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Long Term Benefits Of Hot Yoga – Mandala Yoga Spa

Long term benefits of hot yoga

Hot yoga is a type of yoga that is a practice in a room/studio having temperatures between 80-100F. It has a number of poses that are performed in a quiet friendly environment than Bikram yoga. (Bikram yoga is the type of hot yoga performed in a balmier environment than hot yoga). Hot yoga heats up your lungs and muscles more for a vigorous workout. It became more popular in recent years due to its more effective results as compared to standard yoga. Let’s discuss the long term benefits of hot yoga due to which it becomes more admired.

What are the Long term benefits of hot yoga?

Hot yoga becomes quite challenging for most people in the begging. It is not much easy to cope up with a heated environment at first. Due to its laborious nature, it tends to have long-lasting worthy benefits. Some of them are listed below.

Improve flexibility

As a yogi, you must know that flexibility and stretching are interrelated. You can undergo poses like splits quite easily if your body is flexible. Hot yoga improves your flexibility promptly as compared to simple yoga. Because heated surroundings make your muscles stretch easily than a normal environment. People who practice yoga in heated and humidified studios have greater flexibility in their lower back and shoulders.

Burn calories

Hot yoga burns more calories than traditional yoga. You burn about 180 calories with simple yoga in one hour. But, if you do the same yoga in a heated environment you burn more calories. According to research, practicing Bikram yoga for 90 minutes at 105 degrees Fahrenheit burn 330 calories for women and 460 for men. In the same way, hot yoga will able you to burn more calories than a simple workout.

Relieve stress

Yoga is well known for reducing stress, anxiety, and bringing-up the mental peace. But when it comes specifically to hot yoga, it becomes more dominant in releasing stress. A study proved that stressed adults have positive psychological effects on their health after practicing hot yoga for 16 weeks. Moreover, it helps them to improve their lifestyles by self-control and a confident social circle.

Minimize blood glucose level

A high level of glucose in the blood causes a higher risk of type-2 diabetes. Any type of workout balance the glucose (sugar) level in your bloodstream, but hot yoga work magnificently in this case. The short-term practice of Bikram yoga maintains the glucose level in older adults having obesity. But, it doesn’t work on lean young adults effectively. It also positively impacts metabolic health due to its thermal therapy.

Nourishes the skin

When you work out, your heart rate and blood circulation increase. As the blood circulates your blood and oxygen come in contact with skin. Due to this contact, your skin nourishes naturally and gives you a glowy look. But this nourishment is more instant if you do the same in a warm environment. It boost-up your dead skin cells promptly when you sweat more.

Eases depression

Depression is a common mental illness become very popular in today’s world. People who suffer from depression choose yoga as a traditional therapy to reduce the symptoms of mental disorders. Deep meditative and breathing exercises in yoga help to build mental health and bring calmness and positivity to your personality.

Provides a cardiovascular boost

Hot yoga boost up the cardiovascular system of your body by heating up your muscles, lungs, and heart. Due to which blood moves to all parts of your body properly with all essential nutrients. According to a study, just one session of yoga is enough to moderate your metabolic responses and heart rate.

Things to consider while doing hot yoga

  • Drink a lot of water before, after, and during hot yoga. You can take low-caloric drinks to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Don’t practice hot yoga if you have problems like diabetes, low blood pressure and sugar, heart disease, and arterial abnormalities.
  • Consult with your doctor before practicing hot yoga if you are expecting a baby.
  • If your body finds difficulty in tolerating the hot environment then don’t try it.
  • Leave the yoga studio immediately if you feel dizzy or nauseous. Drink water and take a rest.

Hot yoga benefits for skin

Hot yoga helps your skin to:

  • Nourishes.
  • Give your skin an instant glow.
  • Eliminates the toxins through the skin’s pores.
  • Replace the dead skin cells with nutrient-rich blood cells.
  • Fight with oily, acne, and prone skin.

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Is hot yoga helps you with weight loss?

As mentioned earlier that hot yoga burns your calories more than a simple workout. The more you burn calories, the more you lose weight.

Is hot yoga bad for your kidneys?

Hot yoga doesn’t affect your kidneys if you keep yourself hydrated during class and throughout the day. Listen to your body first and don’t force yourself to go through this hot vigorous workout. But if you have any kidney problems, consult with your doctor before practicing.

Is hot yoga safe during covid?

Practicing hot yoga is safe during covid if you are taking all the precautionary measures. Like 6ft distance, proper sanitization, own water bottle, and own yoga equipment. Moreover, covid don’t spread through sweating, it spread through droplets from the mouth and nose. Don’t wear a mask while doing yoga because you can have breathing difficulty.


Hot yoga has numerous benefits on physical and mental health. We discussed the long term benefits of hot yoga in detail. If you want to have comfort given by hot yoga, then go for it. Keep your health issues in concern before trying hot yoga. Comment and give your feedback below. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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