Celebrity Weight LossAlex o Loughlin Weight Loss | Diet And Workout Routine

Alex o Loughlin Weight Loss | Diet And Workout Routine

As all of us are here to know the details of Alex O Loughlin Weight loss details, how can we miss Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett? The charming lieutenant on the show Huawei Five-O had our hearts thumping. The ever-good, postured,  and almost fat-free body has made us all gather here.

Well, you all are at the right place. The Australian actor,  producer, and writer give us all the inspiration to give a sneak peek at his weight loss journey. Though most of us are considering his role in Five-O as the source base of his body changes there could be more.

So without further ado, let’s dig up into the secrets to a flex-worthy body.


Alex o Loughlin mind-boggling Body Transformation

As an actor, the body changes are never-ending and with Alex, fitness has been his friend since every early in childhood. Just to be precise the actor has been a remarkable martial arts player from when he was just 6 years old.

With the demands in the acting industry and roles in movies, one has to either shed or gain weight accordingly. With Alex,  fitness was a priority from early childhood and his martial arts helped him a lot in making a good body posture in his younger ages.

The series of a decade that skyrocketed the fame game of the actor is his role in Hwawi Five O. For that role the actor has worked hard a lot under his trainer Jeff Blair.

The actor was so committed to the work that he literally lost up to 175lbs from his body. Just to know his struggle more seriously we want to make sure you know that he has brought down his body fat to 7% only!!!

After briefing you on the results of Alex O Loughlin’s weight loss, let us know the details of how he did it.

How did Alex o Loughlin lose weight?

To every other person performing weight loss, there has to be a trainer or a nutritionist to guide them along. In the case of Alex O Loughlin,  it was Jeff Blair who changed the game.

Under his training expertise and great diet plan, Alex tends to lose a lot with his hard will and work out. Seeing his deviation and strong will, Jeff stated motivational words for Alex, and his body changes. He said:

“Alex probably trains harder than anyone I have ever worked with. He seems to have an extra gear in training intensity, mental focus, and his commitment to nutrition.”

So the secret behind the awe transformation of Alex is a diet full of nutrients and dedicated workout sessions which we are going to discuss next.

Alex’s Diet plan and Food Supplements

While seeing that amazingly ripped pack body there has to be something else than a workout. And yes Alex has that all of it. What can be more accompanying than a strict diet plan to your heavy hours of workout?

According to the Australian actor, his trainer helped him a lot in maintaining a good diet plan for him and he followed it religiously.

“He put me on this nutrition program — and he changed my life.”

–  Alex said

According to the actor, it was all In your hands to control your hand in the kitchen to see the amazing results. He gave his followers and fans an amazing technique to portioning their diets and meals in an awesome way by just having a closer consideration to their hand.

“If you look at your open hand, the size of your palm is the amount of protein you should take – about two-thirds of a chicken breast. Your splayed four-finger equal the amount of space you should have for vegetables. And, the triangular area between your index finger and thumb is for carbohydrates- brown rice or wholemeal pasta.”

-Alex O’Loughlin on losing weight!

Alex never missed on the water so he drinks almost 2 gallons of water every day. His breakfast is a good mixture of a banana, half a cup of oat meal, and low far milk with almonds.

For dinner and lunch, the actor loves to have a combined mixture of fruits,  veggies, and protein. He also loves to have a piece of bread, a chicken piece, and a bag of chocolate cookies for a much in the afternoon.

Alex o Loughlin Workout session

Alex never missed on his body physique from the very early of his age. For the present body, he did a lot of workouts and we can see the results on him. According to his trainer Jeff, Alex worked almost 2 hours every day, with 6 days a week.

To a person as ripped as Alex, there is a special training program that Alex loves to do regularly and in intervals. Now let us head to that

What does Alex love to do at intervals?

  • Warm-up of 10 minutes on the skipping rope of jogging.
  • 12 rounds of interval exercises on treadmill, elliptical,  bike, or cardio machine.
  • Low-intensity exercises for 15 to 30 minutes to do 75% of your cardio heart rate pump.

What is Alex Circuit’s workout?

  • Warm-up: with 2 rounds of the following exercises
  • Squats, push-ups,  jumping Jack’s (×15 reps )
  • Lunges ×20 reps
  • Plank pose ×30 seconds

Circuit A

You can complete 3 to 5 rounds according to your will and stoma

  • Bench Press, Squats,  chin up × 10 reps

Circuit B

Complete 3 to 5 rounds

  • Shoulder Press, lunges,  bending over dumbbells ×10 reps

Low-intensity workout for 15 to 30 minutes.

Alex o Loughlin before and after

Despite all the hard work and diet-conscious behavior of Alex O’Loughlin,  he seems a bit bulkier than before. This might have been due to any medical issues or the back injury due to which he may not be performing his workout. At present, the Aussie actor weighs about 110 kg.

Alex o Loughlin Weight loss before after

Alex O Loughlin  height and weight

The Hawaii Five-O star, Alex O’Loughlin has a dapper height of 6 feet to his a bit bulkier than before body with 110 kg on the scale. This is due to his back injury in the recent past which has obstructed him from doing workouts.

Our Concluding remarks

In our concluding words for Alex O’Loughlin’s weight loss journey,  all we can say is that just as Alex has pushed himself for a better body, everyone can. All it costs is strength,  determination, and love for change. His body transformations have stunned us all and his diet plans and workouts tell the story of why !!  We wish to provide every hidden secret to celebrity weight loss just to push some of us ahead in a positive direction to self-transformation.


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