YOGAHow Often Should You Do Hot Yoga?

How Often Should You Do Hot Yoga?

How often should you do hot yoga?

You must have heard about “Yoga” which is a source of providing relaxation and ultimate body fitness. Yoga is a short term itself but has numerous styles for body and muscle stretch. Normally, the fitness freaks prefer to do some exercises and body stretching as performing yoga in the early morning. When we talk about types and different styles of yoga, the hottest is the one that we call “Hot Yoga”. It lies in the list of yoga but, has some different conditions to follow which is a must. With this regard, a question that often strikes a beginners mind is that “How often should you do hot yoga?” to achieve the goals.

Hot yoga is all about performing yoga in hot and humid conditions instead of the normal. The room must be heated up to 105 Degree Celsius as the standard temperature for performing as it drops a sensational effect on the human body.

To give you are a brief introduction to the ins and outs about hot yoga, we have given a brief follow-up for you given below:

Preparing Yourself for Hot Yoga

As this yoga is performed in warm conditions, it becomes a little difficult to adjust yourself properly for it. Although, the experts give multiple advice to get fit for hot yoga and perform it without any hesitation or harm. Here are some of the cool advises that one should put into consideration when preparing for this specific yoga.

Pre and Post Water Consumption:

Drinking water is very essential while taking hot yoga classes. It causes the human body to become ultra-warm because of its hot conditions. This results in excessive sweat that could even sometimes cause dehydration. For perfect adjustment and balance regarding body hydration, one must drink water before the hot yoga class as well as after it.

Controlled Diet:

For getting a better adjustment in your yoga performance, it is necessary to consume a good and controlled diet before your Hot Yoga class. You should avoid the two major things that can cause a disturbance in your yoga flow which are over-eating and in-take of heavy food. The best diet to take in a while following the yoga practices is Yogurt, Fruits, especially bananas, or even a nut bar is a healthy choice.

Get Rest:

This kind of yoga has the most favourable flexibility as one can take rest for a few minutes in between the class. What makes one get rest is the continuous exercise and the over-heating environment, which makes a person drained especially in the hot weather outside. To regain the momentum of the yoga, it’s not a big deal to take a break and go outside the class for some minutes.

How regularly should you perform Hot Yoga?

Previously in this article, we assured you to share “how often should you do hot yoga?”. There are some conditions in which executing this type of yoga can result in a lot of advantages. So let’s discuss a few of them.

In Cold Weather:

Hot yoga has an extremely warm and heating effect on the human body. This continuous heat due to the environment as well as performing exercise causes the human body to expel a large amount of sweat, thus increasing disturbance and a greater chance to generate pauses.

Moreover, if one gets classes of Hot Yoga in the summer season, he faces all of these hurdles excessively without any doubt. Due to these hardships and hurdles, it is a little difficult to manage it in the hot weather. So, the best time that one can choose for this type of yoga is the winter season. As the weather remains cold throughout the season, it increases the charm of doing it with greater comfort. You should prefer to do it 3 to 4 days a week in winter to stay fit.

When You are Over-weight:

Are you overweight? Or do you feel that your weight should be a little less? Not to worry as Hot Yoga can be your best companion. There are many different exercises and poses, for example, Balancing Stick Pose, Sit Ups, Cobra Pose, Locust Pose, Tortoise Pose, etc. All of these poses of Yoga, when conducted in a high-temperature room, would help in body stretch and weight loss. You must also follow the diet plan accordingly to lose weight. Doing it every day will help in a rapid loss of weight. The time slot should be between 60 to 90 minutes to gain an optimal result.

Other benefits

Numerous benefits are there of doing Hot Yoga. We are here to describe some of them briefly to let you know the general idea about the importance of it. Take a look.

Improvement in Flexibility

Stretching indeed warmed up muscles is more effective than stretching cold muscles. The hot environment makes it easy to do as your muscles become warm as you just enter the room. The more good you stretch your body, the more will its flexibility increase.

Increases Bone Density

As the yoga poses help you support your body weight, it certainly boosts the density of your bones. It also reduces the risk of osteoporosis especially for the older ones above 40.

Reduce Depression and Stress

Hot Yoga helps you to get relaxed and makes your mood good. The peace of mind increases through hot yoga, thus, reducing the effects of depression and stress on your mind.

Nourishes Your Skin

Hot Yoga causes a lot of sweat and it is evident that the blood circulation improves due to warm temperature. The high nutrient and oxygenated blood reach your skin cells, making it nourishing and beautiful.

To Get Rid of Some Diseases

Hot Yoga is beneficial not only to lose weight but also for getting rid of many diseases. We can consider it a good treatment for diseases such as diabetes, and cholesterol issues. The breathing poses help in reducing heart diseases, but in particular, this type of Yoga, all of the focus is on physical fitness and body shaping. If you are suffering from any of the above-mentioned diseases, you should try this yoga at least four times a week, giving a minimum of 30 to 40 minutes in each session.

How many days in a row can you do hot yoga?

According to the founder of hot yoga, a person should do Bikram hot yoga for at least100 days in a row to see the true results. As every person has a different body type and stamina, the fat loss may vary from about 200 calories to 600 plus calories a day.

Is daily hot yoga good for you?

Hot yoga series your body and muscles with great flexibility and toning. It also reduces the level of stress, anxiety and depression and many cardiovascular diseases. But to the people who have some medical issues should avoid doing hot yoga as it may cause severe dehydration.

Why do I smell bad after hot yoga?

Any exercise like hot yoga makes your body do the immense sweat breakout that ultimately gathers and wicks to your clothes producing a bad odor. This can be avoided by using dry technology sweat-wicking fabric cloths for practice. Bad smell can also be avoided by making your bodies hygienic conditions in terms of cleaning in regularly.


So, this was all about Hot Yoga in this article. Now, if anyone asks you that “What is Hot Yoga?” or “How often should you do hot yoga?” you can easily explain them all. Just go out there and attain maximum benefit through our tips and techniques. No matter if you are using this yoga to aid your recovery from diseases like diabetes or for losing some weight, follow the time instructions given above and you will be good.


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