Celebrity Weight LossLaura Geller Weight Loss | Diet And Workout Routine

Laura Geller Weight Loss | Diet And Workout Routine

In this article, we will see all the aspects of Laura Geller weight loss. Laura Geller has been doing her magic in the makeup industry for 2 decades now. Many of us know her due to her great convincing skills and the power of playing and camouflaging the flaws of women flawlessly.

The veteran artist not did just made her way to the making of a Great beauty brand but promoted magical tips for women to do makeup without complications.

The TV Broadcaster and makeup artists made artisan combinations for all skin types and all ages making every woman beautiful inside out. It was allowed to her enthusiasm and innate convincing behavior which made her stand in life today.

Apart from her magical beauty business and products,  she has gathered some eyes on her personal self as well. Saying personal is meant to be the body transformations she has been having lately.

Laura Geller weight Is what we are all intrigued about. Let us know all the details about her body changes and how she did it


Geller weight loss journey

The Broadway and TV makeup artist is one of the famous faces of The QVC forums. She has been giving classes and answered a lot about every question and queries reading the makeup line.

This is the basic platform where people and her fans mentioned a clear difference in her appearance. Previously,  the artist was a bit chubby with most of the baby fat on her face and neck region. In the past few months on the QVC forum, many of her viewers did notice a shred of fat and soon there was a debate to put on.

One of her fans said that she looked a bit thinner especially on her neck and cheek regions

She is one of my favs to watch… even if I’m not buying anything… Last few shows I have noticed that her face and neck are markedly thinner… Good for her… Congrats Laura… I’m rooting for you”

How did Laura Geller’s fans witness her weight loss?

QVC being a famous platform has helped and intrigues many of her fans to noticed those striking changes. Geller like all other celebrities did face an equal balance of positive and negative comments on her weight loss.

Many of them were also of a viewpoint that she did undergo some strict diet and workout while others were just celebrating her transformation with her.

One of her fans said,

I rarely watch QVC, but did see Laura a couple of weeks ago or so and I, also, thought she looked thinner.

While others were taking this debate to another level in a tone of saying it’s bad to body shame anyone and praise the weight loss always.

One of them said precisely in favor of this stance,

Yes, I too think it is remarkably rude to say how much better, how nice, etc someone looks if they have lost some weight! Trust me…it’s not a compliment. Saying those words say more than you think. It says how terrible and disgusting they looked before weight loss. Not nice in my eyes.

How did Laura Geller lose weight?

Just as the QVC forum becomes the subject of the heated arguments for Laura Geller’s weight loss, there was a suitable judgment on healthy life to balance it all. As some of the commentators were using this speech of body shaming,  others were complimenting that the actress had started thinking of living healthy.

Losing those baby fats hanging from the neck and face can be the first step of starting off something healthier. Plus, many of us also think that it is due to the Covid hindered days that she has started working for herself in a good way.

Favoring her changes during covid crises,  one of her followers perused her for the change in the following manner,

Oh geez, the OP was complimentary. We all know intent when we see it. Laura is a fan favorite and her fans want the best for her. In times of COVID I am hyper aware of trying to keep my weight healthy, maybe Laura is also.

Laura Geller Before and After weight loss

Laura Geller’s recent and previous photos indicate that the actress is in good health. Even though she has to shred a bit from her face and neck,  the loss was not too harsh on her health and body but seemed significantly vivid.

We are loving the way Geller has started to maintain herself. A diva like her never settles for a statement thing but always marks the standards for themselves.

Laura Geller Before and After weight loss

Our Concluding remarks

In the above article on Laura Geller weight loss, we have put forth every detail of her weight loss. The artist has now declared any of the diet plans of gym workouts that too maybe she hasn’t done any. Seeing her type of change in her body and the remarks afro her fans it seems like it’s all-natural with the weight loss journey. Laura Geller has been magical with her work and transformations for decades now and she has worked some magic for herself as well.


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