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Anna Faris Weight Loss | Diet And Workout Routine


The 44 years old actress, comedian, and podcaster,  Anna Faris has been into the headlines not for her work but for her body changes. Her fans and media were talking about Anna Faris weight loss and what made her do it. Let us help you and her fans to uncover the success story and struggles behind her change.

As an actor, Anna took the start of her acting career by doing several small roles in movies like”Wedding Crashers “. But the Anna Faris known to us at the present day is due to her role in a sitcom. The sitcom named “That 70’s Show “ is the highlight of her career that skyrocketed her fame and name in the industry.

With all the acknowledgment and love from her fans, Faris still finds herself doing smaller roles more comfortably and does not prefer working much with big stars. This can be understood well, as the smaller roles do not want great body changes from her, she can actually maintain the body type she wants to, and that’s fair enough.

Despite all the facts, Anna still got into the news due to her great bodily changes in the past few times. Let us know how it started and where it has to lead her to now.

Anna Faris weight loss journey

Like every other celebrity weight loss,  there was a strong cause and dedication behind Anna Faris’s weight loss too. Faris’s weight loss journey started soon after she and her ex-husband Chris Pratt announced their divorce in July 2017. The eight years of Love and marriage has finally ended up a year later in 2018 when they finally got divorced.

At first, there was a gradual increase in Anna’s weight and from there the fans and others started speculation. At first,  she gained her body mass by doing weight exercises but now her lean body is due to her dedicated diet plan and workouts.

We all know that Anna Faris has always been a healthy eater and she does not simply rely on her workouts for her weight loss. So it is quite evident about the fact that her eating habits took major credit for her weight loss and body changes.

Anna feels good about her body weight and her healthier life more than anything. She says she feels more confident of what she is in as she feels more light and healthy.

She believes that she has changed her life in a better way by eating and choosing healthier rather than choosing from the junk lies many other celebrities do for weight loss. Her diet has also helped her take good sleep and feel energized all day long.

With such changes,  Anna is now more of a viewpoint that eat what is good for your body and we certainly agree with her.

Anna Faris diet plan

As we have already discussed that Anna Faris weight loss was more due to her right pick of food. Nothing can be more helpful than choosing the right quantity and portion of healthy food in a weight loss journey.

We do not know the critical details of what was the diet plan that Faris followed but we do know some of its speculations and we will surely share them with you.

From the resources,  we came to know that Faris’s diet plan was made especially for her but not too strict. It was not like many of the celebrity weight loss diet plans and neither it was only for women to follow.

The diet plan was also kept very easy to follow and there was always a chance of skipping and certain adjustments. Indeed you can say that following such diet plans can make some people actually happy and they can think of losing weight.

Anna Faris workout schedule

Like her diet plan,  Faris did not reveal much about her workout sessions as well. But we still know that in the very beginning of her weight loss journey,  she did gain some weight. This was due to her exercises for gaining body mass.

At present, the actress has maintained her body weight and posture with regular workouts. We assume that all she is doing is mostly body strengthening exercises that make her feel healthier and lighter.

Anna Faris now and then

We do not know how many pounds the actress has she’d but looking at her past and present pictures do show us some differences.

Soon after she got divorced from her ex-husband, her weight loss journey kick-started and the present day is full of health and fitness. We all should get inspired by her progress and think of what we are putting in our bodies until it’s too late.

Anna Faris weight loss before after

Anna Faris weight and height

The sitcom actress is at present at the maintained weight of 54kgs with a height of 5” 4 inches. For an actress,  Maintaining such weight is ideally great and promotional. Anna loves the body she is in right now and nothing inspires us more.

How much weight did Anna Faris lose for House Bunny?

Anna Faris did not only made the jaws drop for her acting skills in The House Bunny but it was more about how she lost 10 pounds to get into that shape. Anna Faris also reveals that losing 10 pounds wasn’t very easy as she had to skip many eating things during the process.

What is Anna Faris’s net worth?

Anna Faris is an actress, a comedian, an author as well as the podcaster boats of $30 million of net worth at present. The talented actress did many movies and sitcoms but her many roles were more comic roles. She gained success from her Scary movies series and from the sitcom That 70’s Show.

Does Anna Faris have kids?

Anna Faris’s only joy and the bundle of happiness is her only son Jack whom she welcomed with her ex-husband Chris Prat in 2012. As the actress entered parenthood, her son was her number 2 priority. The actress reveals that her identity as a woman completely changed just after moments she welcomed her little boy to this world.

Does Anna Faris have kids


In the above article, we hope to brief you with every detail and story of Anna Faris weight loss. Anna has been a great motivation for many of us as living a healthier life on a healthy diet is all that we ever want. This can be very supportive to many women especially. Anna Faris has also helped us to know what we actually want rather than what everyone else expects from us. I hope and wish to see any one of you out there to claim Faris’s story like theirs and change their lives.

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