Celebrity Weight LossRisa Dorken Weight Loss | Diet And Workout Routine

Risa Dorken Weight Loss | Diet And Workout Routine

Our 30 years old actress of GH, is out talk of the day for her remarkable transitional appearances lately. Born and raised in Minnesota,  the actress is all known for her role as Amy Driscoll. Risa Dorken worked in a role in a Soap Opera General Hospital for nearly 82 episodes and we love how she displays herself regarding her work and acting skills.

Out of all odds, the reason for having a talk on our dear Amy is generally for Risa Dorken weight loss journey from 2016 to 2020 the actress has been quite in the same shape but for the last few months.

Her fans followed her body changes after 2020, and she has really shred some of that pounds from her. To say what made her do that controversial weight loss, let us get to the details of the events in her weight loss journey.


Risa Dorken’s weight loss journey – From Fat to Fit

The journey started when Risa was quite invisible from the big screen for some time. The General Hospital actress was on leave from the show for some days remaining completely offline from all social media platforms.

While she has achieved everything to her name from the acting industry there was still something to mark in her life. On August 19, 2020, the actress posted a picture on her social media handle and everyone could easily see how trimmed she has got.

Seeing her such shredded side was complete disbelief for some of her followers while some were amazed at a good note. Some did applaud her struggle and some Asked for weight loss tips ..

Her comment section was full of comments like one of them said,

You look amazing!!! What is your secret? Any weight loss tips?

Another stated,

You were beautiful then and still are! I’d love to know what health plan you followed- asking for my daughter.

The third praised her for her trimmed presence on the show again,

You look fantastic on GH today! More beautiful than ever. We need you on GH more often.

Her appearance and her recent pictures completely declare that Dorken has lost some sizes on the chart.

Risa Dorken claps back at Haters with bravery

Risa Dorken has been body-shamed throughout her life and her love for herself has had some real tough times. Just after she has been trolled much on her social media, she posted a picture of herself in pink scrubs giving a string clap back to all the haters surrounding her.

The bold and beautiful actress claimed,

I am learning to fall in love with my body. I work out 5 days a week, I watch what I eat, and the truth is… I’m healthy.

Also in her recent past,  she was a self-loving person no matter what people around her say and comment. She was also thanked on social media to influence many on self-love. On her self love, the general hospital actress commented,

My body is curvy, always has been. To me, curvy means so much more than ‘fat.’ It means powerful, strong, feminine, beautiful, and human.

She also said that it is usually a viewer’s fault to see someone not normal because every one person including herself is happy and satisfied with themselves.

How did risa dorken lose weight?

Risa completed the journey of fat to fit by observing g healthy lifestyle. She keeps an eye on her diet calories, protein and other nutrients intake very well. Her focus points in the diet plan will be discussed next. Apart from good eating habits, workout also plays a huge role in her weight loss.

Risa Dorken’s Diet plan

We call a diet plan successful when it accompanies the balanced diet and physical activities of the doer. The same is the case with Risa Dorken’s Diet plan that was fully managed and controlled in a much better way to show drastic results as we can see today.

Here are some main pointed jotted down below in regards to Dorken’s diet plan

  • Low of carbs and more of fresh fruits and veggies
  • A lot of hydration
  • Low or none quantity of high energy meals and canned food
  • Cutting the cravings for sweet and dairy

This is the summary of which we can put forth to you in regards to her diet. There was no brief plan shared by the caress by herself.

Risa Dorken’s Workout Session

Dorken’s weight loss can be less effective without any indulgence in a hard workout. For her weight loss, Dorken has stepped into the regime of tough and effective workout sessions. She claimed in her social media message that she works out 5 days a week and she is loving how her body is responding.

Risa Dorken before and after

Seeing her all her presently toned pictures is nothing more than the power of determination, struggle, a strong commitment to self, and the will to achieve. The difference is quite vivid and her followers are confident for her better future and health.

risa dorken weight loss before after

Risa Dorken opened about her Bipolar Diagnosis

Mental health and instability can be challenging and have the power to shift you as a person. Something this happened to our star of General hospital and back in April, the caress fo fussed her mental health problems with her fans.


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A post shared by Risa Dorken (@risadorken)

The actress broke down into tears when she is a video confessed her mental order diagnosis as Bipolar Diagnosis. She claimed,

I was hesitant to share my story at a time like this when everyone is struggling with anxiety, loss, grief, and more. But perhaps that is the exact reason to share it. Because you are not alone.

General hospital actress fully consoled everyone out there with any kind of disorder diagnosis confronting them of not being alone.

Dorken also admitted that she was also considered as the sunshine for life to others but only a few of her close ones knew about her health issues.  She confessed this in a statement of hers as,

In February 2020 I was restrained and put under two involuntary holds. The first one was 72 hours and the second one was for 48 hours. Both a week apart and both I was let out two hours shy for ‘good behaviour’ even though I was not stable or better.

While sharing her life experience of terror and shaking,  the actress became tearfully nostalgic and wished everyone to be safe from any similar behavior. She stated,

I was ignored, laughed at, endangered, bullied, and terrified. The experience was something I would never wish on anyone but was my only option

Our Concluding remarks

In concluding the article about Risa Dorken’s weight loss, all I would say is that every person is beautiful differently, all that matters is how you see yourself. I hope to give you every possible detail and journey bumps of Risa Dorken weight loss journey so some of you might encourage yourself to follow.


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