga poses for a flat belly may be convenient in most cases but that too needs an additional daily routine that can help you getting gains much faster. These additional things count in the basic get set go kinda things that actually work wonders. Now let us watch how some of these listed below are favorable to you in losing your belly fat.

Look what you eat

First thing first, food or a diet you have in a day makes to choose how flat or flabby your belly will be. More than that, you need to have a good conscious of what to have and how to consume it regularly. Here I am not considering a strict any care diet at all. All we need to know is that a minimal amount of every bit in a well-balanced way can make your task of losing belly fat easier. Yoga with a perfectly balanced diet is always and has been a very good combo to work with.

Stay hydrated

Hydration is the key to all the digestive issues and even hunger pangs that make you munch on the things you can either resist to maintain your belly fat low. All those digestive issues also make your belly looked fat and bulged out. A good intake of water with dietary fiber will help you serve the cause and improves your bowel movement.

Consume fewer salts

Consuming less salt may not feel helpful in making your belly flat but it does actually counts. Consuming fewer salts means lesser retention of water in your body making your belly fat. More water retention in your body will make your belly bloated or you can say swollen that cannot be easily workable. So in order to make a good concentration of water in your body consume fewer salts with obviously a good routine of yoga.

Regular workout session

Many of us take yoga as a stretch game and still prefer heavy gym workouts for further bodily gains. This is never harmful if we consider the results. In regions like our belly, a regular belly-oriented exercise routine cooperated with the yoga poses can serve a lot. This makes you work your flabby belly within a week. Exercise like crunches, legs up, push-ups along with yoga stretches a good for consideration.

Regulate sleeping routine

A nighttime routine like all other essential tips can move your world completely. Your body is directly related to your mind controls and ease. Good 8-hour sleep will help you balances your stress routines which also puts a lot into your weight gains. A good sleeping routine will also help you regulate your meals with a much lesser late-night munching. In short, I can say that a relaxed brain will have a sound and balanced body so don’t take your sleep for granted.


In our final words for yoga for flat belly in 1 week I assure you of great success as you follow the yoga poses for flat belly mentioned above. Like all other miracles of yoga, targeted body changes can be attained with practice and dedication. The coupled advantages of yoga and the suggested daily life tips will definitely soothe your urge of having a flat stiff belly in no time.

Till then, happy yoga and stay safe.


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