Celebrity Weight LossJazmine Sullivan Weight Loss | Diet and Workout

Jazmine Sullivan Weight Loss | Diet and Workout

Jazmine Sullivan weight loss became shocking news for her fans. The American singer managed to lose weight of around 50 pounds.

The iconic singer’s picture, showcasing the fact that she lost weight, gathered about 150K likes. Let’s figure out how she did that.

About Jazmine Sullivan

Jazmine Sullivan singing in Los Angeles, California.
Jazmine Sullivan singing in Los Angeles, California.

Sullivan is an R & B singer that got plenty of Grammy nominations.

Jazmine began her singing career when she sang on Broadway at a very young age. Her album, called “Fearless,” was in the spotlight in 2008. Since the release of that album, she became very popular. Sullivan’s singles “Pick Up Your Feelings” and “Lost One,” released in 2020, became massive hits as well.

Weight Loss Journey

Jazmine Sullivan weight loss photos
Jazmine Sullivan on the stage

Pam Sullivan, Jazmine Sullivan’s mother, got sick in 2019. The diagnosis was horrifying – breast cancer. Doctors recommended she go for lifestyle changes, such as a vegan diet.

Jazmine loves mom very much. She wanted to help and support her as well as she could. That is why she made a decided to proceed with a vegan diet as well.

“My goal was to support my mother through her battle vs cancer by going vegan with her, and in turn it helped me as well. And I feel really good.”

Said the R & B singer.

Fan and Hater Reaction

Such a drastic transformation of her body drove a lot of attention on her. Many haters tried to shame her and condemn her unhealthy vegan diets and skinny body.

A fan wrote:

“Omg I don’t know if this skinny is good on you.”

Another wrote:

“I hope that is from natural dieting mama. cause If not it won’t last. be careful.”

Jazmine responded in a new post:

“Last week some people dragged me saying I look sickly. I’m honestly a size 12. 180 lbs.. There’s nothing skinny abt me but my neck. I’m 5’8 however, so I sometimes photograph a little leaner than I am. But I ain’t skinny and that was never my goal.”

Jazmine finished her answer with advice to haters to mind their own business:

“Stop talking bout people. Vote in November!”

How did Jazmine Sullivan lose weight?

Jazmine Sullivan with her mother
Jazmine Sullivan with her mother

In fact, Jazmine tried to proceed with losing weight before. However, the difference was that this time it was pretty eye-catching.

She posted an Instagram story with a new body look in October 2020.


Посмотреть эту публикацию в Instagram


Публикация от Jazmine Sullivan (@jazminesullivan)

Jazmine Sullivan weight loss plan was simple – follow a vegan diet and do training excercises. The goal of her lifestyle change was to keep her health and fitness in a better condition.

Did Jazmine Sullivan undergo weight loss surgery?

There is no information about Jazmine Sullivan weight loss surgery. There is no reference that the weight loss Jazmine Sullivan went through was a merit of any surgery.

Vegan diet

In 2015 the World Health Organization reported that a plant-based diet not only helps to improve health but also affects climate change. They said so as it caused the reduction of meat consumption amounts.

They also add that vegan diets are more productive than omnivorous, pesco-vegetarian diets or semi-vegetarian diets.

Vegan Diet Plan

Jazmine’s diet is based on homemade recipes. The diet included plant-based food such as spelt chickpea flour crackers made with hummus. that Jazmine enjoyed very much.

In her homemade vegan menu, you could also find an Indian food – cauliflower rice, a vegan pizza – dairy-free pizza and taco, made with many kind of vegetables and fruit.

If you are interested in vegan food, then figure out how Roger Raglin weight loss diet proceeded.

Workout Session

Sullivan’s lifestyle change didn’t end in a vegan diet. She continued to support her mother by doing exercises.

After breakfast, she went for a morning walk with her mother. In addition, she started to work out by weight lifting and doing lunges.

Jazmine Sullivan Before and After Weight Loss

Jazmine Sullivan before and after weight loss
Jazmine Sullivan before and after weight loss

Jazmine’s vegan diet and training excercises were eventually successful. Initially, she was about 230 pounds. Afterward, she managed to lose about 50 pounds and got a new slimmer physique.

On her Instagram story, she seemed pretty energized and eager to move forward.

“I am satisfied with who I am. I have a lot of things to work on in my journey and I’m not nearly the model for health and fitness. But I’m trying and I’ll continue to do so with my momma! Bless y’all. Love y’all.”

It might be connected to the fact that at that time, her mom was getting better.

“Obviously you appreciate people more if you even think that you could lose them, but I’ve been able to reciprocate the love and support that she’s given me all my life back to her. And I’m so fulfilled doing that.”

A family gives strong motivation to go for a lifestyle change. That’s what Jill Scott weight loss proved as well.

Height and Weight

Jazmine Sullivan’s height is 5 feet 7 inches. With the help of a plant-based diet, her new weight value now stands at about 180 pounds.


Sullivan’s weight loss wasn’t just an aim of becoming skinny or just being healthy. It was a decision to go for it for a single reason to help mother through her battle with the disease. On that fact, should the people focus their attention.

Did you like the story? If yes, or if you have your own experience with a vegan diet or weight loss, please comment below.


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