Celebrity Weight LossTokyo Vanity Weight Loss | Diet And Workout Routine

Tokyo Vanity Weight Loss | Diet And Workout Routine

“The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta “ star Tokyo Vanity is shining brighter more than ever. The 25 years old star is all set to change her life upside down with a not-so-usual body transformation. Tokyo Vanity weight loss program has gathered much of the gazes to her as she flexes every inch of her body.

Vanity did exhibit her first jaw-dropping transformational look to her social media on January 16 2020 with a body-hugging black Jumpsuit on her. Not stopping on the physical mesmerizing of her fans, she captioned that picture with a caption poking her haters too !!!

Haters gonna say it’s cause it got black on.

We know that her trim look was nothing just dependant on her black Jumpsuit, but her more trimmed curves pointed at a much more intense struggle.

Tokyo has been putting great efforts into shredding those extra pounds on her and her goal is to lose 16 to 30 pounds per month in next coming months.


Tokyo Vanity Weight loss journey

If you know Tokyo Vanity from the show The Love and Hip hop you must have known how bad was she with her diet and workouts. Things were quite different when the star was there at the show’s seasons 7 and 8.

The rapper has her friend Sierra Grant along her side who was a bit more pin-pointing Tokyo with her health and weight issues. I guess that pinching did miracles to Tokyo as she was posting her workout videos on social media in early 2020.

With her strict diet and workout, the rapper is aiming at losing nearly 30 pounds per week and we can see how motivated she already is. No matter what size was Tokyo before she was beautiful before and she always promotes the estate of self-love. Showcasing her love and respect to the body you are in she says,

My brand is body positivity and loving what you look like, whether you big, small, short or tall.

Tokyo CHASES her social media HATERS

The millionaire rapper claims she is being trolled all over social media for her body and how she looks. In this regard of hatred, the artist said to all those who know her,

It’s already a million people on Instagram who don’t like me for being big. I don’t need my friends telling me sh-t that I don’t already know; I was fat when I woke up this morning.

This clarifies how poked was the artery was prior to her weight loss. So as she steps into the field of fitness and health, she takes it as a clear opportunity to clap back at those who never trusted her will and determination. So she does and does it in her own freeway but posts straight workout videos and pictures with cheeky captions.

How did Tokyo vanity lose weight?

A diet plan and workout session are the primary tips for losing weight. But in the case of Tokyo vanity, with these two tips, there is strong motivation and dedication behind it. Without which we don’t think so she would be able to lose this much weight. She constantly updates her followers from her strong gym session which also pushes others toward their weight loss stories. Let’s dig into her diet and workout sessions deeply.

Tokyo Vanity weight loss diet plan

Tokyo went on the verge of losing almost 16 to 30 pounds per month in the coming months according to her trainer TED. The trainer did not do only make her best workout sessions but also planned her great meals for the day.

Putting the veggies and protein on the plate while removing the junk and fast food is the basic deal for Tokyo in this plan. With her strict and production follow up on diet she was able to lose a lot that can be seen in her social media photos and updates.

Tokyo Vanity intense workout sessions

One thing that actually turned Tokyo Vanity weight loss to the next level is her deducted drill for the gym and workout. In her recent posts on Instagram,  she posted her dumbbells raises saying it to be tough but worthy. We can see that burning and Crunches in her arms and there is a lot more to go.

According to her trainer,  Tokyo is going great with all the plans he has had for her for 6 months. He also shares some of the pictures of Tokyo on her social media account praising her hard work with each passing day,

@tokyoxvanity ain’t been playing lately, following her meal plan and staying consistent with her workouts, sometimes doing 2 workouts per day. Me and shawty @tokyoxvanity came in 2020 playing no games. Dropping 16-25 pounds per month is the goal for the next 6 months.” Ted says about Tokyo’s weight loss

Not only TED played his part in achieving that toned body but it was Tokyo’s own will that gathered her much of the appreciation and applause for her transformation. She is so dedicated and turned to her gym routine that she often goes 2 times a day without forcing herself.

The rapper also mentioned her dedication and strict gym sessions by posting another video of her workout and calling out her haters in the caption for not coming to the gym with her.

Tokyo captioned jokingly,

Y’all said y’all was gonna meet me at the gym today why y’all keep lying !!!!

So it is not presumably wrong to say that she is loving her transformation and there is no stopping her at motivating her fellas for such change.

Tokyo Vanity before and after

Seeing all of the above practices by the artist,  we can say she is in no mood for skipping her gym days and we can clearly see why. The body is getting better and better and her dresses are making that even more calculative for the fans.

Regardless of how big she was earlier the Tokyo we are seeing today these days is a more sleek version of herself. With the passing days, she still woos her fans every single day like every single day is her new day of success to change.

Tokyo Vanity Weight loss before after

Our Concluding remarks

In the above article about Tokyo Vanity weight loss, it was more of an inspirational act for every one of us who has been body-shamed ever. By seeing Tokyo’s struggle and determination all we can ever imagine is to have success and confidence at any age you want to. You can go as far as you can with pricing your haters wrong in regard to your success mentally and physically.


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