Weight LossWeight Loss When Stopping Drinking Soda. 4 Tips for Healthy Habits!

Weight Loss When Stopping Drinking Soda. 4 Tips for Healthy Habits!

Soft drinks like tobacco and alcohol are an addiction. Many people have fought this problem for years. A non-soda diet is a good beginning if you want to lose weight.

Let’s now find out the methods and tips for weight loss when stopping drinking soda.

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Advantages of Rejecting Soda for Weight Loss

Many types of research show that high consumption of sugary drinks is connected to weight gain. So now, let’s recite all these benefits.

For example, energy improvement: you will feel the filling of strength and vitality.

Improving dental health when you stop drinking soda, your teeth will come in order, and there will be no risk of caries.

Scientists from the University of California report that sugary drinks have a bad effect on human dreams. Consequently, it is needed to give them up for a good sleep.

Many people know that soda can cause diabetes, even in healthy people. So by cutting out, you will reduce your risk of diabetes.

Anxiety reduction if you stop drinking soda, then you will become calmer and normalize your nerves.

All of these paragraphs can be a reason to cease drinking soda.

Many celebrities gave up unhealthy eating habits to lose weight. Look at Action Bronson Weight Loss to find out many other interesting recommendations for you.

How to Stop Drinking Soda?

How to Stop Drinking Soda
Credits to Verywell Fit

Depending on how much soda you take, you can understand the following results from this:

  • yearning to sweets
  • caffeine withdrawal symptoms (headaches, anxiety, tiredness)

Luckily there are several variants to help you break the habit and take care of yourself.

Keep a Diet

If you are used to drinking regular soda, then you should take diet soda in small amounts instead.

Drink More Water

In case you don’t like drinking water that much, you can easily change the taste of water by adding your favorite fruits, lemon, or fresh herbs.

Replace or Reduce Caffeine

Immoderate consumption of caffeine can cause indigestion and insomnia. You can switch to black tea or coffee. It is necessary to gradually reduce caffeine because an abrupt withdrawal can cause unpleasant symptoms (headaches, fatigue, nausea, and vomiting).

Limit Juices and Smoothies

Soda is bad for weight loss, but the juice is not so much better. Juice cocktails may contain natural components though they are not helpful for slimming. In some cases, juice can be higher in calories than soda.

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What are the Alternatives to Soda

What are the Alternatives to Soda
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Here is a list of healthy drinks to replace soda:

  • Soy milk;
  • Skim milk – one cup of skim milk has only around 85 calories;
  • Green or black tea (tea contains no calories).

A normal can of soda contains 120 to 160 calories. 5 percent of the US population consumes over four cans of soda each day. Removing soda from your diet will prevent weight gain by 45 pounds per year.

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Water vs Soda

Soda vs Water
Credits to Urgent Care Blog


Nutritionists recommend drinking 8 glasses of water per day. Soda doesn’t replace the water you spend throughout the day, and soda can worsen dehydration.

After quitting soda, the easiest way to drink more water is to pour yourself a glass of sparkling water or flavor it with lemon or other fruits.

However, we recommend you look at Different Yoga for Weight Loss as giving up unhealthy habits is not enough for getting fit.


You can easily give up soda and lose extra pounds by following all these recommendations. Although, at first, it may seem difficult to try to do everything gradually and with pleasure.


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