Celebrity Weight LossJerry Nadler Weight Loss | Surgery, Diet And Workout Routine

Jerry Nadler Weight Loss | Surgery, Diet And Workout Routine

Being a member of the Democratic Party, Jerry Nadler has his 15th term as a Congressman since 1992. Nadler is now serving as the U.S Representative of the 10th Congressional District of New York since 2013.

In 2019, the U.S Representative has also been elected as the president of the House Judiciary Committee.  Out of Mr. Nadler’s skillful virtues of handling politics, he has been dealing with his weight loss problems since he started his Journey.

The U.S Representative,  Jerry Nadler weight loss is more evident than before and most of us are hearing about his Stomach reducing surgery !! Let us see how he overcome his biggest distress of weight loss and what made him choose to undergo surgery.


Jerry Nadler undergo Stomach Reduction Surgery for Weight loss

Jerry Nadler has been struggling with his weight handling problems for decades before he shifted his ways to such strict options as surgery. Being a Representative of the party, there were many occasions that tormented him to the other levels of self-acceptance of being “Obese”. Even though he accepted himself as being overweight, he still even avoids a single stack of stairs to go to the 2nd floor for official works rather he used elevators.

Seeing him doing such sedentary acts, most of his Co-workers and his fellow colleagues have tried motivating Nadler to undergo weight loss about which he felt bad. Nadler said,

I can’t tell you how many people – complete strangers – have come up to me and said, ‘Congressman, you’re doing a great job, and I want you to continue to be my congressman, so you have to lose weight,’ ‘’ he said in an interview. ‘’Imagine how that makes you feel.

It’s not that Nadler has never tried dieting or any other weight loss programs,  but his futile diet plans pushed it all in vain. So finally after fighting to such an extent,  Nadler pushed himself to more cautious but effective routes,  SURGERY!!

Doing the aftermath and seeing the ones who have already been through this Reduction Surgery,  Nadler went through the same in early August during Congressional recess. Therefore,  Nadler underwent his Stomach Reduction Surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan under the supervision of Dr. Gragner.

Dr. Gragner said it is the kind of Surgery that is offered to super obese people and helps them put off the weight in the longer run.

Nadler stated that he underwent surgery due to his probing wife, Joyce L. Millers who die for most of the reasons and aftermath for him.

What were the risks for Mr. Nadler’s in undergoing the Surgery?

By the time, Nadler decided to Undergo Surgery,  his health issues have been seriously damaged. Being just 5’ 4” he has crossed over 338 pounds on the weighing scale that was too much for his body and health to handle.

According to his surgeon,  Dr. Gragner,  Nadler had much more health crises due to his obesity which were to be handled very carefully.

His health problems made him undergo a unique variation of this stomach reduction Surgery.  According to his doctors,  where a normal variant of Surgery marked the reduction of stomach joined to a bypass small intestine, Nadler’s case was different.

In his case, his Stomach was reduced to a “Sleeve” attached to the bypassed small intestine. Now his Stomach could consume 3 ounces of food at a single interval and this would also help him to skip his overeating habits.

How did jerry nadler lose weight?

Yes, you guess the right. Jerry Nadler loses weight by going through stomach reduction surgery. We have described in detail all the factors and conditions that led him to undergo surgery directly.

Although surgery is not a priority for weight loss, a healthy low-carb diet with a good workout is recommended. But there can be some situations in which surgery does wonder and we think the same goes for jerry. 

Jerry Nadler post-Surgery Diet

Jerry Nadler has been a victim of gene games as his twin brother is also obese to extreme levels, but the decision at right time saved the day for Jerry. Nadler used too much of a lot of food prior to going for surgery. This has been the major contributor to Nadler’s obesity.

He used to have a salad bowl, a bowl full of onions soup, a 14-ounce rib-eye steak with French fries, vegetables,  bread, and butter as sides. All of this was then washed away with a diet coke. Putting the full stop with something sweet, a dessert was also on the list.

He also did munch a lot on his favorite snacks as Oreo Cookies, Fig Newton’s, and even tuna fish, salad, and chicken salad sandwiches.

But now, as his Stomach is reduced majorly he can only have food up to  1/4th of his priorities diet each meal interval. For now, all that Nadler consumes is his favorite 3-ounce steak skipping the sides like fetch fries and butter bread.

He has also put off dessert from his diet plans and rather prefers tuna fish and chicken sandwiches. He says physical activities along with a patterned diet will help him lose effectively and systematically.

Jerry Nadler post Surgery workout

The US representative did not reveal much of his workout routine to the public but people around him have seen him more physically active.

To aid his surgery’s progress,  the politician now walks even 40 blocks on the road who once did not like taking the single case of stairs. This is a huge step forward from Nadler and this change is adding more confidence to his life-changing decision of undergoing the surgery.

Jerry Nadler before and after

Soon after the surgery in the going month, Jerry Nadler successfully shed 61 pounds from his weight. This shocked him as well but the goal was to add more and more to this number in every coming month.

His 61-pound loss accompanied by his strict diets and his more active behavior made him slip to his slimmer fits. Soon as he joined the office, many of his colleagues could clearly see his struggles vividly than ever. Seeing him at present shows and pats off his struggle in contribution to gaining health and losing weight.

Jerry nadler weight loss before after

How much weight did Jerry Nadler lose?

The 74 years old, Jerry Nadler is a known congressman of the Democratic party. Post his Stomach reducing surgery, the politicians lose up to 176 pounds in total. Dropping his weighing scale to mere 178 pounds, his success story on weight loss has been great till now and we hope to see him growing.

Our Concluding remarks

In our concluding words for Jerry Nadler weight loss journey, all we can say is that there is never too late. Although undergoing surgery should never be the first priority but some risks can make your life a better place. According to Jerry, surgery is not the full stop on the road to achieving weight loss, there is a strong requirement of after efforts in regards to diet and workout. Stomach-reducing surgery is helping 60% of the US population of obese and has lighter risk factors. So there is a hope of having a body that does not hinder you in living your life non-sedentary.


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