Celebrity Weight LossAri Lennox Weight Loss | Diet And Workout Routine

Ari Lennox Weight Loss | Diet And Workout Routine

Ari Lennox is a popular singer and ghost songwriter who recently became a topic of discussion because of her weight loss. Her fabulous work in the music industry has given her enough fame that she doesn’t pressurize herself for body transformation to get the limelight. But it’s natural that when you become part of the glamour world, you desire to look smart and chic. 

The same situation was for Ari Lennox, due to which she decided to lose weight. She wonders about her followers when she shows up in a bikini and becomes a hot topic. Let’s dive into Ari Lennox weight loss journey, diet plan, and workout routine in detail.

Ari Lennox weight loss journey

Lately, in 2020 Ari Lennox made a statement that she is very lazy to hit the gym or work on her curves, but she also wishes to look polished and up to date like other industry legends. Ari Lennox was at that phase where she couldn’t decide whether she wanted to lose weight or be herself without worrying much about the glamour world. As she said,

“I’m too lazy. So I don’t give a sh*t, kind of,” Ari explained. “Part of me wants to look as polished as some of the greatest legends that are around today. But another thing I’m just like, ‘Man, that also not me every day.’ I don’t mind showing people what I look like every day, because what the hell? To me, that’s real life. At least that’s my real life, but I’m also conflicted because I’m at a point where I do want to be like Beyoncé and just be really just glammed up and really badass-gorgeous. I do feel conflicted at times.”

After this statement, on her 30th birthday, when she posted the pictures on social media, an incredible transformation in her body was observed. No one has ever imagined that she could lose this much weight. Her diet plan and workout routine are what everyone guessed at that time. 

Ari Lennox Weight Loss In

Although she lost weight and worked on her curves, she still got positioned as aunty. As one of her followers said,

Ari Lennox might quite literally have the worst team in the music industry. This woman is only 29 can they dress her age instead of like a 40-year-old aunty. (Her) career is being held back by bad marketing and a cheap team.”

 The other responded,

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her outfit. I think she looks a bit older anyway. I would’ve never thought she was still In her 20s just from appearances. Do you think she needs to do something more unique with her style to stand out or something?”

The other one criticized the body posture that made her look like aunty.

“I don’t think her outfits are old aunty but I do think she has a horrible posture that makes things look frumpy and ages her. She should work on that.”

One of her followers doesn’t like her weight loss transformation, as he added.

“I don’t like her face with the weight loss but I like the body. I feel so torn. OP what are some clothes you’d like to see her in instead”.

Well, even after losing weight, Ari faces criticism on her face, body posture, and styling. We feel that apart from her hairstyle, she is looking superb in these outfits. If she would go for a younger and soft hairstyle, she could be more appealing to the audience.

Ari Lennox diet plan

During an interview in 2019, the host asked about her fitness secret, on which she replied,

“Oh no, honey. I’m trifling. I just had a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich with potato bread. I mean, I’ve been drinking tea lately, but I definitely had a lot of wine last night. I don’t know why God has been blessing me to make it look like I’m fit. I haven’t worked out in months.”

Although she had unhealthy eating plans, she was aware of its harm very well. She always thanked God for taking care of her fitness because she is not doing the same struggle as most celebrities do for weight loss.

“It is terrible. All that’s out there is fast food restaurants. It’s just really hard to commit to clean eating, and then sometimes you don’t want to eat cold salads”.

Sometimes she wants to eat healthy, soothing dishes during her tour, but she fails to eat. Also, she is not so responsible for making her own healthy food. Due to this, she thinks of hiring a cook who can make healthy dishes for her. 

Further, she avoids alcohol consumption and such parties. She loves the gatherings that give her positive vibes of trust and care and not affect her overall health. Talking about her overall fitness, she further added,

“And drink tea. Really [do] self-care whenever there’s time. Pamper yourself. Go to the nail salon. Get a massage. It is strenuous, and the road will beat you up”.

For Ari Lennox, a healthy diet is a top priority, but some of the circumstances don’t let her have a healthy diet. But we can’t say that she didn’t do anything to transform her figure.

Ari Lennox workout routine

Ari Lennox does not reveal the exact workout routine, but according to her trainer, she had lost about three percent of body fat and approximately lost five pounds of weight wholely.

Her Trainer, Shadia, confirmed that Ari didn’t skip even a single day from his workout routine, and the healthy smart Lennox that we are seeing today is just because of proper diet and workout routine. 

Ari Lennox before and after

Ari wasn’t a chubby lady before weight loss, but she always wanted to glam up like other industry celebrities. So she worked upon her curves and popped up with a smarter look than before on her 30th birthday. 

But most of her followers don’t seem happy with her weight loss transformation, as we have mentioned in the audience reaction above.

Ari Lennox Weight Loss before after


Ari Lennox weight and height

This 5ft 5inch lady has a current weight of 63kg. She has lost up to 5 pounds and transfigures herself in a healthy body than before.

Our Concluding remarks

 We have discussed in detail Ari Lennox weight loss journey, her diet plans, and workout routine. If you want to lose weight like Ari, focus on healthy diet and workout sessions. Know about the weight loss stories of other celebrities by visiting our site and commenting below.

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