Celebrity Weight LossJamie Kern Lima Weight Loss | Diet And Workout Routine

Jamie Kern Lima Weight Loss | Diet And Workout Routine

Jamie Kern Lima is an American IT cosmetic company entrepreneur and media personality remarkably known for her immense work in the world of beauty. She took an initial step toward the major skin problem called rosacea. Jamie is the one who gave hope of beauty and self-confidence to all who are going through the same disease as she was. By doing outstanding work in the circle of the fashion industry, she earned a renowned name. 

But the fame doesn’t end here; she also set an inspirational example of weight loss. In today’s era where problems like obesity or weight gain have become a major issue, she gives everyone a major emaciated goal. Let’s jump to the Jamie kern Lima weight loss journey and secrets.

Jamie Kern Lima weight loss journey

For Jamie, along with weight gain, skin is also a major concern. She faced a lot of dismissals just because of her overweight and skin disease. She even lost her television job just because of poor skin, on which even make-up doesn’t work. At times she was also mocked due to her weight fluctuations.  

One day, she deeply discussed with her husband Paulo Lima about the problems. He advised her to step into the cosmetic world with the innovative idea of launching products that help people suffering from the same skin disease. She started working on the project and ended up having an outcome that beautifies her features. 

That’s how she concealed the flaw of her personality and made the name in the IT cosmetic world. At first, she didn’t get a chance to market her products, but she rarely got a chance of ten minutes on the QVC segment. In those 10 minutes, she amazed everyone with products results. 

Talking about her physique, she always remained very confident in her looks that even she doesn’t let negative comments get heavy on her. About her weight gain, she said,

“My weight fluctuated, and I was always getting in trouble about it from my producer. Viewers would write, ‘I really like you, but you should diet.’ Or, ‘Are you pregnant?’ The criticism crushed me.”

After that, she started working on her body, and in a short time, she made visible changes in her body. This makes the audience question her journey and how she makes such a difference. So let’s discuss how she lost weight.

How did Jamie kern Lima lose weight?

Jamie kern’s slimmer looks made people suspect that she must have gone through some stomach surgery to lose weight. Many think that she had gastric bypass, but all these speculations are fake. There is no official confirmation on it, so she loses weight by purely natural means.

Jamie Kern Lima diet plan

Jamie kern has not yet revealed a diet plan that helps her to make a visible weight difference. But we are sure that she must observe a healthy diet plan consisting of low-carb portions and less- sugar. It also seems that she takes good care of her calorie and protein intake that helps her to shed off the excess weight.

Jamie Kern Lima workout plan

Just like a diet plan, Jamie speaks nothing about her workout sessions. But as an active lady, we assume that she must have practice exercises like walking, jogging, or hiking for perfect fitness. These exercises prove to be very effective for burning calories, so if you want to shed the extra pounds like Jamie, practice these workouts. 

Jamie Kern Lima before and after

The before and after pictures of Jamie kern make us praise her sleek body and slim look. You can see a clear difference in her physique, so don’t wait and let your body look slim like Jamie. Give yourself a challenge and stick to your plans to make a difference.

Jamie Kern Lima weight loss before after


Jamie Kern Lima weight loss is discussed in detail. No exact diet and workout plans are shared by Jamie kern yet. We will let you know about the secrets if found from any. Comment and give your feedback below.

We are looking forward to your kind words. Have a healthy life.

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