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Roger Raglin Weight Loss in 67. How to lose weight in such an old age?

A popular TV show Roger Raglin Outdoor’s producer Roger Raglin not only known for his incredible work in the industry but for his hunting videos as well. Due to his tremendous work, he achieved 3 golden Moose fan favorite awards in 1 year.

He is one of the most notable people in the hunting industry. Like his gigantic work, Roger Raglin’s weight loss journey is also very prodigious. He transforms his body and gains traction from his fans for his magnificent weight loss by falling 80 pounds of extra body fat. But how did he make everything possible? This article reviews “Roger Raglin diet plan”. Let’s dive into his weight loss journey and steal out all the secrets.

Roger Raglin Weight Loss Journey

Roger Raglin gained most of the weight in his adult age (Roger Raglin age at the time of writing is 67), weighing 300 hundred pounds roughly. As time flies, he added more pounds swiftly in his body that made him fattier. Then, the TV star realized that he should change his lifestyle to secure his health and future. Thus, he commences himself on a weight loss journey. 

You will be surprised to know that this fat guy didn’t adopt numerous changes to mark down his weight. But he organizes only one change in his lifestyle that has a massive effect on him. And the secret lies in the modification of eating habits. He makes a proper diet plan with low carbs and follows it strictly. By changing eating habits, roger Raglin loses a notable amount of weight. He lost almost 40 inches overall and 4 inches of neck fat in only five months and went from size 50 to 42.

Roger Raglin tumbled 10 pant sizes and shed 80 pounds which is outstanding. All the old pants he used to wear are unfit for him now. All credit goes to his diet that makes him healthy and fit.

In the introductory Roger Raglin weight loss video, he describes everything he did to achieve a fabulous weight loss on his channel. You can find on rogerraglin.com diet plans, Roger Raglin recipes and his other videos. Looking at his website you can learn how much devoted he remained to his strategies of felling pounds.

Roger Raglin Diet Plan

So, what is the Roger Raglin diet? clearly says in the weight loss category of his website that by wholly changing his dietary plans, no exercise, no pills –he was capable of losing weight. He embraced a healthy eating plan and neglected his habits of overeating. He became more responsive to what he ate and when he ate, making sure that he was eating hygienic food at the right time. He also drinks a lot of water and avoids fast foods as far as possible.

The Roger Raglin food list has been changed. He consumed organic vegetables and fruits instead of eating high carbs and sugar. With full control of an unhealthy diet like fast food, he lost weight in 5 months at the age of his sixties.

Roger Raglin Workout Session

Roger Raglin weight loss plan attitude is interesting here. Roger Raglin hasn’t gone through any exercises or workout sessions to shed down his weight. The only thing on which he remains committed is a healthy diet. He set a perfect example for those who can’t find time to follow proper workout sessions due to daily chores. So, Roger Raglin weight loss program just based on a healthy diet. Just follow the diet plan strictly and get the desired results.

Roger Raglin Before And After

Roger is one of the most famous personalities in the outdoor industry, with excess weight and a chubby neck. After realizing health and future danger, he had lost 80 pounds. And turn into a relatively smart and healthy guy than before. All thanks to his organic diet, commitment, and dedication, he had to lose weight.

roger raglin weight loss before after

Roger Raglin height and weight

This average height man has 300 pounds’ weight. At sixty, he has 300lbs; then, he tried to lose weight. In five months, he loses almost 80pounds and 40 inches overall. According to this estimation, his new weight is 220lbs which is approximately 99kg, and it seems that he is still fighting for weight loss.

Roger Raglin Diet Recipes

Roger has shared numerous diet recipes on the YouTube channel Texas Style BBQ and Cuisine with all the low carb healthy ingredients. There is a separate playlist of Roger Raglin diet recipes. You can look at them and enjoy the variety of meals without worrying about weight fluctuations and workout plans.

Our Concluding remarks

Roger Raglin weight loss journey is one of the easiest ways to mark down the massive weight. The only thing you have to ensure is commitment and stickiness to a healthy diet plan. Drink enough water, and instead of having junk food go to roger’s diet recipes for effective results.

Does Roger Raglin diet work? You can find out it yourself. Roger Raglin diet cost is $9.99  per month.

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