Celebrity Weight LossMeri Brown Weight Loss | Diet and Workout

Meri Brown Weight Loss | Diet and Workout

Meri Brown weight loss came entirely unexpected for her fans. How did Sister Wives star manage to do that?

Meri Brown became famous with the TLC show “Sister Wives.” She played there with her husband, Kody Brown. In the show, they actually played spouses, with polygamist Kody Brown’s 3 other wives.

In 2014 Meri and Kody got divorced. It is noteworthy that both Meri Brown and Kody Brown said that their marriage is spiritual, and they told the same after the divorce. However, it is essential that her weight loss came up after the divorce. In addition, one more interesting fact is that all wives (Christine Brown, Robyn Brown, and Janelle Brown) of Kody Brown went through a weight loss journey.

Let’s now figure out how Sister Wives’ Meri Brown weight loss proceeded weight loss journey.

Meri Brown Weight Loss Journey

Mery Brown and Kody Brown
Kody Brown and Meri Brown after weight loss

It seems that Meri Brown’s new weight loss look started because of a change in her life – divorce from Kody Brown. The Sun reported:

“Taking off a wedding ring is a big thing in polygamy. It’s Meri Brown’s way of saying, “I’m done.”

Perhaps, as a single woman, she felt an emptiness inside her and wanted to change her lifestyle to move forward. So, she decided to go on a weight loss journey and change her haircut.

Many women go for lifestyle changes because of changes that happened in some stages of their personal life. The same thing we can say about Kathryn Dennis weight loss journey.

Many said that the journey was about the so-called Meri Brown health scare weight loss. In a sense, she approved that by saying:

“I knew I had to do it. I was figuring out how. Because my weight was becoming a problem for me in many things.”

Sister Wives star even expressed that desire with her Instagram post.

“A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink.”

How did Meri Brown Lose Weight?

tlc meri brown weight loss
Sister Wives star Meri Brown

Sister Wives actress had a good program for weight loss. She did not do it at once but slowly and step by step.

Meri revealed that she had a problem during the weight loss journey. She couldn’t do long workouts.

“I feel very exhausted after a workout of an hour that is why I don’t do workout more than an hour.”

Meri also told about the difficulties of following the diet plan.

“I don’t have much control over myself and I feel bad about it. I feel guilty about it. I try to control myself as much as I can but then I forget that I am on a diet plan and do something bad.”

Nevertheless, as the TV star said later, there is nothing that can prevent her from achieving what she wanted to achieve.

The step-by-step transformation can be seen through the new season episodes of the Sister Wives show.

In the new photos, she was very happy, as her fans noticed.

Diet Plan

meri brown weight loss health
Meri Brown after weight loss

Meri Brown’s diet was basically about not taking in heavy food and just being consistent in keeping on the plan. Early in the morning, she went for training exercises. After she came back, she had a light breakfast – salad. In addition, she drank a cup of green tea or juice.

Some celebrities prefer to drink coffee instead. Check out Ayesha Curry weight loss to learn more.

The lunch is another story. It consisted of fruit and veggies. So, Meri enriched herself with protein and vitamins. She ate veggies that were cooked in olive oil.

As for dinner, she had meat. She often had chicken or sometimes fish, which were both cooked in olive oil too.

Surely, don’t forget about water. She drank about 3 liters of water every day. She admitted that that was the hardest thing to do for her. Nevertheless, she overcame herself.

Moreover, she changed her sleeping routine as well. Sister Wives actress revealed that she loved to go to bed earlier, as it let her wake up earlier.

“I try to wake up early in the morning, and this is my first task of the day, after it, I hit the gym and try to work hard as I can.”

Now, about Meri’s workout routine.

Workout Session

meri brown weight loss pictures
Meri Brown weight loss jogging

As we mentioned above, Meri found it hard to do workouts for more than an hour a day.

Like other co-wives (both Christine Brown and Janelle Brown), Meri also took fitness classes and hired a personal trainer for that. So, she spent no more than an hour there. She mainly did cycling exercises that are very good for burning calories. In addition, she lifted weights and did punching as well.

However, her workout craving was not limited only to the gym. She adored yoga and practices it on her own at home.

Meri Brown Before and After

Meri Brown Before and After weight loss
Meri Brown Before and After weight loss

You can’t say that this was a very rapid weight loss, though it was a pretty effective one.

“Being fit and fine is one of my dreams, and I have achieved it after long hard work. My body is now in my control.”

However, as always is not only about getting rid of extra weight but also getting control over your body and being healthy mentally as well. That is why now Meri Brown looks so well, as some fans say, reminded by her example of the famous book character – Benjamin Button.

Height and Weight

As there is no certain number for her weight loss, we can only assume how much weight she lost. It was about 10-20 pounds. Meri Brown’s height is 5 feet 3 inches.


Mery Brown proved how much a woman could reach while overcoming divorce. Sister Wives Meri Brown is quite strong, and after having lost weight, she has become even stronger.

Does the story inspire you? Or do you have your own inspiring story to share? Anyway, please comment below!


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