YOGAHow to Make Yoga Mat Less Slippery?

How to Make Yoga Mat Less Slippery?

Done with the choosing of your ideal yoga mat at different platforms?Putting some extra dollars in buying some extra grippy mat but all in vain? Does your mat still slip more or less even after being slip proof? Hence after the entire above scenario, the question that hits up the mind is How to make Yoga Mat Less Slippery?

After that all slippery moments, your team is here to save the day. To summarize, we can say that the only hurdle coming in the way of yoga is the mat’s slippery nature.

For instance, we can say that the slippery nature of a yoga mat is somehow demoralizing for the beginners.

However to solve the mystery of How to make yoga mat less slippery we need to know the cause of the slippery behavior. Let us consider some of the reasons causing the slippery behavior of the yoga mats firstly.

Reasons of why yoga mats can be slippery?

  • Firstly, the main reason causing the slipping of a yoga mat is the sheer covering on the new yoga mat. This plastic transparent covering comes in all-new mats and therefore serves to be the protective layer for the mat.
  • Secondly, the material of the yoga mat also adds to the slip produced by it. Some materials may not prove to be sweatproof. As a result of this, the yoga mats slip as the sweat breakouts.
  • Thirdly, the common reason that serves to be the reason for the mat slip is the sweat breakouts. The dripping sweat breakout during exercise makes the surface of the mat slippery.
  • Lastly, the other thing coming in the way of performing a slip-free yoga is the texture of the mat. The texture of the mat counts a lot in providing the skid-free experience to the yogi. A well-textured mat providing the warrior-like grip to the yogi is all a yogi can ask for.

DIYs Methods

Once you are fully aware for the reasons of the mat being slippery, now let us know the answer to the question of  How to make yoga mat less slippery in a custom style to get started, I am here with some slip-proof amazing DIYs ( Do It Yourself) for you guys that can work wonders in a few steps.

These ways are 1000% handy and can be performed easily at your own yoga stations

So hold tight to your yoga mats and let’s get them slip-proof….

LIST OF DIYs making Yoga Mat Non Slippery


Out of many other basic DIYs, the best and the easiest is to give a thorough washing to the mat. This method is usually safe because the companies also claim to give the mata wash after every 2 3 days of usage. Washing can be done either by giving a mat a rub with the gentle nontoxic detergent or by giving it a soap-free whirl in the washer. Both of the methods can be done depending upon the quality and the company of your product. During the present pandemic, the cleaning will also serve the cause of making it virus safe and hygienic other than just breaking off the upper sheer shiny layer of the mat.

Before performing this method, it is highly recommended to read the return and safety policies of the company you are buying your mats from and then proceed with the washing, manually or in a cleaner.

Giving it a scrub off

For the people who just do not want to give their mat, a wash soon after its arrival can follow up this DIY. Just like giving a good scrub to your facelifts up all the dirt and grease scrubbing a newly bought yoga mat with a substance as common as a common salt can make your mat aged and worked.

Take your mat and rub it with the common salt on the side that needs to be rough and flaky. As a result, it breaks off the shiny cover and duplicates the working and usage of the mat for many days.

In other words, this salt scrub then can be evened out by rubbing a wet cloth on the surface. For the people having sweaty hands and feet, rubbing off the salt to that particular part of the mat also aid in gripping of the person on the mat while breaking a sweat.

The Acidic Cleansing

During the present-day situations, the maximum market available to the people is ONLINE. In such market places, the products are being delivered from very distant parts of the worlds and this travelling needs good and secure packaging. Like all other products, yoga mats are also covered by a synthetic covering on the top for protection. This protective layer causes the actual slipping.

To overcome the slipping and tearing off the synthetic layer on the mat an acidic cleansing can do the job.  For this purpose take a dilute form of apple cider and rub it over on the yoga mat with the help of the cloth and then sun dry it or put it out in the sky to dry naturally.

Before the apple cider rub, wash the mat with a gentle soap first. This process will generally mimic some days of working and practice yoga on the mat and makes it firm and slip-free.

Getting hands on the ADD ONS

This DIY trick is essential for all kinds of mats and people and the brand also does not matter. This DIY does not actually alter the state of the mat itself but it chooses to change the person requirements by the addition of some add ons to the main yoga essential menu.

These add ons are usually the yoga slip-free pajamas or the sweat-free gloves for yoga, yoga blocks, yoga socks or yoga vests. These essentials can be as many as a person requires to his will. This surely puts a little strain on a personal budget but this investment can be proved to be lifelong and slip-free without running the mat through the thorough cleansing. This also helps save the time of the yogi in more practising on the mat rather than cleaning.

Try and Practice Again

This DIY is the actual, natural, and easiest way to make a new yoga mat less slippery and is most commonly used by professional yogis. As we all know that practise makes a man perfect. This goes right with the fact that only practising yoga and making use of it can make it firm like no other way.

In other words, yogis performing yoga on the mat regularly and effortlessly can bring the grip and non-trippy feature of the mat out. This method is also reliable for the people who do not want to spend some extra dollars on this cleaning activity.

To be used more vaguely, a mat can also be given to different persons for the use and help you break into the new mat more easily.

Let it Roll Freely

This DIY is more of fun practice. Another best method for making a mat worn out of a bit of tough can be achieved by making it roll anyway anywhere even where it is not used.

Moreover, the mat should be kept spread to the surface that is not used for the yoga cause but faces a lot of movement over it. This rolling and rubbing by feet walking through it can make a mat more sturdy and non-slippery within no time.

The surface can be a work station in the office or lounge area or a kitchen working area or any one of those which is used very frequently in a house or any place elsewhere.

This is a natural effort and does not require some extra dollars and some specific yoga accessories to make a mat in use.

How do you make rubber mats less slippery?

One of the essential and effective ways of doing so is to apply the epoxy coating on the rubber flooring of your yoga mat. These can be applied easily and comes in different varieties and qualities.

How can I soften my yoga mat?

Breaking into a new yoga mat can be a bit tacky to handle. To prepare it for yourself all you can do is some simple DIYS and there you go. Scrubbing your yoga mat with some rough sea salt may do good to your yoga mat without destroying it completely. You can also use a wet cotton cloth for cleaning and breaking the surface. But in our opinion, all of these might somehow reduce the life span of your mat so the safest thing to do is to practice until its surfaces breaks.

Are yoga mats supposed to be sticky?

Being sticky is one of the most noticeable characteristics of a yoga mat. It should be understood well that no pose can be performed when your yoga mat is not sticky enough to stay put your yoga mat into its position while you bend, stretch, or elevate on it. This stickiness reduces with time and the nature of usage you do. To secure the stickiness of the yoga mat for a longer time, do not run it hard while cleaning it off.

Our Concluding thoughts

From the above-mentioned remedies, the answer to How to make yoga mat less slippery is somewhat easier. All the above enlisted DIY remedies are fun and easy to work with. We tried our best to provide you with the best DIY collection that can be effective in any place.

I wish to see all of you sorted about the fact of How to make yoga mat less slippery with your personal choice. These methods are not only easy to perform but are budget-friendly also. In other words, we can say that these methods are the best-applied methods for the cause.


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